King and Queen: Stone and Snow

A/N: This is my first Harry Potter fanfic. I apologize for any OOC. It's also an AU, seeing as how I turned Blaise into a girl. Post HBP. This story is dedicated to SakuraAnkh, my muse, who inspired this story.

Italics- character thoughts

Chapter 1: The Hold of Despair

(Number Four Privet Drive, Harry's bedroom, 4:20 AM)

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was currently in his bedroom, at the woeful house belonging to Privet Drive, staring at the dismal ceiling, lying down on his bed in some kind of stupor. Harry had no wishes to be in this house, the home of his ill-tempered relatives, pain and anger flooding his senses at being in this house once again. Harry held no love for the Dursely's, assured that they felt no love for him as well; his being here only as a result of dead mans wishes.

Dumbledore, the greatest magician the light had ever know, was dead, his carcass unceremoniously tossed out of the Astronomy Tower near the end of last years term. Dumbledore, the man who was the comforting hand of the wizarding world that would chase away people's fear, had been murdered by one of his closest and most trusted friends. Dumbledore, the only wizard that Voldemort feared has perished in one of the Dark Lord's schemes, his surrogate grandson unable to save him and forced to watch his untimely death.

Harry slowly sat up on his bed, his emerald eyes leaving the dirty white ceiling. Harry looked around the dungeon that was his room. Spell books laid strewn about the floor, half open revealing a multitude of spells. Loose sheets of parchment and broken quills were thrown about the mess. Robes and other clothing were slumped over Harry's chair and desk, their condition being one of disarray. In one corner of the room were letters from Harry's friends, Ron & Hermione; some from Remus Lupin, one time mentor; others from Hogwarts staff relaying their condolences. It was at this corner that Harry's lifeless eyes remained.

It doesn't matter what they say. No "we're sorry" or "it wasn't your fault" will make me forget that night and what I could have done to save him. The memory of that night headed to the surface of Harry's mind. The look on Dumbledore's eyes as he pleaded with Snape to help him; the bewildered look of Draco Malfoy, scared for his life if he did not kill Dumbledore; the sneer of "Snivellus" Snape as he gazed down on the headmaster; the jet of green light that emerged from the tip of Snape's wand as he uttered the incantation that was to bring about the end of Albus; the chase of Draco and Snape through the grounds of Hogwarts; the realization of Snape being the Half-Blood Prince; and the image that played upon Harry's mind the most was the spread eagle form of Dumbledore as he lay on the smooth grass, a cold corpse.

Harry blamed himself for the death of his mentor, his friend, grandfather in all but blood. Harry forced the drink that led to Dumbledore's weakened state down his throat. Dumbledore's death caused by the inability of the boy-who-lived to save his life, all in search of a bloody horcrux that turned out to be a fake.

The horcruxes…I should be looking for them right now. The only thing that was stopping Harry from leaving was a letter he had received from Professor McGonacall, now Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. In short, the letter informed Harry of his need to return for his final year, seeing as how it was the N.E.W.T year, but that she also had some important information for Harry that could only be discussed at Hogwarts.

Harry heard a tapping at his window and saw that it was Ron's owl, Pigwedgon. Harry rolled off his bed and stood up. Harry had grown again over the summer topping off at close to six feet, give or take an inch. His build was that of an athletic type, no definite muscle mass, but toned due to the years of Quidditch, his walk was smooth and relaxed, and taking long strides as he made his was to the window. Opening the window, Pig began to zoom energetically around the room, reminiscent of a golden snitch, only this one being a motley collection of brown. With natural reflexes that had only improved due to Quidditch, Harry deftly picked Pig out of the air and took the letter from his leg.


Hey mate, me and Hermione are here at the burrow. Whenever you're ready to go just tell us and we'll be there. Hey Harry, what are we gonna do about Hogwarts?


Harry stood there mulling over Ron's question about Hogwarts. Harry hadn't told Ron or Hermione about the letter he had received from McGonacall. He was also pretty sure that they had received their letters from Hogwarts, informing them of their needed supplies for the upcoming school year, just like he had. He was just as sure that Hermione wanted to return for her N.E.W.T. year, despite what she admitted to Harry after Dumbledore's burial.

Harry made his decision as to what to tell them. He picked up a clean piece of parchment off the floor and found a quill that was miraculously unbroken. Harry moved over to his desk and shoved off the clutter that had formulated on it. Harry sat down on his poor excuse of a chair and began to write his response to Ron.

(A flat in downtown London, 7:00 AM)

The sound of running water could be heard throughout the flat, as Blaise Zabini took a shower. There was only one word to describe the look of Blaise Zabini; that word was Goddess. From the raven hair that fell down in waves past her shoulder, the smooth alabaster skin, her voluptuous curves and bosom, the crimson eyes that shone with intelligence. Her beauty surpassed that of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, her wisdom greater than Athena.

The warm water ran down her face and body, while Blaise's mind was calculating the possibilities of returning to Hogwarts for her last year. There's nothing to be learned. The Death Eaters won't care how many N.E.W.T's I have, they'll kill me regardless.

