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As I stand here watching you as you Duel your opponent I realize how really great you are.

Even though you might lose the game, you are a winner when it comes to keeping your friendships.

I have no time for friends though I wished that I did.

Maybe I would be better off if I could make a friend, someone like you.

Do I have a chance? I sure hope so but how do I go about making you my friend?

You look my way and my heart starts to skip a beat, then you walk my way and I can't breathe.

Are you really talking to me? I see you lips moving but can't hear a thing over the beat of my heart.

I swallow and then I hear, Kaiba how about coming with is to the Game Shop? All I can do is nod.

I follow you and soon I'm in the Shop with all your friends, who are being nice to me, why?

You stand in front of me and say, it's about time we put things behind us and start a new

Then you offer me your hand and we shake and for some reason I want to hold you close

As you stand here looking at me, you wink at me and then it happens, you kiss me in front of them

They don't scream or call me bad names, they actually cheer for us.

Is this a dream or is it for real, I pinch myself and almost yell out loud, it's real it's really real