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B l o o d . F e v e r

- P r e l u s i o n -


Doctor, I'm feeling a little miserable today…


"Three years. That how long it's been since they threw me into this dingy cell and left me to rot. I was sixteen when I first set foot here – more like dumped really – and now I'm nineteen, but my physical appearance hasn't changed much. I expected that, so it really didn't come as a shock when I noticed it. Really, there isn't much that shocks or startles me now. Not since what happened three years ago.

"I was still a human back then. Shocking isn't it? We'll talk more about how humanity gave me the boot later. Just stay quiet and let me explain. Three years ago I was still the Fullmetal Alchemist, and on a quest to find the Philosopher's Stone, an alchemic amplifier that would make something as getting my younger brother, Al's, body back a snap.

"The guilt's coming back. I broke my promise. I hadn't even been able to see or speak with my younger brother before this cell became my new home – they didn't bother to give me a trial. Alphonse had been visiting our childhood friend Winry and Auntie Pinako back in Rizenbull when my entire life was thrown upside down. Not many people outside the military know what really happened to me. Hell, only one person knows exactly what happened, but he's never going to tell anyone the truth. Why? I told him not to. Simple.

"Ah. Now I'm getting off track. I apologize. Ahem. Now where was I? Oh yes! I remember now. I had just stormed out of Central Headquarters and was just cooling my head off. I've always had a rather limited patience – not short! Now, that cool autumn night I had just been minding my business. Well, that was until I had the absolutely brilliant idea to take a shortcut through an alleyway. Cliché. I know. But alleyways really are not safe, especially not at night. You have no idea what is lurking out there. I sure didn't know that I was going to be bitten by a vampire and then bite him back – another one of my brilliant ideas.

"Don't look at me like that. I swear to God that I'm not crazy at all. No. I'm not in a mental facility. I'm in a lab. Get it straight. Oh please. Just because I have to talk to a goddamn shrink doesn't mean I've been forced into a straight-jacket and sleep in a nicely padded white room – that padded room sounds mighty comfortable though. The military decided that I should have counseling, but I you know that already. It's not doing me any good because I don't need to talk with anyone. I don't want to talk to anyone, but no one cares about what I want anymore. Shame.

"In any case, that night I was turned into a vampire. Well, a half-vampire to be precise. The moon wasn't full, so it stunted the transformation process – something like that. It took me a while to completely figure everything out. By the time I did discover what I was many people had died because of my cravings. I began to hate myself and refused to drink any more blood. Essentially I was starving myself – anorexic vampire? – and because of it my body slowly began to waste away while the urges intensified. In the end I couldn't control myself and lost control. What happened then became known as the Grand Neko Massacre. I don't remember how many people died and frankly I don't want to know. Please refrain from telling me.

"Humans could never possibly understand the intensity of a vampire's blood-cravings. I had it easy because I was only a half-vampire, but it was maddening. Even the faintest hint of that sweet iron tang would set me on edge. I suppose the closest a human could get to that feeling is a pregnant woman's cravings, but please understand that the blood lust is not something that is easily ignored. Hell. It can't be ignored. You loose yourself in it and wake up to find yourself doused in crimson and that bittersweet aftertaste lingering on your tongue.

"After that dreadful night at the Grand Neko, everyone was shaken up, but not as much as me. It's rather traumatizing to open your eyes and find yourself in a room filled with mangled human bodies and the walls painted an unseemly dark ruby.

"Anyways, enough about my traumatic teenage years, I'm sure you honestly don't give a rat's ass. You're just like everyone other bastard in this hellhole, but I'll get hell about it later if I don't cooperate. Tch!

"The military was quick to suspect me. It turns out that there are a few bright crayons among the dull ones. How surprising. I ended spending a lot of time in the hospital because I stopped eating again. I refused to. Because of my stupidity and selfishness – I was willing to put others in danger in hopes that I would kill myself – I killed a dog that belonged to a good friend of mine. Well, I suppose it would be better for me to say that she was my friend because she was the first to point the gun at me, which resulted in yet another trip to the hospital. By this time that person I mention earlier? The one who knows the real story? He figured out about my condition.