Blaise had always been an interesting case in the house of Salazar Slytherin. People have always been under the assumption that if one is in Slytherin house, they are automatically worshippers of the dark arts and supporters of Voldermort's cause. With respect to Blaise, this was not true. She loathed the stupidity and sheer ignorance of her fellow Slytherins and their shortsightedness, which prohibited them from seeing more than just muggle born and pure blood. She was disgusted by their ineptitude to realize that this plays no factor into the strength and talent of a witch or wizard.

Blaise had developed a preference for the ways of the muggle world, which when compared to the haughtiness of the pureblooded wizards that surround her on a daily basis, is a considerable step up. She didn't find their ways stupid, as most wizards did; she actually thought some of them were ingenious. She found satisfaction in being to prepare her own food without the use of a wand.

Blaise turned the showerhead off and stepped out of the shower, her body covered by a towel wrapped snugly around her body, what skin could be seen glistened under the lights of her flat. She walked over to her closet, her feet making wet smacks on the floor, echoing throughout the flat, and chose her attire for the day. She chose an emerald green T-shirt that clung to her figure and a pair of jeans that were rather snug on her hips, flattering her curves.

Blaise walked over to the front door, turned off the lights to her flat, and stepped out the door. She began to walk over to a muggle coffee shop, where she sat down in one of their most comfortable chairs, which were lavished green and sat there pondering what she would now do in her life.

(The Burrow, Ron's room, 11:26 AM)

Ronald Weasley was sitting down on the edge of his bed, waiting for Pig to come back with a reply from Harry. While Ron was nervous, he did not show it as much as the beautiful lady behind him.

Hermione Granger was pacing furiously back and forth, muttering under her breathe, an occasional tossing of the hands in the air adding to the appearance of being nervous. Hermione had grown during the summer, in more ways than one. A couple of inches had been added, making her a few inches shorter than Harry and about five inches shorter than Ron. Her figure had also improved, her hips shaping out quite nicely and her chest becoming more buxom. Her beauty had grown during the summer and the effect was quite evident upon the face of Ron.

I wished she'd stop pacing; she's starting to make me bloody nervous. Ron looked again at Hermione's figure, a sigh escaping his lips. Then again, I do love the way she walks…swaying those hips of hers. A slight blush began to rise to Ron's cheeks as he began to think about those hips and more.

"What if he doesn't send anything back?" The distress in Hermione's voice was evident, as she wringed her fingers together. Blimey, she looks cute when she does that.

Ron got off his bed and walked over to Hermione. Again Ron had grown several more inches, adding to his gangly appearance; however this did not detract from his looks, but rather added to them. He had an athletic build similar to Harry's, his stride somewhat the same as he walked towards Hermione. Bugger, how's a bloke supposed to calm her down? Ron moved closer and placed his hands on Hermione, causing her to stop her pacing.

"You need to calm down, 'kay? He's bound to write back." Ron's tone carried a hint of hope, trying to instill the same in Hermione.

"He hasn't written back to all the other letters we sent him, so what makes you think he's going to now?" Hermione stared into Ron's eyes, biting her bottom lip.

"I don't know Hermione, but you need to calm down." God, she looks gorgeous when she does that.

"I'm just…I'm just worried Ron! He could need our help right now and we wouldn't even know it!" Hermione leaned her head on Ron's chest, sobbing into his shirt.

Unsure of what to do, Ron did the only thing that came to mind. He wrapped his arms around Hermione's shoulders and held her close to his torso.

Hermione looked up from his chest to stare at Ron before putting her head back down on his chest. I didn't realize how strong his arms are…they make me feel safe somehow.

At this moment, a certain energetic owl decided to peck madly at the window, breaking the two from their spell of peace. Ron silently cursed the Pig as he opened the window, catching Pig in his fist before he could fly around the room. Ron unfurled the letter he took from Pig's leg, letting the bird go.

"It's a letter from Harry"

Hermione quickly ran to Ron's side and began to read the letter

Ron and Hermione,

I got a letter from McGonacall saying how she has something for me and telling me she could only tell me at Hogwarts. She also told me 'bout how important it is to come back for the last year. I know that you really don't want to go back to school Ron, but I think Hermione does. So I've decided. We'll go back to Hogwarts. Meet me in Diagon Alley in two days outside Flourish and Botts.


"Back to Hogwarts! I don't want to go back" Ron sighed heavily, the looming doom of another year of school hanging over his head

"This is your most important year Ron! Your N.E.W.T's decided which job you'll be able to get after Hogwarts" Hermione looked up at Ron her dissapointment evident in her face.

"Aww, bloody hell!"

"Ron! What have I told you about cursing?"

Ron began to shake his head when he realized that his arms were still around Hermione and she hadn't bothered to tell him to move. Rubbish she probably just needs me to comfort her. She...she wouldn't want me holding her for no reason.

"Ron?" Hermione stared into his eyes, a feeling of safety washing over her.

"Yeah, Hermione?"

"Everything's going to be okay, right?"

"Yeah, it's all gonna work out."

Ron and Hermione held each other in their arms, the future of the wizarding world playing through their mind, worrying about the safety of one green-eyed boy in particular.

Author's Note: There you go the first chapter. If you're worrying about the way Harry is acting, it's because of all the death he has seen in his life. This is going to be a Harry x Blaise fic, with some Ron x Hermione. It's going to show up in a couple more chapters. Also does anyone know what year the Harry Potter story takes place? I also forgot when his birthday takes place. If anyone can tell me that would be a big help. Don't forget to press the review button!