Chapter Seven: Goodbye

"I really appreciate you helping me, Sam," Peyton said, as she sat in the passenger seat of Dean's 1967 black Chevy Impala.

"Well, I know what it's like not being able to explain things," Sam said, his eyes on the road.

"Can you control your premonitions?" she asked softly.

He turned to her and didn't answer right away. "No. I can't. They only start when it has something to do with the demon."

"Did you have any about me?"

He frowned. "No, I actually never did."

She sighed. "Then maybe I was right about not being part of the whole demon thing."


"You still think I'm part of it?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Maybe your shadow wouldn't allow me to have visions about you."

"Well, it does protect me," she said.

Sam turned to her. She looked sweetly back at him and he smiled.

"Do you have a piece of paper?" she asked suddenly.

"Uh…there might be some in the glove compartment," he told her.

She opened the compartment and found a wooden box, a gun (no wonder) and surprisingly a pad of paper and pen. She put everything back but the paper and pen and wrote something on the paper, tore it off and folded it in half.

"My house is just up this street," she said, pointing to the left. Sam turned down the street and stopped in front of a light blue house that she said was hers. They both got out and Peyton walked over to where he was standing by the driver's side door.

"Here's my number," she said, handing him the piece of paper she had written on. "Call me sometime when you're not on a hunt and we can get together."

"Alright," he said, putting the paper in his pocket.

She shuffled her feet. "So maybe now that I have control over my shadow you can have premonitions about me now," she teased.

He laughed. "Yeah. Maybe."

"So I'll be waiting for a call," she said, looking up at him. She gave him a genuine smile then kissed him. It wasn't a petty kiss either. After the kiss, she walked up to her front door. Before going in she turned around to see him in the same spot he had been since he stopped the car.

"Goodbye," she called to him with a wave.

She saw him wave back then get into his brother's car and pull off the down street. With a smile she unlocked her front door and walked into her house, her view on life completely changed by one evil shadow and one special guy.