What was going through Lily's mind as she died?

Emerald light glows throughout the room. James stands stock still for a nanosecond, before crumpling to the floor, his eyes wide open and glassy. For an eternity, my mind is paralysed. How could this have happened? Who could have done this? No, that is ignorant. Who else could have used that curse, so nonchalantly? Merlin… We'd known when we joined the Order that something like this would happen sooner or later. Where were Sirius, Albus… Peter? Peter… he would never be able to cope, knowing that the man he had hero-worshipped from the day he was eleven had been killed at the hands of a murderer. What am I thinking? My husband's just died, for God's sake… Remus. I need to find Remus – he'll know what to do.

Harry, too. I need to get to Harry before Voldemort does. He's the only fragment of James remaining. I remember when I finally let him win me over. It was the day after the NEWTs results – I was in Diagon Alley, I saw him sitting alone in the Leaky Cauldron. It transpired that he had failed all of his exams. Something about his failure made him seem so much more … humane; that was what appealed to me. I never knew that the next time I'd see him so shattered through his humanity would be at the time of his death.

I stand here, almost alone now, between Voldemort and my son. I won't let him win. I won't let him take my baby, too. Harry, I pro-