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A few days later, they were on the move again, plowing through the rain and green wilderness. Both Devon and John had insisted, over all protests, that Uly and True ride in the back of the Transrover. Together, both children watched the scenery moving slowly past. Finally, True tucked her knees up and looked over to Uly sitting so quietly next to her.


He looked over to his friend.

"Do you feel different?"


"After that whole thing in the lake, do you feel any different?"

The young boy shrugged and turned back to the brightly verdant forest they were skirting around.

"Do you think…" True paused to take a breath before continuing quietly. "Do you think that what we saw was real? Is that what's really going to happen to us?"

"I don't know, maybe," Uly replied carefully.

They both fell into a thoughtful silence.

"Maybe…" True bit a lip thoughtfully. "Maybe that's okay."

Uly turned to look at her again.

"Weird," she added quickly. "But, okay."

Uly nodded a bit in response and they both fell silent once more.

"Thanks," True finally said quietly.

"I'm glad you're okay," Uly replied.

"I'm glad that you're okay, too." She grinned suddenly. "Weird, but okay," she teased.

"Look who's talking…"

"See Adair," John said, dipping his head in the direction of the kids. "Told you it would all blow over. Best of friends now."

"Until the next argument," Devon countered.

"They are our kids," John said with a smirk…