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Chapter 6: The Door to Who-Knows-Where!

Zatch was extremely shocked and speechless when he made eye contact with the woman. His mouth was gaping open a little bit. The strange warming sensation in his gut was beginning to overwhelm his entire being.

"Z... Zatch?" the woman spoke softly to child. "Sweetheart?"

"Are you my... mother?" he asked the woman, finally was able to say something at last.

"Is your last name Bell?" the woman asked him. Zatch slowly nodded. "Then... you are my boy," the woman said happily, eyes beginning to well up in tears as she took Zatch into her arms and embraced him. "My sweet baby boy."

"Mother..." was all Zatch could say. The sensation was overwhelming for him. Well you would probably feel the same too.

Kiyomaro felt very happy for his stepbrother reunited with his biological mother. He, however, wondered of what Zatch's biological father looks like and plus something awfully familiar caught his attention. "Excuse me, please forgive for ruining the moment, but Zatch,"

"Yes, Kiyo?"

"Does that mountain remind you of anything?" Kiyo pointed at a mountain very close to Mamodoville.

"It's either that mountain looks similar to the mountain Brago looks at, or maybe I've eaten too much yellowtail and my mind is playing tricks on me."

"Zatch, I'm being serious." replied the 15-year old. Zatch had an anime sweat drop on the side of his head as he gave a ridiculous grin at his stepbrother.

"Pardon me, young man," An elder voice spoke behind Kiyo's back.

"There's someone behind me, isn't there," Kiyo guess and Zatch nodded, knowing that he guess correctly. The human slowly turned around to see a male about twice his height.

"Are the one named Mr. Kiyomaro Takamine?" the tall male asked. Kiyo had a freaked expression on his face, worried of what the man in front of him might do whether he answered him yes or no. He slowly nodded. The man suddenly smile and patted Kiyo on his shoulder. "In that case, I humble thank you so much for taking care of my son during his absence."

"Absence? Oh yeah..." the human remembered. 'This is where Zatch is suppose to live, here with his own kind. But he ended in my town instead. But now that Zatch is back where he belongs with his parents-his real parents, then I guess this means... We'll have to depart from each other.' Kiyo lowered his head a bit. He still remembered what it was like when he and his family adopted the little mamodo. He indeed was more like an biological brother to him instead of a stepbrother. Yeah, they got into fights and arguments, but they still had their fair share of good times together, it makes him feel like he's not an only child at all.

"Hey, Kiyo!" the lightning mamodo jumped onto the human's shoulders. "Mother allowed us to go have some fun at the mountain. How about we go climb it to see how far we reach. I bet we can get to the top! But first, lets have lunch Kiyo. Mother will make us some yellowtail burgers! Yay yellowtail!"

"That's my boy," Zatch father said proudly.

"Come on, Kiyo!" Zatch called out, he and his mother were walking off somewhere, possibly to where his parents live. His father soon followed and then Kiyo saw them with his parents as well.

"Okay, I'll catch up!" the teen called back to the lightning mamodo. Inside, Kiyo was focused on the topic he was on before Zatch interrupted.

"Zatch," he uttered to himself. "Will this be... when we leave each other?"

Zeno looked out at the horizon at both the mountains and Mamodoville. The winter breeze blowing across his face, making his snowy silver hair sway to the side. Even though he was ignoring the cold air, deep down underneath his cloak he had his arms wrapped across his midriff. In his mind, he can still here his voice, at a younger age, still crying from all the suffering he went through. The pain was unbearable to him.

So whatever the reason, his cold shrunken heart or his shoes, or perhaps losing his collection of glow-in-the-dark yo-yos, he stood outside his lair... hating the mamodos. Even though that didn't rhyme.

"Alphabetically." the dark lightning mamodo said to himself as he pulled out a book and began looking through it.

"Akatsuki and Ashuron, I..." he took a deep breath and let it all out in a loud scary scream. "HATE YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" His loud scary scream cause about every bird in about every tree on the mountain to fly away.

Back in Mamodoville.

"Did you hear something just about now?" Sherry asked Brago as they were just about to enter Koko's apartment.


Back with Zeno.

"Bago, Baltro, Baransha, Bari, Biburio, and Byonko... I hate you." the little bundle of darkness continued.

About nine minutes later.

"Victoream, Wiseman, Wonrei, Yopopo, Zabas, Zaruchimu... quadruple hate." He was almost done with his 'hating of the other mamodo' until he came across a certain name... a name that he'll never get out of his mind. "Zatch Bell... LOATHE ENTIRELY." his voice sounded more raspier and sinister than ever when he put his dark feelings into those words. Now he doesn't feel like continuing his long list of mamodo he despises. He shut the book, tucked it under his arm and stomped back into his lair.

It wasn't long til he found his human companion/friend working a bit more on the super-sled that they stole. "Anything," he asked.

"Nothing. I tried everything, but we can't get this thing to fully work without a dark-generator." replied the psychic human.

"Huh?" Zeno asked in confusion.

"The last piece I told you about before that we need to get this thing to fully work,"

"Oh yeah, now I get it. Come to think of it, there's only one place I know where we can find such a device,"


"Dufort... are you in the mood for a little field trip?"

"What are you saying?"

"Follow me." and with that, Dufort followed the child to the far end of their, to a place they haven't been to in a long time. It was an empty room with only one door.

"What're we here for?"

"For our field trip. This door here is really a gateway that leads to other worlds. One of them I know happens to have the device we need to get that sled working one hundred percent."

"But you said it was just a closet,"

"I lied." Zeno turned back to face the door. If you really closely, you can see a very small anime anger vein-thing on the top left corner of Dufort's head.

"Just step in, Dufort." Zeno said with a sinister grin as he grabbed hold of the knob and pulled the door opened. Inside was pitch black. It was like looking face-to-face with the endless abyss.


"Nani?" the mamodo asked all of a sudden.

"You dragged me to town, sold my hotdog-making machine, poked me in the eye, and threatened to put poison into my hotdogs, and this is what I get in return for sticking by your side for this long?" the human spoke, still in his emotionless tone. Zeno calmly shook his head.


"What now?"

"Come here, there's something very important I have to tell. Something I've been meaning to tell you for a very long time." Zeno oddly said in soft-tone and was giving probably the biggest puppy-eyes in the history of puppy eyes.

Dufort didn't respond at all to the mamodo's expression, but in the end he kneeled down to his companion. "What is it?"

Zeno had a very pretty yet disturbing smile on his face as he placed his hands on Dufort's shoulders.




zippity do dah!

"GET YOUR ASS THROUGH THAT DOOR!" Zeno shouted in the human's face, his expression immediately going straight back to his mad, dark, self. His grasp on Dufort's shoulders tighten as he lunged back and swung his rams backward, throwing Dufort straight into the darkness within the door.

He took a few steps back, placed his fingers over his nose as if he was gonna dive into a swimming pool, and ran straight and jumped into the darkness after his companion. The door slowly closed shut behind them.

In a place unknown to our characters, a door similar to the one where Zeno through Dufort into and went in himself appeared out of nowhere. The slam flung open and the two came falling out, Dufort first and then Zeno landing on the human's back.

"You could've just asked me to get in," the human uttered.

"Idiot, you said you wouldn't go in so you left me no choice," the mamodo spoke back. "Aha! Here we are! Usually we would've ended up in different places the first time. But getting to place we want to on the first time must be really rare. Zeno quickly got off Dufort and breathed in the air of the world he once was.

The world they were in... was an old forest.

To Be Continued...