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That which can drown us can lift us up, drift us above the undercurrent, and slowly take us to shore..

I will dance with you on the day's dawn. We will smile and laugh and embrace as we spin over the ocean, a lit with the rising sun. For two moments we are combined, sunset and sunrise. Two moments the fire of the sun will melt into the cool blue waters. Two moments.

Dance with me, I want them to last forever.

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She was right behind him, he glanced back and saw here there- her form slightly shadowed by the icy rain that so heavily fell. Turning back, his face sheilded by the Blue Spirit mask, he felt a wave of emotions overcome him, terror being only the peak. Terror, that she would catch him and rip from his face that mask and look upon his true identity. Guilt...anger...torment..inner torment...


That she could cause that emotion within him, cause it to flood like a hurricane, bleed in his soul like a never-ending wound..

His steps were slowing. It was this rain, the way it struck his skin with cruel, hateful blows.. Of course, the Waterbender would be fine, she must feel as though the weather was in her favor..

Was this what fear felt like? Tasted like? Bleeding into his mouth like hoarse breaths as he yanked them in, forcing his feet onwards. He ran a lot, he moved a lot, yet now each step was painful, like this girl, this Katara had chained him to her, making his body freeze when he wanted to flee, making his heart long to stop and turn and face her and sweep her into an embrace..

No..that couldn't happen..it could never happen.. They were as different as sun and moon, night and day..and those two were never together at once.. It just couldn't ever happen..

Why should he ever believe that it could?

But he did...he truly, truly did.. He wanted to place the necklace about her neck, her wanted to see into those eyes and have her touch his scar, he wanted to feel her resting in his arms.. She wanted her to waterbend upon him..to feel the smooth water upon his body..

Who was he fooling.. Fire and water would never amount to anything...But did he want it to amount to something? Why..why couldn't he just touch her cheek again..? Why couldn't he just see her eyes one more time? Did he truly, truly have to live for the future? As Prince? Couldn't he just steal away that single moment...?

He paused. He couldn't see the Waterbender any more... He must have run more quickly than he believed.. She was gone. Part of his heart calmed, relaxed that he could return back to his uncle in peace.. The other part of him clenched.. He had missed his chance.

He turned, blinking once and narrowing his eyes from behind the mask. There was another near...another person. He could practically feel their body heat in contrast against the icy rain- and faintly he could make out a silhouette in the shadows. One hand went instinctively to the sword on his back and a gloved hand gripped the handle, the eyes narrowed and glaring intently.

"Who are you..?" he murmured softly.. Or did he truly speak? Was it just in his mind, for certainly it had to be light enough to hardly cause a sound in response.. There was no gentle echo as he could expect in a forest, there was no one stepping forward to speak.. Perhaps his mouth had never moved..


Zuko turned, the slits for eyes falling upon another sight. Wave after wave of relief hit him, yet underneath burnt a torrent of terror.

It was her.

The rain fell over her face, causing her dark hair to stick to the dark skin... She was so much like the night, did she know that? Her skin was dark, yet in its own strange way it was pale, as if like moonlight. It bore a soft remnant of being weary, being pained and being sick.. But that had to be from her being outdoors. Yet her eyes..half-closed, they reflected the pain her heavy breaths spelled out for him. She had caught up to him.. But she was in pain.

He stepped forward, for a moment wanting to reach out and steady her, keep her from falling.. But he froze, pausing and simply staring..

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The rain was cold.

Even for a Waterbender who had been born and raised on an icy cap, each rain drop was a searing scar-leaving blow. It singed at her body, burning her cheeks in a strange flame-like way, scorching her skin like a dragon of ice.


She panted weakly, pausing in the hopes of regaining energy and breath, in the hopes of her legs finding their own strength and her moving forward once more.

Why was it she felt the woman in front of her? She felt her mother as if the woman's arms were circled around Katara once more, warming her when the young child was ill. She could see her mother's smile, she could smell the soft rain upon her mother's clothing..

She almost fell forward. The ground was spinning around her, causing the icy to dance maniacally in circles about her. She reached out to grab a tree, hunched over as she attempted to regain breath, regain control over this spinning, mocking world...

She looked up, seeing the back of the strange figure as they disappeared.. Why were they wearing such dark colors? They had to be a Waterbender.. Airbenders, Earthbenders and Firebenders all wore warmer colors. It had to be her mother, it just had to be.

There was a delirious tone to her thoughts, yet Katara could hardly register them. She made her way forward again, stumbling once but shoving herself forward. It was her mother..it was her mother..

She caught up to the person and panted, speaking words she could hardly make sense of hoping the figure would make more out of them than her. A jolt of reality hit her like a slap in the face.

It wasn't her mother.

Standing there was a masked person, a blue and white mask hiding the face. There were swords on their back...they were wearing black clothing..

She bit her lip, feeling that overwhelming delirium cause a tear to fall down her cheek. It had been so close.. She had felt her mother there..she had..

But her mother's necklace.

In the person's hand there was her mother's necklace.

"...necklace.." She blinked sluggishly for a long moment...uncertain, and feeling like her legs would collapse at any moment.

"Give it back!" With a sudden strength that lit up her eyes for a moment in a silver-colored gleam, reflecting the moon it appeared, she swept a beam of water from the container at her waist towards him.

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He dodged the water easily, tightening his grip on the blue choker.. Of course.. She must have felt the necklace in his hand and remembered it.. She had followed him because she wanted it back. That had to be it. There could be no other reason why she followed him.

He stopped, close to the ground, poised like a cat, staring at her. Standing up, he put his hands up in an innocent posture.. He didn't want to fight her. He didn't want to hurt her.. If giving her this necklace would make her happy..

He leaned forward, setting the necklace on the ground with his hands up in a surrendering position. Silent still, his heart thumped wildly, he was certain the Waterbender could hear it. Each action was forced against the rain, trembling slightly with a strange sort of weariness.

Something snapped. He heard a branch crack, and could hear the quiet touch of fabrics rushing against each other.

Natural reflexes kicked in. Jumping forward, before the Waterbender could blink, the Blue Spirit was on top of her, pressing her against the ground as knives and blades whizzed over their heads, striking the tree above. The Waterbender looked up at the masked man and for a moment eyes widened, before they slowly closed with a soft sigh.

It was when he was this close, that he could feel her. Feel that warmth of her skin as his hand was pressed against her arm, his other hand wrapped around her back to shield her from the hard ground. The soft fabric of her clothing was thick, but not enough to feel the smooth gentleness of her waist, the thin arm well-toned for a water-bender.. He had only touched that arm twice before.

She flinched naturally in her sleep, yet fell unconscious. How could the rain hurt her like this? Wasn't she a Waterbender?

"Blue Spirit."

The Blue Spirit looked, turning to see three figures emerge from the shadows. His hand pulled out a blade, but before he could bare it, a sharp pain swept through him due to a series of sharp jabs.. He found himself falling..falling into a numb emptiness..staring as the mask upon his face clattered to the ground beside him..

His eyes landed on her. Nothing else mattered..he was gazing upon his sleeping beauty..nothing else mattered...

The world burns around me

But I see blue..only blue..

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