Rufus' eyes followed her as she walked into the boardroom. She was wearing that dress again, the one which revealed to the whole of Midgar that she was wearing a suspender belt. He sucked in his breath, tried not to grin as her sugardaddy and colleague Heidegger followed her in.

"Hi, Scarlet," Rufus greeted the girl in the revealing dress enthusiastically. "Please, sit down!" He winked at her as she took a seat right next to him. Near enough so that he could reach under the table and touch her leg.

He looked up at the fat, bearded man in superior military uniform, as if noticing him for the first time. It chilled him to the bone to think of this man kissing Scarlet's delicate lips, touching her soft skin, and running his chubby, rough, hairy fingers through her silky blonde hair. What did she see in him, that old, fat incompetent fool? Why couldn't she see that guys like his good self would be a lot more fun, in more ways than one. He earned far more Gil in a week than Heidegger had ever seen in his life, and besides, he was far younger and had more… stamina. It was obvious the old Heidegger couldn't be up to much.

"Take a seat," Rufus told the old pervert in clipped, official tones.

Heidegger sat, right opposite his young lover of six years, so he could stare into her beautiful, sapphire blue eyes.

Rufus shook his head, unable to comprehend why Scarlet fancied Heidegger so.

The pretend general (the uniform made Rufus laugh -- Heidegger was only the head of Public Safety Maintenance after all) cleared his throat, snapping Rufus out of his deep, personal and highly unprofessional fantasies of what he would do to Scarlet, if only he could dispose of the tubby one…

"Okay," he began. "What is the latest on the Weapon situation?" He took a Filofax and pencil from the table's drawer.

Heidegger drew a wheezy, stale breath, about to speak, when Scarlet, her eyes meeting Rufus', interrupted.

"Our Weapon Beater, the Proud Clod, of which we have a blueprint… here." She pulled a folded sheet of paper from her cleavage, "is currently under construction."

Rufus, impressed by Scarlet's flirty display, and her resourcefulness of using her bra to conceal Shinra's confidential documents, took the blueprint. He unfolded it and spread it out on the desk in front of him, almost lovingly stroking it, the thought of how close it had been to Scarlet's naked flesh at the forefront of his mind. But he knew he had to be professional. Chicks found power attractive, and he had a stack of it the size of the city.

He smiled. "Excellent work, Scarlet," he enthused. "Please, go on."

"We plan to use its turbo-powered lasers to destroy the defences of Weapon and fifteen radar guided heat-seeking missiles packed with incendiary explosives, will make absolutely sure that the thing is destroyed.

Rufus smiled, enthralled.

"To keep civilian casualties to a minimum," Scarlet went on, "we hope our Weapon Beater will intercept the enemy over the ocean. Besides this we…"

"Oh, oh, oh!" Heidegger cut in excitedly. "Don't forget the other thing!"

Scarlet shot him an icy look. "I was just getting to that, you cantankerous old fool!" she hissed at him. She turned in her seat towards Rufus, crossing her legs under the table.

"Yes, Mr. President. We believe that this weapon could also be used to deal with our other problem besides Meteor, that of Cloud Strife and his minions. What do you think?" She gazed lazily at him, running the smallest tip of her tongue along the length of her lips.

Rufus pretended to consider her idea by studying the blueprint, and scribbling in his Filofax, genuinely impressed with the way she had berated that obese bogus general.

"Hmmm… just give me a moment… defeat Weapon… over the ocean… no civilian casualties… and you say we can… crush the renegade Cloud?" he muttered, pretending to note things down. Afterwards he threw down his pencil, swept back his hair with his hand, and turned to look at the comely Scarlet. He nodded, looking down at what he'd actually written:

Scarlet, you shall be mine. Wait 'til I show you what Mr President's 'weapon' can do!

9:00- Lure Miss Scarlet to President's Office

9:15- Deflower her on desk

"So, Mr President," Heidegger's annoying snotty nosed, plummy voice boomed, spoiling Rufus' daydream again.

Rufus smiled, looking over at Scarlet, who was gazing nervously at the ceiling. She hoped her idea, and it was her idea, would impress Rufus favourably, so that she'd go up in his estimation, and… with a bit of luck… fancy her? She was getting bored with her ageing beau, who was becoming predictable and tiresome. She longed for a bit of excitement with a younger man, and she couldn't see anyone younger than Mr. President. Besides, she was smitten with the thing he did with his hair. Just thinking about it made her stomach quiver and her heart jump.

"Yes," Rufus said concentrating his gaze on Scarlet. "I really… really love… erm… I am thoroughly impressed with the idea to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and it certainly receives full presidential approval."

Scarlet returned her glance to the President, and smiled broadly. "Thank you, sir," she said, quietly.

The loathsome Lothario Heidegger rose slowly to his feet. "You've made the right decision, Mr. President." He extended a chubby arm to Rufus.

The President stood up, ignoring Heidegger. "Well done, Scarlet," he said. "Another brilliant idea. We shall endeavour to implement it as soon as is possible." He took her hand and shook it firmly, although what he really wanted to do was caress each of her soft, slim fingers, kiss her palms gently, and feel her perfectly manicured, vampish red nails scratch violently down his back.

"Gya haaaa haah!" Heidegger laughed his annoying horse laugh. "It is a brilliant idea, Mr. President."

Rufus sighed, wondering if he could arrange an 'accident' with the help of SOLDIER to knock off this sleazy old windbag. Exasperated, he told his adversary "I already said that, idiot! Now would you please leave. I need to talk to Scarlet in private, if you don't mind." He turned to the beautiful girl in the clingy wine coloured dress he liked on her so much. "We must discuss some sort of pay increase for you."

"Why, thank you, Mr. President," Scarlet whispered, still quite flustered.

"Meet me in my office in ten minutes," he whispered to her once he was sure Heidegger was out of earshot. "And come… alone."