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Some Princes Become Kings (10/10)

091. Drowning

With Tamaki curled beside him, Kyouya wrote, and reorganize his thoughts. At some point, he stared hard at the sleeping blonde, and whispered.

"If you suggest a Host Club, Tamaki, I will stomp on you, I swear."

But over time, Tamaki blithely, sporadically, and continuously woke him up, read him romances, dunked him into cosplay culture, dragged him to real host clubs – for research, Tamaki insisted.


Of course, Tamaki reassured him those hosts had nothing on him, on either of them.

"But, oh, Kyouya, look at how happy they make their customers..."

Kyouya stomped on Tamaki first. Then caved.

092. All That I Have

Tamaki knew he was truly blessed.

He was gifted with good genes, good looks, good luck with the ladies, and he was intelligent, ranking second in his entire year - only beneath Kyouya.

He was also quite aware he had Kyouya.

Who probably befriended him out of obligation first... but obligation wouldn't have allowed the Ohtori to even consider starting a Host Club with him. The idea was outrageous, preposterous! What of Ohtori honor? Of Ohtori pride?!

But Kyouya, with a calculating smirk, and a sparkle in his eyes, called it, "an interesting challenge, Tamaki...

"Hm, show me what you've got."

093. Give Up

Tamaki had four others in mind: Haninozuka Mitsukuni, and his cousin, Morinozuka Takashi, as well as Hitachiin Hikaru, and his younger twin Kaoru.

These rich young princes of Ouran, both attractive and repelling in some ways, were complicated, somewhat problematic individuals actually, and all from very influential families.

Kyouya used to wonder sometimes what Tamaki really thought behind his soft, kind eyes, and warm, easy smiles - if it could be a façade.

Was he after a stronger power base? Higher prestige? Connections to impress his family head enough to secure his place as future heir?


That was Kyouya's thing.

094. Last Hope

"It's so sad, Kyouya..."


"Haninozuka seems to think he has to act a certain way... He can't eat the sweets he likes, but everyone can tell he wants to, and Morinozuka just wants to take care of him, but he can't, because his cousin has to act strong all the time, like he doesn't need anyone, and...

"Kyouya, did you get what I just said?"

"... Half of it, Tamaki; I'm reading."

"Kyouya! They need help! They need someone to tell them it's okay to be themselves, someone to tell them that-"

"So go tell them."

"... Yes! I'll do that!"

095. Advertisement

Kyouya knew the Hitachiin twins were trouble, but Tamaki, giddy from the most-likely-positive results from his encounters with Haninozuka and Morinozuka, insisted that everything would turn out just fine.

"The twins said they'd join us if I figure out which one's Hikaru, and which one's Kaoru!"

Briefly, Kyouya wondered if Tamaki needed help. The Hitachiins were notorious for their indifference towards everyone. They treated people like toys. Kyouya was confident Tamaki would bounce right back up if they actually could crush him down, but...

"Do you really think they're worth the trouble?"

"Yes! ... And Kyouya, trouble's their selling point!"

"... Ah."

096. In the Storm

Tamaki slumped onto the couch, leaning heavily against Kyouya in the music room. Rubbing his cheek against Kyouya's shoulder, he glanced idly at the open clipboard, and then closed his eyes.

Kyouya continued writing.

Tamaki sighed.


The pen abruptly halted.

"Yes, Tamaki?"

The twins had run a background check on Tamaki, concluding that he was lonely without his mother. And selfish, they said, because he was trying to make friends, so he wouldn't be alone...

"Your shoulder feels stiff, Kyouya," Tamaki murmured. "And your arm must be numb now..."

It wasn't self-centered to offer Kyouya a massage, was it?

097. Safety First

With Tamaki's delightful hands on him, Kyouya found it increasingly hard to focus on his writing. A throaty groan escaped as the blonde worked to unravel a tight knot between his shoulders.

It felt good.

So good he had begun to place his pen and clipboard on the coffee table when he heard the creak of an opening door, and knew instinctively that it wasn't the third music room's main entrance.

"Tamaki," he abruptly stood, stepping away with his clipboard neatly folded, clutched to his chest. "I'll go see what Nekozawa wants."

Tamaki looked faintly hurt.

"... I'll be right back."

098. Puzzle

Kyouya always made good on his word. Kyouya always came back. If he said he would do something, it was as good as done. Although Tamaki was never quite sure how it all happened, and whether it all was necessary, he certainly appreciated his Dark Prince's services.

In return, he tried to be the best Prince Charming to Kyouya... But Kyouya didn't need another prince.

Kyouya needed... someone to constantly pester him, and challenge him to improve himself, someone who could always be there to look out for him, and be concerned for his wellbeing...

Tamaki needed to become King!

099. Solitude

At the first Host Club meeting, four other boys entered the third music room, two at a time, to be greeted by Tamaki in a single seater that looked like a throne.

"Welcome to the Ouran Host Club!" he warmly exclaimed.

"Takashi, Takashi! Come on!" Haninozuka waved for his cousin to follow before continuing. "Hi, Tama-

"Oh!" Large brown eyes fell upon the feast of cakes and sweet tea on a nearby table.

Tamaki smiled benevolently, "Help yourself."

"Kaoru..." The twins hung back at the door. "The idiot really thinks he's king..."

Kyouya smirked, and shut the door behind them.

100. Relaxation

They all joined in the end, just as Tamaki thought they would: Kyouya acting cool, and Morinozuka really distant, except to Haninozuka, who was encouraged to act as sweet as he pleased.

"We'll call you Honey!"

"Okay, call me Honey!"

And the twins were introduced to a new type of brotherly love...

"Pervert king..."

Afterwards, Tamaki hovered behind his seated vice president, wrapping his arms loosely around Kyouya's shoulders. "Well... That went rather well, don't you think?"

With an agreeing hum, Kyouya leaned back against the blonde, transferring clipboard notes onto his laptop.

"Kyouya..." Tamaki nuzzled, "Play with me?"

"... Ah."



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