Author's Note 10/30/2006: A new story. The plot has popped into my head today and I couldn't help write it. I hope you like it. The pairings are Natsumikan and Hotaruka. Enjoy!

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My Favorite Loser



Mikan's POV

"It's on!" I yelled from my living room. My friends Anna, Nonoko, Hotaru (my bestest friend) and Sumire hopped on the sofa that was in front of the television with a big bowl of popcorn and a pitcher of orange juice.

Today was Thursday. Thursday was my most favorite day of the week since it's the day when they show my favorite sitcom, "My Favorite Loser". It's about two best friends who live together, battling to obstacles of life…and love. The way I explain it, it doesn't actually sound interesting but it really is… plus I have a SUPER HUGE crush on Ruka Nogi, who plays the nicer and cuter friend named Fukachi. HE'S SO HOT!!!!

I have thousands of posters of Ruka on my bedroom wall, millions of icons, wallpapers, pictures and screenshots on my desktop, a gigantic collage of him in my dresser, I memorized his profile, his trademark quotes and have a replica of his favorite jacket. Yes, I'm obsessed but it's not my fault that he's so hot.

My friends Nonoko, Anna and Sumire don't think Ruka is that hot. They say they prefer Natsume Hyuuga who plays the sarcastic, vain and obnoxious friend named Taichii Hagane. They formed a 'Natsume Hyuuga' fan club in school and have a scrapbook of him that they pass around each other writing how hot and great he is. For me, he's just some lame guy. I hate him. According to tabloids, he is so unfriendly that he won't even sign autographs!!!

My bestest friend Hotaru doesn't care for any of the guys in My Favorite Loser. She's just in for the food that we prepare during Thursdays. She doesn't join in any fan discussions in the internet, she doesn't have any posters or icons or collages. She says the only reason why she watches the idiotic show with us is because the popcorn Anna makes is good. I'm surprised because the average fifteen year old would be crazy about a celebrity. Guess I was mistaken.

After the theme song played, the show started. Ruka was the first one to enter. He was wearing a tuxedo. Oh God, he was so hot. The setting was in a restaurant and this girl who was guest starring named Miho came in, she was wearing a dazzling red gown. I think they were in some formal dinner party.

I prepared my tape recorder so I can record every word my darling Ruka says.

I'll skip the details.

The episode was mainly about Ruka or Fukachi going on a date with Miho. He realizes that Miho is some self-centered brat so he dumped her. Natsume or Taichii gets fired from his job in the advertising department since he kept on being unfriendly to people. I would get extremely annoyed when my friends would swoon when Natsume would talk or come into view. He pisses me off.

At the end of the show, I turned off my tape recorder and held it against my chest. "Oh Ruka, if only I could meet you someday"

"Ruka's not at all hot!! I don't like his blond hair!! Natsume is MUCH HOTTER!!"

Yeah, we always have this argument after the show but then we pause if "My Favorite Loser" is holding any contests or giving away freebies. Then we would resume our fight. Today, it was much more exciting.

"Are you a fan of My Favorite Loser? Here's your chance to meet the cast AND land a guest appearance on the show!! One lucky winner will win an all-expense-paid trip to Tokyo, stay in the finest hotels for two weeks and meet Ruka Nogi and Natsume Hyuuga! Send your name, age and telephone number to did you hear that?

After my friends left, I dumped the popcorn bowl and pitcher in my kitchen sink and ran to the computer. I logged in to my email and pressed 'compose'. Oh God, I pray that I win this contest!! I've been praying for this moment to meet my beloved Ruka…not Natsume. Yuck.

SEND TO: Meet the Cast Contest

Name: Mikan Sakura

Age: 15

Telephone Number: 842-22-34

I pressed 'SEND' and closed my eyes. If I won this contest, I won't have any regrets in life. I immediately received an email from Tokyo Media. It read:

Thank you, Ms. Mikan Sakura for your entry! Please listen to the radio station 99.6 AM at tomorrow noon for the announcement of the winner. If you win, you may bring a friend. Consolation prizes will be given in Tokyo Media Industries.

