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That girl had been driving him mad.

He stared at his hands, folded upon his knees before him, studying the intricate lines and creases that so made up a thing such as hands. His mind spun, tracing with a thought-filled gaze the slight creations upon his palms, the gentle designs that could so easily create the person, separate them from every other soul in existence.

How strange that the thought touched his mind...but why was it that even his hands wielded flames, they left no burns? Was it because he was of the Fire Nation? Was his heritage enough to carry him forward with the hatred never scarring, with the anger willing to do his work? Could it be those hands of his never needed to suffer the wrath of the flames, simply because of his birth...?

Somehow, in some way it appeared resting in his hands, its soft blue ribbon draped over his tanned skin, the sapphire stone, so intricate in it's azure haze, so alluring in its gentle ocean calm pressed against the palm. Somehow he held her necklace, yet his mind could not recall pulling it from his bag, his eyes could not remember ever looking away from the lines etched on his skin.

Why fire? Why water? Why earth and air? Why her? Why him?

Fire burned. It ripped forth, sending blazes of burning heat, tearing in agony and wrenching with a demon-like life that shredded the body, reducing it to its finest particle. It soared through the sky, reaching up and striking the gentle blue sky, tearing into the free clear hope-filled space, and creating within a terror filled image, a nightmare that yanked a soul down to the ground, that dragged the soul to the Underworld below, where those eternal flames flooded in the eyes of the torturer, where laughter was rimmed with the burning hate powered by flames.

Water healed.

His uncle's sleeping form laid within the sleeping bag a short distance away and he raised his golden eyes, topaz glory reflecting the flames that never ceased within, always burning with those horrible feelings that so powered him forward. The gentle yet piercing eyes rested on the softly rising form and at the sight of the peaceful man, so easy to move past and escape form, a silent determination filled him.

He stood. Silently, mechanical motions, he took steps forward upon the soft earth, the ever-existent earth. Strange, oh so strange, how those Earth benders could so manipulate the very substance humans lived upon. Strange that with the slightest movement, the flick of the wrist, the shift of the foot and thrust of the arm, they could demolish mountains, create hills, even create jagged scars upon the perfected face of the lands..

Did they ever feel any pity for that which they bended? Did they ever look upon a formation of rocks they created and feel a pang in their heart, that alas it was by their hand that the ever-comforting lands were distorted and disfigured?

His steed made soft sounds as he mounted, yet with the slightest touch it quieted and the pair silently walked towards the trees, leaving their perfect little clearing. Headed towards nowhere, and yet with a goal in mind, the bags rustled at his sides, the few days worth of food prepared for him, and the rest left behind for his uncle.

Water healed..

Could it heal burn scars hidden behind the skin..?

The eyes were piercing as he looked upon the tall man, staring up with pleading torment-filled eyes. The man's face was shadowed as he looked down on his own son, staring with a ruthlessness that caused Zuko's heart to tear in agony, caused him to flinch noticeably, caused him to sink to the ground, to his knees, to the hope lying in the dirt underneath him.

"Father, please-" Was that his voice? How weak it sounded, how foolish, how childish, yet it escaped his lips into a pleading cry. Begging for mercy, begging for care, begging for the fire wrapping around his father's hand to disappear, for the hand to reach out to the teen and pick him up off the ground.

Was this hate?

"You have dishonored me." The reply was cold, emotionless, yet the fire at the hand seemed to make up for it, swerving and curling and rising and stirring with a hatred and heat unmatched by anything Zuko had ever aid eyes upon.

Was this anger?

"No, Father please..Please Father, I'm begging you.." The pleas were so childish, so painful that they caused Zuko to flinch once more, realizing the sound they would bear to his father. To this man with those black eyes..those careless black eyes.


Was this war?

The man said nothing. Raising a hand, a steady finger pointed towards Zuko bared with the flames pleading to escape, begging to hurl forth and smite flesh. As golden eyes rested on that finger, he felt not a lick of fear or terror, not a single horrified feeling bled through his veins. No, instead was sped through him like a deadly virus for agony, a terrible mourning.

If only that hand would shake. If only that finger would tremble, and show that the father truly cared...show that this action was not done willingly, that if ached the Father's heart to see his son in pain.

But Zuko saw nothing. Not a flicker, not a tremble, not even a pause. Simply flames flooding towards him. And it seemed that behind that steady finger, burning under those black eyes, was a smile.

Was this fire?

Fire burned. Fire killed. Fire left that scar upon his face.

And the only thing to ever truly heal a burn was simple...


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