Freezing Point

Disclaimer: If I actually owned Ouran, then the forbidden brotherly love thing would've been more real…

Yes, another Hikaru x Kaoru oneshot thingy! Yeah, I love them SOOO much! And I am simply in love with their song, "Bokura no Love Style"… You just have to listen to it to believe me! It is LOVE, I tell you! –hyperventilates--

It was cold.

Despite the thick mittens, the shawl and the wool sweater that enveloped my body, I could still feel the frosty wind sweep over my skin, making my hair stand on end. It was not a pleasant experience. It never was.

We were seated on a small bench, with snow piled up beside us. From a distance, one could see many children laughing merrily, having snowball fights with each other, and not minding how the time smoothly flew by. Then I took a glance at where I was—there was nothing here but loneliness and seclusion. Once, I even thought of joining them—so I could feel the joy they were feeling—I was tired of being alone, of being locked up in a world filled with unhappiness and depression. Yet I remained.

But what made me stay?

I looked over to my left and found the answer.

It was because of him.

Because of Hikaru.

I knew he was there for me. He wouldn't leave me. So I smiled.

"Kaoru!" I could hear Hikaru's voice though I couldn't see a thing. Everything was blurry.

"Uhh…Y-yeah." I tried to wipe something in my eyes—and when it was removed, I finally recognized what it was—


"Are you alright?" His tone was of concern, I noticed.

"Ahh… Ahh… Choo!!!" I sneezed. "Y-yeah, I guess. Just a little cold."

He grinned and scratched the back of his head clumsily, "I'm sorry about that… I guess I hit you a bit too hard, ne?"

Then he offered me his hand.

I blinked. But I took it anyway.

I didn't know what took over me, but I hugged him as tight as I could. To my surprise, he hugged me back.

I knew he was there for me. He wouldn't leave me. So I smiled.

And he smiled back.

I would really love to see moments like this between the twins. It's really nice to have them do other things rather than the usual forbidden brotherly love act… Hope you like it… Hmmm…I seem to have a fetish of having Kaoru's POV in my fics… I think everyone does… He's the one to absorb things much deeper, anyway…