Chapter Twenty-Two (The Future)

The future of the Grey Characters

Meredith's POV

Its funny how a child's dream of the future doesn't always turn out the way they planned. We dream of becoming movie stars, Astronauts, dancers, singers, etc. We dream about finding that one true love and getting married and having children and naming them with the names that we had picked out back in high school. We realize that sometimes we have to just hand over our futures, our destinies to a higher being. To take a back seat and allow fate to take the wheel and to lead us to the life that waits for us when we're older. I look back now and think that fate was good to me. It led me in the right direction. There were hard times but there were also good ones… A couple months after my mother's death, the staff of Seattle Grace took to their destinies. From then till now, 15 years after the funeral, we accept our fate, our destinies.

Mike Hoover moved to Seattle to live near me. We try to spend as much free time as possible after my mother's death to make up for lost time. I find that we are so much alike. He did date and later married a nice woman named Susan. They never had any children of there own but boy did they like to spoil any child that was around.

Dr. Bailey and her husband soon had a baby boy that they named after George. After Bailey got promoted she had another baby boy that they named William. Bailey is still the same hard headed and inpatient doctor today as when I came in as an intern all those many years ago. Once in a while you can still hear me and the others refer to her as the Nazi. Which she doesn't mind one bit. It makes her feel inferior. But don't let that fool you. She still has a soft spot. She watches out for all of us like a mother hen her chicks.

Dr. Webber after 35 years as chief of Seattle Grace retired and picked up the game of golf. He still had a hard time at first staying away from the hospital, but he had gotten better. I started to spend more time with him since my mother's death talking about my mother and us. For most of my life I never knew that Dr. Webber was the man that my mother was dating behind my father's back. Even after my parents divorce, I thought of Richard Webber as more of a father then I thought my mother's husband was. He was 73 when he died of cancer. That was just a few months ago.

Issy and Alex started to date and two years after their first date, Alex popped the big question. After a year of planning, Issy got her big wedding that she dreamed about. Christina and I stood up as her maid's of honor. For the best man, Alex asked George. Only months after their marriage, Issy gave birth to a baby girl that they named Cappy. Issy also was able to spend more time with her first daughter that she gave up when she was in high school. She was so happy to be able to find her again. Alex even accepts Issy's first daughter as his own.

George met a doctor named Callie Torres at the hospital and hit it off well. Issy and I were a little surprised at first about their relationship but came too really like her. A year after they started to date, Callie and George decided to go to Las Vegas on vacation to celebrate. A week after they left they came back man and wife. George is now a father of three children, Samantha, Emma, and Eric.

Christina and Dr. Burke moved into a new house shortly before their son was born. They named him Christopher. For months Dr. Burke kept trying to get Christina to marry him. She didn't want to at first because she felt that she would have no freedom. But in the end she gave up and married Burke after Chris was born in a small wedding at the court house with only close friends attending. Burke had got Dr. Webber's job as chief after his retirement. And to Christina's dismay, she had given birth to three more children, Jesse, Marcy, and Chloe. I was surprised at how her live turned out. I never thought that she would be married and have four children. She's always full of surprises.

As for me and Derek, well Derek took me for a romantic dinner and a ferry boat ride (you know he likes ferry boats) and proposed to me. Of course I said yes. We were the first of the group to be married. We had a small ceremony with close friends and family. Nine months later we had a baby girl. We named her Elizabeth after my mother. One year after her we had a son, Mike after my real father. Then three years later twins, Brooke and Paige. Then just a year ago, we had another set of twins, Colleen and Richard (after Webber). Derek always wanted a big family. Hope he's happy with six children. Every day is busy but we couldn't be happier; well until our seventh and final child was born. We named her Grace, after our second home.

Wondering what happened to Addison? Well she finally realized that Derek had in the end chosen me and left Seattle and moved back to New York. I heard that a few years after she left Seattle that she married Mark.

The five interns that entered Seattle Grace all those years ago grew up to become great doctors, spouses, mothers, fathers, and friends. We all still work at the hospital but now we have our own group of interns. But some things never change. Issy, Alex, George, Christina, and I still go to Joe's bar after work sometimes. As we talk and laugh together I can picture our dreams as children that never came true.

I looked at Issy. For a young blonde girl growing up, it was her dream to own her own bakery and marry a fireman.

Then I looked at Alex. His dream as a little boy was that he would never marry but be a playboy and have every woman worship him.

Looking beside me I see Christina. A young Asian once dreamed that she would become a great doctor. Well she is a great doctor but she never thought she would ever get married and have children.

Looking to my other side I see George. The childhood dream for that ruffled haired boy was to be a pilot. He wanted to travel the world. He also thought that he wouldn't marry because he wasn't good with the ladies in his eyes.

Finally I remembered my dream. My only childhood dreams were to become a writer and marry a man and not let our marriage end up like my parents.

It's funny how we didn't chase our dreams like we thought we would. Doesn't matter now, because everything has a reason for the way our lives turned out. We're happier now then when we were kids dreaming… It's all for the best… From all of us at Seattle Grace…until we meet again.

The End

I want to say thank you to all of you for reading my story. Now that this story is finished I can start work on my other story, "Coming Home". I hoped that you all enjoyed this. Hugs