Sarah's Return

Labyrinth II

Chapter 1

Somewhere on the edge of your imagination, there is a Labyrinth. If you shut your eyes very tightly you can glimpse it, for just a moment. It twists and turns like wicked thoughts, and no one - no man, woman, or child - ever reached its centre.

Until Sarah.

Sarah Williams; the mortal girl who had dared to defy the King of the Goblins. The girl who had gone into the depths of the Labyrinth and returned unscathed with her infant brother. Almost six years later, she was still a legend within the labyrinth walls.

There standing within the walls of Goblin Town, is the castle of Jareth, the goblin king. A most fearsome creature that has complete dominion over the truly backwards place. Faerie or fiery, troll or termite, all quiver at the mere mention of his name.

When they hear of his mid afternoon walks, all clear out of his way, out of pure panic at what he shall do next. His temper had always been on the rather cruel and unexpected side, but after Sarah's departure it had worsened slightly.

To look upon Jareth, one would think him a rather handsome man with a lovely mane of tri blonde hair, and an air of dark dignity that suited him, if not making him appear rather stand offish. With a figure so tall and slender one would think him almost delicate or harmless, until met with his volatile temper.

But his eyes are what frighten and entrance, seeming more intense than anything. They could take your very breath away.

They had seemed that way to Sarah.

But of course, you know this. You know of Sarah's intrigues and adventures, and of the goblin king's affection for her. You know of her strength and her weakness. You know of the power of her imagination and the power of friendship and real love. And you know of her ultimate refusal of the Goblin King.

But, surely you must have wondered what then? Did Sarah return for good? Did the Goblin King truly care for her, or was it another game? So many questions.

And now, dear readers, you shall learn what came next.

Note: My introductions are always rather short, but I promise they will get longer. And no, I'm not basing this off of the comic - this is just how I wanted the sequel to go! Less Toby, more Sarah!