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Rating: G
Timeline: Just sometime in that first year
Characters: True and Uly
Author's Note: Okay, let's be honest about this one, I'm really not sure about it. It's been sitting around and I've tried tweeking it, but... To be honest, I'm not sure I can really make it go anywhere else, so I'm just posting it as is... Oh, and the title does come from the play, snurched it cause I thought it worked.

Time breaks shown by boldface and ellipses. Cut into parts so it isn't one long post.

The Odd Couple

"It's my turn!" True's outraged young voice echoed through Eden Advance's latest campsite in a woodland clearing.

"No it's not!" Uly yelled back.

"Is so!" was True's simple, angry response.

"No it's not!" Uly shouted back before he let out a yip of pain as True tried to grab the Gear from his hands.

Uly held onto the Gear tightly though, and soon the two children were reaching the first stages of a knock-out-drag-out fight.

"Hey, hey, hey, you two," John's deep voice rang out as he quickly made his way to the squabbling children.

Deftly, he pulled them apart.

"But Dad," True protested, "Uly's hogging the Gear, and it's my turn! Besides, all he wants to do is play one of those stupid games that the Terrians taught him," she added vindictively, knowing how Devon had told him not to.

"You had it all morning yesterday, and all you played was Bounty Hunter," Uly shot back, knowing himself that it was a game that her dad had forbidden True to play.

"You little…" True growled as she launched herself in Uly's direction, only to be caught and held back by her father's strong hands.

"Oh no you don't young lady," John warned his outraged daughter.

"Uly!" Devon called as she ran over. "Uly, what's going on here?" She demanded.

"She started it," the young boy protested.

"I don't care who started it," she replied, her voice stern, "It stops now. You are a part of this group and you have responsibilities like any other member. You promised Bess that you would help her with food, and instead, I find you here fighting with True."

Uly ducked his head as he heard the disappointment in his mother's voice.

"And you young lady, promised to help me with the Transrover," John admonished his daughter.

"Sorry, mom," Uly replied as True apologized to her father at the same time.

"Now, Uly give me the Gear and no VR until you have your chores done."

"And the same goes for you young lady, and no VR at all, unless you can share with Uly, you hear me?"

"Yes mom."

"Yeah," True answered her father quietly.

"Now get," Danziger directed his sullen daughter.

"Go on young man," Devon prompted her son.

As the two children headed off to their chores, Devon turned to Danziger. "What are we going to do about those two?"

"Devon, they're kids. They're gonna get in a couple of dust ups. I remember having a few in my day with my best friend growing up on the Stations. Man, could Billy throw a mean right hook," John grinned wryly and rubbed his jaw in faded remembrance.

"Right hook? John, we have problems enough without the children fighting, and certainly you don't condone violence as a means of solving issues?"

"Come on Adair, lighten up. These kids have been through a lot, and under the circumstances, I think they're handling it pretty well. So they're squabbling a little right now; it'll blow over," he shrugged.

"John," Devon began.

"Devon, it'll be fine, relax. They'll work it out in a couple of days."

Before Devon could respond, Yale approached, calling for Devon's immediate attention.

"It'll be fine, Devon, go on, I'll keep an eye on them," Danziger assured her as he walked back over to True and the vehicles.

Devon sighed and made her own way over to the waiting tutor…