"Sometimes I questioned that man's sanity. He willingly helped a vampire, a being that could easily pin him down and kill him. However, just because I questioned his mental state doesn't mean that I wasn't eternally grateful to him. He really was the best thing that ever happened to me. No, I'm not going to delve and describe every aspect of our relationship. All you need to know is that I love him and I believe that he still loves me to. I sure hope he hasn't forgotten about me. I wouldn't blame him if he decided to push me out of his thoughts though. I'm really just a skeleton in his closet right now.

"Ah yes. Back to my former friend. I ended up seriously injuring her while I came out with a few scrapes – easy to heal – and permanent colorblindness – better than permanent blindness. Last time I heard about her she was still in her coma, but that was over two years ago. I hope that she's woken up.

"After that incident, I set off to search with that man – the one I love – in hopes that I would find a cure to being a vampire. Sadly, it was nothing but a wild-goose chase. The change is permanent. Once you've become a vampire there is no way for you to cross back through humanity's pearly gates – or maybe they should be black? Humanity has always been filled with sinful sots. However, I suppose my search wasn't exactly in vain, I ended up being able to change back into a half-vampire after the last stage of the transformation kicked in. Plus, I got my first kiss. At least I wasn't completely hopeless when it came to love.

"During the time between my transformation and my arrest I encountered two other vampires, one male and one female. That female vampire, Lilith, was a bitch. I prefer not to think about her. Besides, she's dead. That's what the little bitch gets for breaking her promise and pushing my love off a balcony. The man, Raith, was actually kind-hearted. I didn't know that at first, but during my first half-year at the labs he was my cell-mate. It was then that I really got to know him.

"It turned out that he was half-vampire like me and had to go through the same painful transformation at the end. His turning was accidental like mine. We actually had a lot in common. He'd been in love with Lilith at first, but she'd always treat him as if he were inferior – like dirt. He hated that and the two of them began to fall apart towards the end. Too bad that's all I got to learn because one day he left the cell and never came back. I feel that it's safe to assume that all the reckless tests killed him. I've tried to get answers, but the apes that are my 'guards' are incapable of stringing together words to form sentences. Dumbasses.

"Now, as for my arrest, I was arrested because I was a murderer, a threat to society, and I attacked my superior officer. Hmm. Well, the bastard had it coming, shoving his nose into things that didn't pertain to him. Anyways, I had no trial because I was guilty as hell. Besides, the military would look like it was being run by a bunch of loons if they put a 'vampire' on trial. So they kept my existence hush-hush. I really do wonder what they told my family and friends because I'm sure that they didn't say 'Oh! Yeah. We're just calling to let you know that Edward Elric is a vampire and we're going to run some test on him. Have a nice day!'.

"Ha. I can't help but laugh at the thought of that. But really, am I done now? I'm tired and I'm feeling a tad bit hungry…"


Edward Elric swiftly pressed the stop button on the cassette player, lips pulled into a frown. The old player made a soft crackling noise as it lay in the young vampire's soft palm, the tangible recording of the blonde's first session with the military psychiatrist still inside. A soft sigh escaped the boy's lips as he slumped against the cold stone wall of his cell, the dirty cot beneath him screeching unpleasantly. His toes curled inwards, trying to escape the bitter cold that the old moth-eaten blanket was useless against. At least Ed wasn't completely human. If he was then he probably would've died of pneumonia by now.

Pale fingers reach up to run through the thick corn-colored locks, frequently snagging on knots and unruly clumps. What he wouldn't give for a brush, but last time he'd asked for one he'd been laughed at. Edward smiled sadly as his glassy butterscotch eyes took in his new pallor. Soon he'd be even paler than Roy. His heart twisted violently at the thought of the older man. It pained the nineteen year old to think of him. He truly had been rather cold when he had spoken of him during that one session.

