Kingdom hearts 2

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warnings: yaoi, ya gotta love it

just a few ideas of mine put into the original story to make it yaoiable lol -

'wake up'

darkness still'

'restoration..45 percent'

'wake up roxas'

a slight glimmer of light

'we will have him soon'


eyelashes fluttered open and the bedroom came into view. that moon lamp...those pair of socks still lay on the floor from last night. The blonde's head was pounding, the dreams were getting wierd, two voices in his head at night, one constantly told him to wake up while the other...he hadnt a clue what it was on about.

He sat up...holding his forehead until that awful pounding went away 'oh yeah' the blonde finally remembered today was the day himself, Olette , Pence and Hayner were going out, it was Roxas' birthday and they were all planning to go to the beach, and then popsicles..couldnt not have those great things.

quickly roxas jumped out of bed, he pulled on his clothes and ran out of his home to get to the usual meeting spot of himself and his friends.

he couldnt wait, he was excited about going to the beach, hopefully his friends wouldnt chuck him in the water like last time...the excitement is dying down now actually.


"ouch", a hard pavement hit the young boys back ..he realised he had fallen, some idiot had walked out in front of him.

"my sorry i didnt see you there" Roxas looked up to meet the eye contact of a male dressed in black, he had long red spiked hair that reminded one of flames. He dressed in a long black robe

"i-its ok" the headache was becoming worse, before he had even come fully back to reality, hands gripped the blondes shoulders helping him up

He met the redheads eyes again "a pretty thing like you shouldnt be runnin' around here on your own, if you know what i mean"'he winked and walked off

..register...roxas register

"did he just call me pret-" the town clock struck the next hour, and its sound filled the city. 'Ah! im late! he ran off again...

finally within seconds he came to the meeting place.
..and everyone was there

'Happy Birthday Roxas!!!!" came three voices

party strings were soon covering his head while he smiled "'hey guys"

Olette was the first to opproach Roxas ,she first pinned a small badge to his jacket saying 'birthday boy' and then she placed a small necklace around his neck which happened to be made of a small flower within glass, handmade, it must have taken her ages

"Happy Birthday Roxas" the brunette exclaimed, quickly smiling

The blonde smiled back, "wow thanks, its really nice"

Olette blushed quickly and looked away embaressed

Roxas knew Olette liked him more than a friend, yet for some odd reason...he just didnt seem to like her back...he didnt understand it, but today wasnt a day for pondering

Pence stepped up giving Roxas a small keyring of a ...keyblade?

Pence smiled "its like the one you told us about isnt it??" Roxas smiled again "wow it rules, thank you, you guys are great"
Pence had taken up the hobbie of carving out metal which explained the item.

Last but not least, Hayner came up..he took Roxas hand and placed a medium sized box there.
"'Happy Birthday my friend"

Roxas smiled cheerfully and was ready to open it when a hand caught his

"Open it on your own, its private, just between us"' Hayner said Roxas looked confused and so did the others

"Meanie, im curious" Olette pouted, and Hayner laughed giving her a small pat on the head "Guy things"
Pence then looked very confused

'Okies, ill look at it later' Roxas grinned "'Well well look who it is..the four idiots of the town"

what a suprise.. it was

Hayner glared "Seifer.."

Seifer smirked, he scanned the crowd of friends until his eyes landed on the object of his desire..


Seifer had wanted him for quite a while, everytime they fought , roxas was becoming stronger, he was admirable, he was..beautiful to him, those thick lashes and feminine features.. shame Seifer didnt know Roxas' sexuality, and that bitch brunette is trying to steal him away

Seifer moved his attention to a small birthday badge upon Roxas' top He smirked "How about a battle Hayner. with a ...wager?"'

Hayner looked confused "what wager?'

Seifer smirked.."'if you win..well be your slaves for today, even tell the town how great you are"'

Hayner looked even more confused and suspicious

"and if you win"

"Roxas spends his bithday with us, and be on our team"
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