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The Way to His Heart

Summary: Dean and Sam head to the road house and Jo tries to charm Dean to fall for her but Dean falls for another blonde who is shy quite and so not his type. What happened when Jo gets mad and maybe even deadly?

Dean Winchester looked at his brother Sam who had been passed out in the passenger seat of his impala for the pass half an hour. Dean smirked as he blasted the radio with a Motorhead song which of course made Sam jump as he waked.


"Sam." Smirked Dean as he parked the impala in a spot next to the road house.

The boys walked in noticing the platinum blonde behind the bar mischievously smiling at Dean.

"Hey Jo is Ash around?"

Jo nodded and pointed to the bar's hallway. "He's in his room Sam. Hey Dean."

Dean rolled his eyes as Sam went off to find Ash. "Hey Jo." He was about to say something to her but he noticed a blonde hair women reading a notebook at a table.

"That's Colby." Jo stated as she handed Dean a beer. "She's been coming here after hunts for years. She's like an annoying older sister."

Dean didn't take his eyes off her as Ellen walked over.

"Aw I see you set your eyes on Colby Davis your father's buddy's daughter."

Dean looked up from his daze and smiled at Ellen. "Hey Ellen that's Ryder's kid?"

Ellen nodded and turned to Jo. "Come on now introduce them Jo."

Jo rolled her eyes at her mother as she pulled Dean over to Colby's table.

"Colby Davis Dean Winchester. Happy now?"

The blonde hair girl smiled looking up at Dean with huge baby blue eyes. "Dean Winchester nice to meet you my dad talks wonders of you and Sam."

Dean smiled. "Oh really well I can't say I remember hearing about you."

Colby smirked. "Sit down will talk."

Dean smiled and sat down as Jo went to the bar and Sam walked back out.

"Find Ash?"

Sam glanced at her. "Yeah he's working on a hunt for us."

"Oh so you and me are going hunting?" Jo flashed him a smile.

"No Dean and me not you and me." Sam was a little ticked at her for some reason.

"Well it looks like Dean is busy with Colby Davis. What a show off." Whined Jo as she saw Colby show Dean one of her scars from a hunt. Sam chuckled as he looked over at his brother then back to Jo. "Dean doesn't like you like that hate to break it to you." She gave him a glared and quickly jerked away Sam's beer. "He doesn't want her for sure." Sam scoffed at her. "Whatever you need to think Jo."

"So a werewolf aw that was an easy hunt and all." Dean smirked as Colby drew her eyes up looking at him. "Not when you have 3 of them chasing you." Dean looked at her thinking about not having a hook up with her but having something more. He snapped out of his crazy day dream when Sam walked on over. "Hi I'm Sam you must be Colby. Your dad has told me great things about you." Colby smiled slightly as Sam sat down. "Hi nice to meet you Sam."

"Can I get you guys some food?" Questioned Jo as she walked over putting a hand on Dean's shoulder and Dean pulled away. "Sure give us the usual Jo thanks." Dean stated without taking his eyes of Colby who was now looking at the table.

"So sorry about your dad missing and all." Colby stated as Sam ate her fries. "Sorry were you done?" She laughed. "I was go head." Colby glanced at Dean who was staring at her. "Its ok we will find him I know it. As for your dad I hope he finds a lead to mine soon." Colby smiled and stood up glancing at both Winchester's. "Well Sam Dean I'm going to bed hope to talk to you in the morning night." "Night." Both said in unison as the walked the blonde walk away and Ellen come up to them.

"I take it you two become found of Colby?" Dean smirked a little at Ellen as Sam rolled his eyes. "It also seems like Jo has taken found of Dean." Sam chuckled as Dean hit Sam in his broken arm. "Ouch Dean that hurt!" "It was supposed to." "Sam Dean stop." Ordered Ellen as she watched John's boys bicker at each other. "I know having your dad missing and all has put a strain into your two's relationship but you two need each other the most now." As quickly as Ellen came up to them that was as quickly as she walked to her own room.

"Wow hey Dean I'm going to bed night." Sam stated as he waved at Jo and walked to their room. "I can't fight this feeling any longer, and yet I'm still afraid to let it flow. What started out as friendship, has grown stronger I only wish I had the strength to let it show. I tell myself that I can't hold out forever. I said there is no reason for my fear. Cause I feel so secure when we're together. You give my life direction you make everything so clear." Dean smirked as Jo put the song on the jukebox. "Reo speedwagon?" Jo gave him a look. "Reo speedwagon sings it from the heart." "He sings it from the hair." Dean smirked as Jo leaned over the bar glaring at him as he watched the spot where Colby sat earlier that night. "You really like her and not me?"

Dean smiled looking at her. "Aw sweetheart I dig blondes but not what 16 year olds." Jo hopped up on the bar. "I'm 18 thank you. She's like my older sister so we are always competing for attention." Dean looked interested in the story Jo was about to tell. "When my dad died Ryder came to help my mom and I out and Colby came to. At first it was 'Jo shoot like Colby did you'd get better aim.' I even started to treat Ryder like family trying to have someone to be all for me but nope Colby always butted in when she come around." Dean smiled and sipped his drink. "She doesn't seem like the attention kind of girl." "She's not but I'm jealous of what everyone thinks of her." Jo smiled and looked to the window. "Every night around one or so she comes out here to read that's when you'll be able to really talk to her." She got up and started to walk to the back. "Jo?" She turned around. "Yeah?" "Why are you helping me out since you have a crush on me and all." Jo smiled and put her hands on her hips. "Like I said she's like a sister to me." Dean smiled as he watched Jo walk to her own room.