The Fans Guide To Sam's Chick Flick Moments Chapter.4

Part 2:: Sam and Dean's famous Chick Flick Moments

"Alright we're back! Sorry it took so long but Dean had some…. Other issues he had to deal with."

"I did not! You're just making that excuse so you don't get blamed for anything!"

"Now Dean, why on earth would I do that? Besides even if and I stress IF I were at fault, of course I would take my share of the blame. What made you think other wise? "

"See there you go again!"

"There I go again with what?"

"With that condescending voice and the puppy dog look!"

"Dean, do you even now what the word "condescending" means? And I don't have a puppy dog look."

"Oh, yes you do! You use it whenever you want to get out of something and I've seen it enough times to know what it looks like! And what do you mean 'do I know what condescending means'! Of course I do, if I didn't I wouldn't have used it!"

"Okay, Dean. No need to get upset."


"Excuse me, but did you just growl at me?"

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Make a whole conversation out of two words?"



"Anyways, on with the show. Next up a scene from 'Scarecrow'."

SAM: So, Dad is sending us to Indiana to go hunting for something before another couple vanishes?

DEAN: Yahtzee. Can you imagine putting together a pattern like this? All the different obits Dad had to go through? The man's a master. (SAM looks annoyed, pulls over to the side of the road and turns off the car.) What are you doing?

SAM: We're not going to Indiana.

DEAN: We're not?

SAM: No. We're going to California. Dad called from a payphone. Sacramento area code.

DEAN: Sam.

SAM: Dean, if this demon killed Mom and Jess, and Dad's closing in, we've gotta be there. We've gotta help.

DEAN: Dad doesn't want our help.

SAM: I don't care.

DEAN: He's given us an order.

SAM: (firmly) I don't care. We don't always have to do what he says.

DEAN: Sam, Dad is asking us to work jobs, to save lives, it's important.

SAM: Alright, I understand, believe me, I understand. But I'm talking one week here, man, to get answers. To get revenge.

DEAN: Alright, look, I know how you feel.

SAM: Do you? (Dean seems shocked at Sam's tone.) How old were you when Mom died? Four? Jess died six months ago. How the hell would you know how I feel?

DEAN: Dad said it wasn't safe. For any of us. I mean, he obviously knows something that we don't, so if he says to stay away, we stay away.

SAM: I don't understand the blind faith you have in the man. I mean, it's like you don't even question him.

DEAN: Yeah, it's called being a good son! (SAM, angry, gets out of the car. DEAN also gets out and watches SAM unloading things from the trunk.) You're a selfish bastard, you know that? You just do whatever you want. Don't care what anybody thinks.

SAM: That's what you really think?

DEAN: Yes, it is.

SAM: Well, then this selfish bastard is going to California. (He puts on his backpack and starts walking away.)

DEAN: Come on, you're not serious.

SAM: I am serious.

DEAN: It's the middle of the night! Hey, I'm taking off, I will leave your ass, you hear me? (SAM stops walking and turns around.)

SAM: That's what I want you to do. (They stare at each other for a few seconds, waiting.)

DEAN: Goodbye, Sam. (He closes the trunk, gets in the car, and drives away. SAM watches him leave, then starts walking away.)

"We going to argue of whose chick flick this is?"


"Huh. Can I ask why?"

"Because it's your fault."

--sighs-- "Not this again. Why does it seem to be that everything's my fault?"

"Probably cuz it is."

"Yeah, because you do no wrong."

"Got that right!"

"Ha! You're so funny!"

"What? I'm serious!"

"Yeah, I know. That's what's so scary about it."

"You're unbelievable!"

"I know."


"It's in my job description. "Annoy the hell outta my big brother." Check it. It's there."

"Unbelievable!!! There's NO living with you!!!"

"And yet you managed to survive 18 years. Amazing isn't it?"

"You know what I see?"


" A grave stone. And you know what it reads?


" It reads: Here lies Samuel "Sam" Winchester. Love by all and annoyed many. May he enjoy his peace. His brother Dean sure will."

"Yeah, I think that's the curtain call. The next chapter will be up soon." --looks at Dean-- "If I'm still alive then." ----laughs nervously and slowly backs away--

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