Thank you and good day,

Tokyo Media

I logged out of my email and ran to my bedroom. I lay down on my Ruka blanket and kissed his wonderful face. He's so hot even in cotton. I stared at my 'Ruka' alarm clock and stared at the numbers. If only time will go faster…


The next day at lunch, Sumire brought a portable radio to school. "Did you join the contest? They said you can bring a friend. Hopefully, I'll win and I'll bring…hmmm… Hotaru. Maybe this contest will make you realize that Natsume is hot"

"If I win, I'm going to bring Nonoko" said Anna, and Nonoko said the same.

"If I win, I'm going to bring Hotaru – because you're my bestest friend!!" I said, opening my arms for a hug.

"Oh shut up, I don't even want to go. I'm not even a fan of that dumb sitcom"

Sumire opened the radio and put it to 99.6 AM. We listened intently. After a shampoo, lotion and potato chip commercial… the announcement of the winner came. Oooohhh… God, I hope this will be the best day of my life. If not, I'm going throw away my Ruka collection…well… maybe I won't…nah…I'm just exaggerating.

"Hello everyone!! I'm sure you've been waiting… I'm sure the suspense of who the winner will be for the Meet the Cast Contest of Japan's most popular sitcom, My Favorite Loser. We'd like to thank our sponsors…"

"Skip the stupid sponsors, announcer-person!!" I said, hitting the radio.

"Don't hit it. It might blur the frequency and we might not hear the winner" Sumire snapped.

"…and Delicious Noodles Industries. Thank you very much! Yes, hearing the sponsors is a drag so we'll skip to the name of the winner. Drum roll please…. Dun dun dun dun… yes, more than a million people have sent entries… all over Japan and we raffled them all…and the winner is…dun dun dun dun…"

I crossed my fingers and bit my lip. The drum rolls were putting more suspense. I clenched my fists. The thought of Ruka's angelic face made me melt inwardly…if only…I was the one to be called in the radio…

"MIKAN….MIKAN SAKURA!!!!!" the announcer yelled. Was that my name? Was it? I screamed and jumped on the table. I kicked off my school bag and my lunch tray. Who cares if my fried chicken fell off? Who cares if my apple juice fell? I WAS THE WINNER!! I WAS THE WINNER!!!!! I'M GOING TO MEET RUKA!! I'M GOING TO MEET RUKA!!!! I'M GOING TO MEET RUKA!!!!!!


"Just don't forget to get autographs of Natsume for us…we don't care what the tabloids say that he's a non-autograph signer but you're already lucky enough to meet your crush Ruka. So here…" Sumire said, giving me the scrapbook of the 'Natsume Hyuuga Fan Club' when we were in the airport.

"Yeah. And if you can sneak out a towel, a toothbrush – or whatever personal belongings Natsume has… then please get us some!" Nonoko said, giving me a small bag where I can put his belongings. "But they might arrest me" I protested. "No, they understand desperate fans"

"And also, please give this to Natsume" Anna said, handing me a lunch box. It was filled with freshly cooked tempura, a salad and Natsume's favorite pudding.

"What if he throws it back at me?"

"Just try, okay?"

"Yeah sure!" I said, hugging the three of them as we entered the airport. "Good bye, guys!! I'm going to miss you!!"

"Don't forget!!" the yelled back, as the crowd pushed in front of them. "We're gonna kill you if you won't do the things we told you!!" and their voices disappeared as a crowd stampeded.

"Thanks for coming, Hotaru"

"Oh please. I'm just coming so I can take embarrassing photographs of the cast and sell them on Ebay or in anyway I can. I'm in for the profit"

"Yeah, whatever" I said.


The flight took off and I stared at the disappearing province of Akita. It would only take thirty minutes or so to get to Tokyo. I'm going to the big city, the capital of Japan.

I'm going to Tokyo Media Industries.

I'm going to meet…Ruka!!!!


End of Prologue.