A Long Night

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"What can I do?" Logan forced his voice to remain steady despite the fear that had settled in his gut. He found himself wanting to touch her, to assure himself that she was okay, so he'd placed his slightly sweaty hand to her forehead.

She looked up at him from his couch and he saw something in her warm, brown, eyes that surprised him. Fear, trust, and a vulnerability that he'd never thought he'd see coming from Max. He would have dismissed it, told himself that he was just imagining it, but then she confirmed it.

"Stay with me, please."

"I'm right here." Logan found himself automatically replying.

His fingers began to caress her face as her body rocked with the seizures. He was surprised at himself for touching her so intimately, but he found it felt so right. Normally she was so closed off. Always putting on the tough girl who doesn't need anything or anyone attitude with him. A defense mechanism most likely from years of being on the run and not letting anyone get too close. But right now, at this moment, her walls were down.

"You won't leave?" She sounded so small and fragile.

He shook his head gently. "I'm not going anywhere." Even as he said it, Logan knew it was the truth. He wasn't...ever. In the few weeks he'd known her, she'd gotten to him in a way no one had in a long time. Maybe ever.

Then her eyes began to drift closed and he watched as she fell asleep, her body still rocking off and off with the seizures that plagued her.

She'd fallen asleep under his watch. Logan felt so many emotions at once he couldn't keep them straight. That took complete and utter trust on her part. She was weak, sick, and she needed someone. That someone was him. Logan swallowed and ran his fingers though her soft, silky hair.

It shouldn't have moved him this much, but it did. It also made him realize how much he needed her too.

So Logan set himself up for a long night of standing guard over Max. He'd keep her safe, and not just tonight. For as long as he was able, despite this damn chair he was glued too.

Logan continued to caress her face for a few minutes, he listened to her breathing as it leveled out. He noticed the convulsions seemed to be easing up. Sleep was probably the best thing for her in this condition.

He left her side for a few moments when he went to grab a blanket off his bed. He draped it over her, pulling it up to her shoulders, and tucking it under her chin. She snuggled deeper into it, and he thought she might have mumbled a "thank you," but he couldn't be sure.

Logan smiled. She was one of the most complex and amazing women he'd ever met. Strong and fragile. Hard and soft. Brave and vulnerable. She was Max, his genetically enhanced partner .

Partner. Logan liked that. But more importantly, she was his friend.

As Logan Cale watched over her that night, he knew things were changing. A deep trust was forming. He smiled as he allowed himself to brush away a strand of hair that had fallen across her face. A trust on both sides.

He made himself a vow that night. No matter what happened, he would always have her back. He would be beyond vigilante in keeping her safe and alive. Because the thought of a life without her was unacceptable.

She coughed, and then whispered his name, it sounded like a question.

"I'm right here Max, go back to sleep. I'm not going anywhere."


"Promise." He touched her face again and left his hand there until he was sure she'd drifted back to sleep.

Logan headed to the kitchen to get some coffee. Tonight was going to be a long night. He glanced back at Max's sleeping form and smiled. Not that he minded.

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