Chapter One

Meredith's voice over

When we look at our lives we tell ourselves the age old phase, "everything happens for a reason". Like you didn't get into a certain class at a certain time and you feel like it's the end of the world but then you later get family emergences that happen at that exact time and day and your happy that you weren't in that class now. Or Cinderella was turned into a servant girl by her stepmother but later becomes a princess because of being a servant girl so got a fairy godmother. It could also be like when you're in a good relationship with a person that you could picture yourself with in the future with the house with the white picked fence and children playing with the family dog outside. But then your dream is shattered when one single person comes walking into the relationship ending everything you ever dreamed of with one sentence, "You must be the woman screwing my husband." Yep, that's the downside. But then what was the reason for Addison Shepard to walk in now? What reason in my life does this correspond with?