Chapter 6

Who Loves Me?

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Axel yawned, walking down the corridor to Xemnus' room, a small grin appearing on his face

at last Roxas, his friend, and lover was back

having the blonde back was indeed a joyous occasion for the redhead. Yet the more he remembered the current Roxas lying in that bed, the more his grin seemed to disappear.

Roxas did not remember him, nor the organisation..which oviously meant he did not remember anything they had done together.

The inner thoughts seemed to capture Axel's attention, and he walked silently through the white corridor..looking at the ground.

He questioned himself how Roxas was going to remember him..thinking to himself, he remembered a time he was reading Frued's 'interpetition of dreams' in his bedroom and how Frued believed old hidden memories could be triggered by certain things, and help the individual remember. All the fire wielder had to do was figure out what it is that will help Roxas remember.

Axel stopped outside a large white door, the blue print of a heart with what seemed to be a long spear coming out the bottom was engraved onto the door with blue mosaic showing the patterns. It was the symbol of a nobody, it was like the sign of the heartless, but unlike the heartless.. a nobody was a nobody, not simply that person who had lost their heart to darkness. At least your still a somebody then.

It was the door to the great hall, when Xemnus spent most of his day. Axel, taking his mind of their tragic fate, brought his thoughts back to his favourite blonde, thinking, then he grinned again

"I bet a date would help!"

Axel nodded in agreement with himself, before opening the doors, the symbol of a nobody from the door reflecting on the shiny white polished surface of the floor of the Great Hall.

And as expected, the one and only Xemnus, was sitting at a desk at the top, he seemed lost in the book of the wonders of Kingdom Hearts, and a possible chance of salvation to nobodies.

"Yo Xemus, hows it goin'?"

Xemnus looked up, recognising the disrespting words that only belonged to Axel

"Is there something the matter?"


The blondes eyes slowly fluttered open again taking in the white surroundings, his head still seemed to be spinning..and also a pink and black blur which was beside him.

Lost for vision, and lost for words, Roxas could only emit a "hm?..." sound in his confusion.. and after a moment began to question

" that..."

The voice replied, "No it is not your red..."

'My red?'

Roxas' mind registered the familar sounding voice which he just heard


The figure's shape seeming to hover over that of the small vulnerable boy on the bed

"I'm glad you remembered my name, it seem's I am more important than your red"

The closeness of the figure helped Roxas' eye's iris' to refract, to focus as Marluxia's smirk came into view.

Before Roxas could react to how close Marluxia was, his arms were pinned down onto the bed with the older male's larger hands, and the blonde also felt a knee forcing his legs slightly apart as he began to panic.

In his confusion, he cried out Axel's name, the only one he had a slight feeling he could trust apart from this male above him. Yet the sound of his voice was muffled by a gloved hand over his mouth, a small "shh.." sound being whispered in his ear.

Roxas' eyes widened in fear as the pinkette moved back to a sitting position, keeping his upper body lower to still be close to the young boy's face. Marluxia smirked whispering in words only audible to Roxas

"My, My you do look like him...very much so...i dont know wiether to kill you or love you"


Roxas kept still, not knowing if any sudden movements would provoke the worst from the scythe wielder. He just kept looking up. The blonde lay here, knowing, desperately, that he had no weapon for defense. The male above him was much taller and looked stronger considering the muscles showing through the tight sleelves of his cloak.

A nervous moment passed, and then Marluxia smirked again. Marluxia's look did not comfert Roxas in any way as his body went tense..especally at the next words.

"I think i will just do both..."

Hands slid down to Roxas' belt and began to undo the buckle, and after a moment of careful observation and thought, what Marluxia was about to do, hit Roxas like a fly to a car window.

This caused Roxas to panic

The blonde kicked at the taller male with all his might, yet his own strength only moved the other male slightly, and Marluxia smirked again at Roxas

"My My...your only half of who you are...and half your strength"

'whats this guy on about?!'

Marluxia suddenly jumped back of the bed landing on his feet, his smirk had disappeared and he was now frowning. The smaller boy still lying and panting on the bed.

Marluxia walked to the side of the room, picking up his scthye..

"Your so bothersome..i might just get to the killing part then love you after"

Roxas, pain or no pain, moved of the bed, his haste causing his head to spin. He stood up frantically looking around him as the pink haired male approached, it was ovious from the scythe wielder's words that the guy was just plain sick in the head.

Roxas seen the nearest think, happening to be a load of bamboo shoots in a white ceramic vase, and he grabbed one, holding it like a blade out before him in defense.

The ..pathetic action caused Marluxia to laugh

"My My Roxas, you can even joke when your going to die"

He raised his scythe..

Roxas' eyes widened, and he felt something move down within his arm to his fingers then..

Axel stepped in, a silver haired male behind him, and all the noise that was heard when the room went silent at that akward moment was Axel screaming


The room began to heat up with that of flames..


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