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Dean grabbed the book that Bobby had given them when they excised Meg. Dean opened the page and began to read. "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus , omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio, et secta diabolica. "Perditionis venenum propinare. Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis." "Humiliare sub potenti manu dei, contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine, quem inferi tremunt."

Jo starts to scream as they watch in horror. "Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, domine. Ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos." "Te rogamus audi—".Jo starts to bleed from the nose.

"Dominicos sanctae ecclesiae. Terogamus audi nos." A moment later, she tilts her head up to the ceiling and lets out a long, loud scream. An enormous cloud of black smoke erupts from her mouth. They watch in awe. When the demon has left her body, Jo's head falls forward. She is motionless and appears to be dead. A string of blood and saliva drips from her mouth. Suddenly, she begins to lift her head up slowly. Blood is running from her nose and mouth.

Jo lifts her head up and gives a faint smiled to Dean. "I'm—I'm sorry." She states as Ellen runs over to her daughter. "Joanna Beth Harvelle. You never scared me again you hear?" The now real Jo chuckles. "I won't I promise. Basement." Dean looks at her. "What?" Jo tries to breathe and feels pains but mumbles. "Colby is in the basement."

Dean runs to the basement and finds Colby all bloody and bruised on the ground by the stairs. She must have been trying to walk up and get help. "Colby!" Dean stated as he picked her up carrying her in his arms. "Dean? What Jo where is she?" Dean smiled. "Jo was possessed by a demon she will be her normal self soon. I'm so glad I didn't loose you." Dean stated as he kissed her forehead.

Up stairs Sam sat with Jo in her room. "So how long was it in you?" Jo smiled slightly at Sam. "About 2 years I say. I'm sorry for everything Sam I am." "Its okay Jo It wasn't you plus I liked talking to you well um you know what I mean." "I know and to let you know I had a thing for you even if a demon was controlling me."

"I should have known that she wasn't herself." Ash sat down next to Ellen. "I didn't know either. I mean you're her mother and you never want to think that she be like this." Ellen gave him a small smile. "Ash you maybe a genius with computers but today you help with being yourself." "Thanks Ellen don't worry I'll be back to normal soon and so will Jo."

A couple hours later Sam watched Jo sleep as Ellen walked in. "Is she doing any better?" "Yeah she's controlling her body better." Sam looks down then back up to Ellen. "Hey Ellen what's the real Jo like?" "Why don't you find out for yourself?" Sam watches Ellen exit and Jo chuckles. "She has a way with words doesn't she?" "I guess so. How are you feeling?" Sam asks as he sits on the edge of the bed. "I'm fine and to let you know Sam I like you and me being a singer well I rather we keep that out little secret." He smirks as Jo takes his hand. "The demon it knew that I would meet you and that be not in their plan for you." He smiles and wraps his fingers around hers. "Jo do you want to go on a date with me?" She smiles. "I love to Sam."

Dean walked around the basement and saw a knife with a gold J on it. "Dad?" He walks to Colby's room and sits down on the bed and shows her the knife. "Did you see my dad?" She looks at him and then looks back up. "He knocked me out I think he did at least." "You think?" "Yeah loosing a lot of blood will do that to you." Dean stood up pacing back and forth. "What did he say? Where did he go? Why…" "Dean! I don't know he knocked me out if he hadn't I bet Sam and you wouldn't have figured out that Jo was possessed by a demon." Dean looked at Colby whose eyes stared back to his. "I'm sorry. We were fighting does that mean we can make up?" He smirked as she chuckles. "We'll see let's wait till I get stronger." Dean smirks and pulls her in for a kiss. Moments later Colby traced a line around Dean's shirt. "You and Sam should hit the road again." Dean tugged at her waist. "I know but I would rather stay with you." She smiles and kisses him. "Come back for Christmas?" Dean thinks about what he will say. "Come with me."

The snow blew in the wind in the dark night of Christmas Eve. Sam walked into his brothers house and Jo came up to him and threw her arms around him. "Aw Sam it's good to see you." Sam eyed Jo the two had dated for about a week till she broke it off for her friend Ben. Just then a brown hair hazel eyes woman came over and kissed Sam. "Sophia I need help with the coca." Colby called into the room. After The Jo/Dean/Colby triangle Dean had asked Sam if Colby could come along with them. Sam was sure as hell lucky saying yes cause he met Colby's best friend Sophia Banks his now wife. John Winchester sat with Ellen and Ryder. Ryder Davis had found John months before his best friend saved his daughter. John had fallen in love once again with a woman who didn't know about anything supernatural. Ryder and Ellen finally put their girls' rivalry past them and got married. Dean walked over to his wife and kissed her as they watched their children and Sam's decorate the tree. Dean was still the cocky hunter he always was but he realized that his family should be growing instead of growing smaller. They had 3 kids Ryan 13, Chastity 11 and Paige 6. Sam's kids Lucas 11 and Haley 9 ran around with their cousins. Jo sat with her now husband Benjamin Ashland aka Ash. The two always had a thing but never let it show until now. Jo smiled at her step sister. The two had finally stopped competing right after the demon thing. Colby kissed Dean again who would of thought that her dad's best friend's oldest son would be anything then just that but she has a way to his heart.