Alexandre Dumas once said, "Alas, the journey of life is beset with thorns to those who must travel it alone."

If I only knew how true that was.

When I first saw you, my ghost whispered that there was something familiar about you.

But how could there be, you were a criminal, a terrorist at that, I laughed it off.

When I saw you again, that feeling was back, but once again I ignored it, it was just too far out there, it didn't make sense, why would I know you.

That woman made me further uneasy when she showed me that boy, I knew that boy of course, he was the only other person who shared an uncommon bond with me, folding paper cranes in the hope that I would wake up.

When I came back, and….failed to fold a paper crane…..I felt ashamed, and I didn't want to see him until I mastered it, but it was too late….and he was gone.

I moved on, joining the military, then Public Security Section 9, uncovering the scandal by Secretary General Nakashima, and throughout all of that, I felt….alone. Batou was a good friend and a loyal teammate, but there was nothing there.

And so I moved on from case to case, until that thorn entered my path.

That thorn was you, Hideo.

You had your convictions, your ideals, you weren't that bastard Gouda's pawn, like everyone else.

After that dive I thought you were just another ideological puppetmaster, even though I knew you, I just couldn't bring myself to believe that you were that same boy.

The shock of when I realized finally….that you were…him, it almost costed me my entire team. After that, everyone was suspicious of me, if they only knew, if they only felt, what I felt at that moment, that you were that boy.

I understood what you sought, what you wanted, selflessly doing for those refugees, trying to give them the hope that is sought by all human beings, to be happy, to actually have a future. But what you were doing, was wrong, and I had to fight against you for that, not knowing that you were just in a way, Gouda's pawn, only… became something he could not control, and I didn't realize it in time, what he would do to you, and I'm sorry.

Those moments….trapped under that debris, I will never forget, being able to finally be with that boy once again, to be with you. No matter how fleeting it was, I felt….not alone.

You'll be going on ahead……okay Hideo…..just wait for me.