Gangster's Paradise


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The Organizations

Kitoshi – anti-underground organization group, led by the mysterious man without a face, Clow Reed. Intent on stopping gang wars and innocent killings of civilians, the Kitoshi uses its 3 top agents for a new operation.

Yukai – a gang whose name is whispered among the people with fear, it is resurrected by young Kenji Hayaku, the new Master Yukai. They are now in war with the Apocalypse, a fairly new gang as deadly as the Yukai.

Apocalypse – a new gang led by Li Syaoran, who lives to protect his twin sister and the clan. They are sworn to absolute loyalty, and will not easily yield information to the Kitoshi.

The Characters

AVALON / SAKURA KINOMOTO – undercover agent for the anti-underground organization group, the Kitoshi. An orphaned beauty who masquerades as a geek in Tomoeda High. Top agent, deadly, she gives yet a new definition to the term Femme Fatale. She was one who never mixed business with pleasure, but she finds herself attracted to the two gang lords that she is battling in her last mission as Avalon. Her whole family, except her mother, had died because of gang wars. Yet, something is amiss… A devastating, betraying truth shocked her, causing her to rebel against the Kitoshi, and endangers her life.

MADISON / TOMOYO DAIDOUJI – Sweet, gentle, fashionable, popular, but deadly. For four years she had been on international missions, nearly forgotten by her peers. Nearly as deadly as her cousin Sakura, Tomoyo fights for her love and her family, and most of all, she serves the Kitoshi to stop the gangs from terrorizing Tokyo. Her love for her partner Eriol will put her life in jeopardy.

ELI HAKURA / ERIOL HIRIGAZAWA – The last of the top 3 agents, Eriol is torn between his family, who rule the Apocalypse, and his work as agent of the Kitoshi. He has escaped Japan and went on international missions in England occasionally. Cousin to Li Syaoran, he accidentally mixes his work with his emotions, and puts him and Tomoyo in a dangerous situation.

LI SYAORAN – The Lord of Despair, he charades as the Royal Jerk and Heartthrob of Tomoeda High, and together with the Hatahashi Twins Yuuki and Kumiko, his Angels of Despair, he swears to protect Li Meiling, his twin sister nearly as deadly as he, and vows to destroy the Kitoshi. He might have succeeded, if only he didn't start falling for Avalon.

KENJI HAYAKU – The mysterious new boy at school turns out to be a deadly gang lord, with Sheba Al'Katr, an exotic beauty who serves as his right hand, swears to crush the tyrant group Kitoshi, and protect the mysterious Yanna. Sharp and full of wit, he cannot comprehend why he starts to feel something toward Li Meiling.

SHEBA AL'KATR – The deadly right-hand of the Yukai, Sheba nurtures love for the Master Yukai. This love may as well cause the end of the Yukai, as she places the gang to a real danger in the hands of the Kitoshi.

THE HATAHASHI TWINS – A deadly pair, Yuuki and Kumiko serve as the claws of the Apocalypse. Their reason for getting involved in gang wars is obscure, but both are talented orphans with a mysterious past.

LI MEILING – Considered as the prize for besting the Apocalypse, this deadly beauty refuses to be a pawn in the fatal game of gang warship. She escapes from China and goes to Japan, dogging her twin brother and trying to force him to let her become an Apocalypse. She falls unwittingly for Kenji Hayaku, not knowing he is the mortal enemy of the Apocalypse.

CLOW REED – The head of the Kitoshi, no agent has ever seen his face. He commands them by electronic communication, and his true identity is kept secret. Who is he? He has the power to hurt his top agent, Avalon, by simply being who he really is.

The Rule of being Master of the Kitoshi:

For an agent to take over the Kitoshi, he/she must be willing to give up his/her life as a civilian, and live in seclusion at the Kitoshi headquarters. He/she must have no life outside Kitoshi, and his civilian self must be staged to die…

The game is deadly. The rules are of their own making. Falling in love is not an option, if you wished to live. This is


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