Although Edward could not see it, none of the dirt and grime that clung to his thin frame could hide the ethereal beauty beneath. Not even the worn-out dirty gray rags he wore were able to distort that elegance and grace. Everything about him still carried that inhuman perfection that his full-vampire self had. He was a half-blood yet he still carried a pure-blood's perfection. It was hard not to stare at the boy and Edward was well aware of the stares he received from the ogre-like guards. Even after all these years, they still slipped into shock each time their gazes rested on the blonde, but they managed to recover from their stupidity quickly enough each time. However, their stares would always leave the young vampire with a dirty feeling that he couldn't shake off.

Edward pushed himself off his cot, the springs hissing and screeching angrily. The stone floor felt icy beneath his feet and he shivered. His eyes moved upwards to look at the guards standing in front of the cell's bars. The men eyed him warily, their bodies tensing up. Edward could hear their hearts beginning to beat faster and the adrenaline running through their veins. It was amusing how only a slight movement on his part could set these grown men on edge. They were frightened of him.

"I'm only stretching my legs," he murmured softly, just loud enough to hear. The guards remained as tense as ever. The blonde let out a snort. "Suit yourself," he muttered as he began to pace. Walking around this cramped cell was usually the most exercise he got and Edward was constantly itching to see the outside world. He didn't even have a window to gaze out through. A lonely dim light bulb provided him with all the light he needed. It was on its last legs though.

The rest of the cell was either covered in a thick layer of mold, dust, or both. Either way, it was ridden with noxious bacteria. There was a small sink in the corner – dirty of course like everything else – where a toothbrush, a glass, and a small towel sat. It and the cot were the only things in the cell besides him. The toilet was located down the hall and he was escorted there every time. At least the lab had given him some degree of privacy. Edward refused to do his business with five guards watching him. Besides, he was sure that if his pants went down then one of them would most likely try and take advantage of him. Rape, murder, abuse, it was all good down here in the lab. Builds character.

The blonde let out a small yawn, stopping for a moment to let his fingers move down to touch his toes. It was wonderful to have this sort of flexibility. It got rid of any sort of stiffness in a flash. Edward shivered again. Damn it was cold. He moved towards the bars. If the guards' hearts beat any faster then they'd most likely have heart attacks.

"Could you get me some more blankets? Please?" he asked as nicely as he could. "It's really cold in here." Or some nice wool socks? Those would do quite nicely. Maybe a scarf and a sweater too?

One of the guards, a burly man with an unshaven face, stepped forwards. The toothpick jammed between his yellow teeth wiggled slightly as he grinned, his calloused fingers grasping Ed's chin firmly. If anything, this man was even more repulsive than the cell Edward resided in and his breath was foul enough to knock anyone out. The blonde felt his stomach churn uncomfortably as the smell hit his sensitive nose. However, he knew better than to make a face.

"Well, there's another way to get warm and it don't involve any blankets," he slurred, half-chewed toothpick rolling in-between his plaque covered teeth. Edward jerked away, lips pulled back in disgust, his sharp canines glinting vaguely in the limited light.

"No, thank you," he replied venomously, not bothering to hide his disgust. His response earned a bout of laughter from all the guards. 'Pigs,' Ed thought, slinking back into the shadows of his cell.

"Oh! Lookit! The lil' bitch is barin' his fangs," the man roared before lapsing into another fit of laughter. Edward silently hoped that he laughed himself into a coma.

Ignoring the jeers and laughter, Edward crawled back onto his cot, pulling the blanket around him, nose wrinkling at the unpleasant sour smell. He doubted that it had ever been washed. The springs creaked as he turned his back to the guards and let his head fall onto the pillow. He closed his eyes, knowing that as long as he ignored the guards they'd leave him alone and go play a game of cards. Perhaps they might even get so drunk that they couldn't walk straight. He chuckled softly at the last thought. Really, those men were even more pathetic than he was.


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