I ignore the disapproving looks being sent my way by well-meaning friends. I sit with Seto at least once a week for lunch. He looks only at his laptop. My friends are right when they say he treats me badly, like a stray dog and worse. And Kami help me, I love every minute of it. I love being his obedient little puppy, doing exactly as he tells me. I don't know why. But Yugi and the others... they think it's bad for me to feel this way, unnatural even. I'm finding it harder and harder to care.

I admit it's not like me. Usually I'm trying to be everything but submissive. But with Seto... I just can't. I don't know why, but for some reason, I just stopped fighting it and gave in.


"You want more of this, Pup?"

"Oh, yes, Master. I've been such a bad dog." I gasp for air as Seto pushes himself further into me. Repeatedly. Until I'm barely coherent. Kami, I love it.

I regain consciousness around 2 am, laying in my usual puddle of cum, mine and his. Seto is nearby at his desk, typing away on his laptop. That man hardly ever sleeps. Occasionally he'll collapse with me for the night, but usually, it's like this. I get up to clean myself off and change the sheets. He pays me no mind. This is our routine.

I get in the bathroom and turn on the shower. There's something metal dangling from my neck. Dog tags, like in the army. Where did these come from? I lift one up to read.

Name: Jounouchi Katsuya

Age:18 Blood Type: A Pos

If Found: (271) 345-2389

That's Seto's cell number. The other reads the same. I decide to clean up before I question Seto about it.

"Master?" I quietly ask, emerging from the bathroom. I'm only allowed to call him by name when other people are around.

"What?" he asks in his usual tone.

I hold the tags, still around my neck. "Did you...?"

"Stupid mutt. Did you think they appeared from the sky? Go change the sheets. I can smell them from here."

"Yes, Master." I go and do as he asks.


Tonight I'm chained to the bed. Seto had just finished doing so when he got a visitor. I don't know who, and I know better than to ask. He keeps me and his work seperate at all costs. So now I'm here, completely naked, save for the dog tags, chained by the arms to Seto's bed. It is a comfort to know the door's locked, though. And I know exactly what's going to happen when he returns.

And I'm right. I hear the door come unlocked and Seto enters. "Master!" I greet him happily. It's not required I do so, but I know he likes it. He relocks the door and comes right at me, unzipping his pants and pulling out his penis. He licks his hand once, pumps himself a couple times, then thrusts himself inside me. I cry out, surrounded in pain and ecstasy. Sick as it may be, writhing underneath him is my favorite place to be.

As usual, I'm screwed until I pass out. Sometimes I think he could go even longer. When I come to, he's typing away at his laptop once more. I glance at the clock. 2:30 am. I move to get up, as I usually do. One problem. I'm still chained down.

"Master?" I ask.

"What?" he snaps, not even looking away.

"Master, I can't clean up. I'm still bound."

"And so you shall stay," he says standing up.

Uh-oh. That person must've really pissed him off. I think he wants another go.

I'm right. He strides over to me and retakes his place, even if it is in the pool of cold cum. Without warning, he thrusts into me. I arch back and cry out.

"Master! Oh, Master. please! Have mercy on this poor mutt!!" I plead. He pays me no mind and continues. One thing that's different, though, is I'm conscious to feel him come. It's a lot, and it adds warmth to the puddle of cold. But he still looks troubled. "Master?" I ask carefully, as he catches his breath. "Did I do something wrong? Was I bad?"

"No, mutt. My problem is people, not pups." He unchains me. "Clean up this mess while I shower." Once he leaves, I wipe myself off with a clean corner of the sheet. That'll have to do until he gets out. I continue changing the sheets and finish just as Seto exists the bathroom. Wordlessly, he goes to his laptop and I go to the shower.

When I get out, however, I find Seto nestled under the covers. "Come, pup," he says.

Happily, I run to Seto's side and curl up in a ball facing him. He smiles and runs his fingers through my hair. Softly, I whimper and nuzzle his hand. "Come here, pup," he says. I push myself up closer, so I'm curled up right under his chin. "Good pup." I'm being rewarded, but I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. It's probably for being so harsh earlier.

Sadly, our moment of reverie is broken by the sound of Seto's cell going off. I wish he'd leave that damn thing in the kitchen every once in a while. He answers it, of course, and is immediately pissed off. When he hangs up, he's not even cursing coherently. That's a new level of angry, even for him. "Watch Mokuba, Pup," he tells me, and the only thing he coherently speaks from getting dressed to leaving the room, possibly even the house.

"Watch Mokuba," is also shorthand for something else. As well as look after his brother, it means, "I won't be back cus the bakas I employed can't do their job and there damn well better a decent breakfast in my office at eight o'clock sharp." He doesn't expect me to cook it. No, we've already found out Katsuya can't cook. There's a bakery down the street and money in the dresser at all times for such occasions. I pull on a set of Seto's PJ's and open the door. That's how the boy knows he's allowed in. Wishing for the pajama's owner, I curl up with a pillow and go to sleep, but no before setting the alarm. Seto really is a bitch without coffee.