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Jill loved Christmas.

It made her very happy; there were lots of pretty twinkling lights everywhere, and they reminded her of the stars she saw on her nighttime walks with Daddy, but unlike the ones in the sky these ones twinkled at her from inside the Christmas tree. Sometimes she liked to just stare at them and make her eyes go all blurry, so that the lights split in two and grew until they were all she could see.

Mommy didn't like it when she did that; Mommy said that if she stared at the light too much it would hurt her retimas, or something. Jill didn't know what those were, so she did it anyways.

Jill liked Christmas because everyone seemed nicer and brighter and happier. Most of the people that her Daddy talked to were usually very scary. One man even had a very big sharp thing sticking out of his forehead.

Jill told him about it one day (just in case he had forgot it was there), but he didn't take it out; he just stared at her and drooled. That night Jill couldn't sleep very well because she dreamt she had things sticking out all over her body, but Mommy told her that would never happen because Jill knew better than to play with things that were sharp. Mommy always knew everything; she also smelled like pretty soap when she hugged you. Jill liked Mommy very much.

Jill also liked Daddy – he was funny. But he was even funnier when it was Christmastime. He read to her from a big book all about Uncle Sandy and what he did on Christmas Eve, and he got so excited that he would drop the book and pretend to be Uncle Sandy. Daddy even said that he was Uncle Sandy for a night, but Jill didn't believe him, 'cause if he were Uncle Sandy, he wouldn't be Daddy. And you can't stop being who you are. Jill knew this for a fact, because once, after a visit at Uncle Sandy's house, she decided she really wanted to be a reindeer. Daddy said it was impossible because she couldn't fly. So Jill jumped off of her Daddy's work table to prove that she could, too. Daddy wasn't very happy when he came in and found his chalkboard all broken and Jill lying on top of it. Jill wasn't happy either – her foot had fallen off.

But Jill was happy now, because it was going to be Christmastime again. It would be her fourth one ever. She couldn't really remember the first one, or the second one, but she knew that this year would be even better than all the others. Her Mommy and Daddy and been so jumpy lately, like Jill was when she was waiting for something but didn't want to be waiting, so she moved around a lot. Mommy called it having the wiggles.

So Jill just knew that if Mommy and Daddy had the wiggles, that something very, very important had to happen soon. And Jill was eager to know what it was.

She was sitting with Mommy in the living room and playing with No-No, waiting for Daddy to come home and read to her the story of the green man who didn't like Christmas, when Daddy ran in like he was being chased by someone. Jill held out her hands to be picked up, but Daddy didn't even see. He went right past her and knelt down beside Mommy and whispered something in her ear.

This made Jill mad – not only did Daddy forget to give her a hug, he was telling secrets. And secrets were rude because they made people feel left out. She crossed her arms, put on her mad face, and watched Daddy.

He kept on whispering in Mommy's ear. Suddenly Mommy smiled so big that Jill thought she would break her stitches. "Are you sure?" said Mommy. Daddy nodded. Jill felt this was a good time to get his attention.

"Daddy, you didn't hug me." Jill stuck out her bottom lip for emphasis.

He noticed her sitting there, and reached out his long arms. "Come here darling. How could I ever forget my precious girl?" Daddy threw her so high into the air that Jill felt her tummy move into her throat, just like when she missed a step going down stairs. She giggled and held out her arms like she was flying.

Daddy swooped her close to the floor just like he was going to drop her and she let out a shriek. "Daddy, don't drop me!"

Daddy laughed and sat on a chair, placing Jill on his knee. "Jill, my love, I have something very important to ask you."

Jill knew that Daddy wanted to be serious now, because he was using his serious voice. She nodded and looked right into his eye sockets, just like grown-ups do.

Daddy paused, and then asked, "Jill, are you a big girl?"

Now this just was silly, because Daddy knew she was a big girl. Jill sat up really straight and said, "Yes I am!" in a deep voice, just so Daddy could tell. He might have forgotten. Mommy said that happened sometimes when Daddy had a lot on his mind. This meant that sometimes Daddy thought so many thoughts that all of his Jill thoughts left his brain. Jill tried not to have hurt feelings when this happened. "I'm almost four years old, Daddy, remember?"

Daddy smiled. "Oh, I remember, Jill. I'm asking you because I have something very important to tell you, something that I couldn't tell to a little girl because she might not have understood. So I had to make sure."

Jill shifted slightly. Daddy's knee was sharp and it hurt her bottom. She really wanted to sit on Mommy's lap.

"Jill, do you know what being a big sister means?"

Mommy had been explaining that to her a lot lately. It meant that there was another little baby that was Mommy and Daddy's, and that Jill had to help the baby to play and be friends with it. Jill didn't much like the idea – she had seen pictures of herself as a baby and she had a very big head and couldn't even walk. How can a baby play if it couldn't walk? It sounded very boring. Jill had wanted him to say something about Christmas coming instead, because that would have been fun. But she didn't tell Daddy that. She nodded once again.

Daddy smiled very big, so big that his smile almost took up his entire face. "That's good Jill, because you are going to be one!" He said this very quick, as if he had been holding it in all day and was very excited to say it. Jill looked over at Mommy. She was smiling almost as big as Daddy was.

Jill really wanted to say that she didn't want a boring baby in the house. What if Mommy and Daddy spent more time with the baby than her? But she couldn't tell them that because they were very happy. So Jill smiled. "Okay, Daddy. What kind?"

Daddy looked confused for a moment, and then chuckled. "Oh! A boy. You'll have a baby brother."

Jill frowned. "A boy… just like Lock and Barrel?" They were yucky and smelled like dirt.

"No!" Daddy said quickly. He paused again. "No. Not like them. They're… well, not like them."

Mommy spoke up. "We're going to go to Dr. Finklestein's to see the baby. Would you like to come?"

Jill thought for a moment. "Will he give me a sucker like always?"

Mommy and Daddy laughed again. They were laughing a lot but nothing seemed very funny. "Of course, dear." Mommy said softly.

"Alright," Jill agreed. Maybe this day would be good after all.


"Jill, I want you to meet your brother – Johnny."

Jill crept forward towards Mommy, still sucking on her yellow lolly. In Mommy's arms was what looked like a bundle of blankets, except the blankets were moving. Mommy leaned down and Jill stood on her tiptoes to look.

The baby didn't look like Jill or Mommy. The baby looked a lot like Daddy, 'cept a lot smaller. It turned to look at Jill, and made a funny squeaking sound, drool coming out of its mouth. Jill scrunched up her nose. Boys were very yucky.

Dr. Finklestein, who was standing just behind Jill, spoke up. "He's a nice piece of work, isn't he, dear? All my doing, of course." He patted her very hard on the head and she tried her hardest not to rub it afterwards.

Daddy came over to look at the baby. He put his arms around Mommy, still smiling just like he was at the house. Jill very desperately wanted him to hold her and for the stupid baby to go away so that everything could be normal and so that Christmas would be just for her and Mommy and Daddy. She looked at Daddy, panicked. "Will Baby take my presents this year?" Her lip trembled.

All the adults in the room laughed, and Jill felt a tear run down her cheek.

"Of course not!" Daddy finally noticed she was upset, and came over and hugged Jill very tight. Jill relaxed just a little, but her tummy hurt, and something told her that things were going to be different, and it made her very sad.

Suddenly the baby started screaming, and Jill plastered her hands over her ears. Her lollipop got stuck in her hair, and she wanted to cry again. Daddy was trying to tell her something, but she wasn't listening.

That stupid baby was going to ruin everything – she could just tell.


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