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Sleeping Beauty: Feudal Style

Chapter 1 – Bedtime Story

After the fight with Kaou - The Flower Emperor, the group is making their way back to Kaede's Village to bring her the news of her sister's departure. They stop and camp in a small, open front travelers shelter. Kagome and Shippo are snuggled into her sleeping bag, Sango and Kirara are settling down next to them, Miroku is leaning up against one of the corner posts, and Inuyasha is sitting outside by the campfire.

Shippo is tossing about in Kagome's bag.

Shippo: I can't sleep! Kagome, will you tell me a story?

Kagome: I'm afraid I don't know any Feudal fairy tales. My mother always read us European fairy tales.

Shippo: European?

Kagome: Yes. They are a group of countries in the middle of the Asian continent.

Shippo looks very confused. Kagome sighs.

Kagome: Right above China.

Shippo: Oh! Well can you tell me one of them?

Inuyasha: You need to let Kagome sleep runt.

Shippo sticks his tongue out at Inuyasha. The two glare at each other. Kagome just laughs softly and shakes her head.

Kagome: I don't mind, really.

Inuyasha: Feh. Do what you want, but you better not give me trouble come morning girl.

Kagome rolls her eyes and turns back to talk to Shippo.

Kagome: What type of story would you like to hear?

Shippo thinks for a moment.

Shippo: Something happy!

Sango cuddles Kirara.

Sango: A love story.

Miroku: I think I speak for both Inuyasha and myself when I say fighting and adventure. Pretty girls wouldn't hurt either.

Sango gives her intended a death glare. Miroku sweat drops.

Inuyasha: Feh! I don't care either way. Fairy tales are for pups.

Kagome laughs.

Kagome: Ok, so excluding Mr. Sourpuss, you want something happy that includes action, adventure, and romance, right?

Shippo & Sango: Yes.

Miroku: And pretty girls!

Miroku is hit over the head with Sango's Hiraikotsu.

Kagome laughs, and then gets thoughtful.

Kagome: Oh! I know just the story! It's one of my favorites, but I think I'm going to have to change it a little bit. Is that ok Shippo?

Shippo: Yeah!

Inuyasha: Keh.

Kagome smiles.

Kagome: Ok. Once upon a time…


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a Kind King and his beautiful Queen. Their kingdom was small, but peaceful. However this peace had been hard won. Just 2 years ago there had been a bloody war between their small kingdom and a neighboring kingdom. Many fine men, on both sides, were lost. Finally a peace treaty was signed, and life began to return to normal. Many citizens began to move into each of the small kingdoms.


Shippo: Kagome?

Kagome: Yes?

Shippo: Why were the two kingdoms fighting?

Kagome: No one really knows what started the war, but many people think it was because the neighboring King took the old King's daughter as his wife.

Sango: Why would that start a war? You would think the old King would be happy that his daughter was getting married.

Kagome: Well you see…the King of the neighboring kingdom was a demon…

Inuyasha cocks an ear in her direction.

Kagome: …and so were all his people. The old King was not a very nice man, and did not like him because of that.

Inuyasha makes a scoffing sound. Kagome smiles.

Shippo: So why would he let his daughter marry the King if he didn't like him?

Kagome: He didn't let her. She ran away.

Inuyasha half smiles at this.

Miroku: So the war started because the old King tried to get his daughter back?

Kagome: No one knows exactly what happened that started the war, but when it ended a new King and Queen had been crowned. As for the old King no one has ever seen him again.

Shippo: Wow.

Kagome smiles.

Kagome: May I continue?

Shippo: Ok.


Now the good King and Queen never had any children, so they decided to take in all of the war orphans and care for them. However despite the many children in the castle, the good King and Queen were lonely. They prayed and prayed to be given a child, and finally their prayers were answered. They were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and they named her Yume, because they had dreamed of her for so long.


Sango: Yume? That's very pretty. What made you think of it?

Kagome blushes.

Kagome: Well uh…

Shippo: Come on Kagome! Tell us!

Kagome glances at Inuyasha, blushes brighter, and looks back at the ground.

Kagome: Well…I had always hoped to name my daughter that.

Inuyasha's ears turn fully in her direction.

Miroku: Ah! To be a parent!

Miroku sighs wishfully.

Shippo: First you would have to stop chasing other women!

Miroku sighs heavily.

Miroku: The sacrifices a man makes for his family.

Miroku is promptly hit over the head with Hiraikotsu.

Sango: Honestly!


The King and Queen were overjoyed, and ordered a huge party to be held in the Princess' honor. Everyone from both kingdoms was invited. Each guest brought wonderful gifts for the Princess, but none so grand as the one given by the King and Queen of the neighboring kingdom.


Shippo: What did she get? Huh? Huh?

Kagome puts her finger to her lip and continues.


For you see it was now that the Kings of both kingdoms made a very special announcement.

"On this most joyous day, we wish to announce the betrothal of my son Prince…"

(Kagome hesitates, thinking. Looks over at Inuyasha whose hair is reflecting the moonlight and smiles.)


(Inuyasha looks very confused at this.)

"And Princess Yume! And the future joining of our two kingdoms!"


Sango gives a dreamy sigh.

Sango: How cute, but I don't think I'd like being told who I had to marry.

Kagome: Me either.


Now everyone in the two kingdoms rejoiced at this. However there was one person who did not like this at all. She was the evil witch…


Shippo: What's a witch?

Kagome: A witch is kind of like a black miko.

Kagome thinks for a moment.

Kagome: You know, how about I just call her the Black Miko?

Shippo looks up at Kagome.

Shippo: Like that Tsubaki lady that hurt you?

Inuyasha makes a noise.

Kagome: Yes.

Shippo: Um…OK.


She was the evil Black Miko Tsubaki, and she hated parties and anything happy. So in a great rush of flames she descended into the middle of the party.


Shippo: But Kagome! Tsubaki couldn't do that!

Kagome laughs.

Kagome: She's not the same as the Tsubaki we fought.

Shippo: How so?

Kagome: Well… she can do even more dark magic, and it's really powerful too.

Sango: The powers she has are those of a witch in European culture right?

Kagome: Yes.

Shippo: Oh.

Kagome mouths a "thank you" to Sango over Shippo's head.


Everyone around her was afraid of her magic flame, so they stood back leaving a wide opening around the Black Miko.

"Your majesties," the Miko hissed sweetly with a small bow. "I do believe that you have forgotten an invitation."

"We are terribly sorry your grace, " said the good King's Queen. "We had heard that you do not like parties."

"It is true that I do not like parties, but I do not like being left out even more." Answered the Black Miko. "However it seems it was an honest mistake, so to show I bare no ill will, I too shall bestow a gift upon the child."

The Black Miko touched her white staff to the Princess' ankle, and as the tiny Princess began to cry, the staff turned into a snake that wrapped itself around her outstretched arm.

"Hear me all of you!" The Black Miko cried. "On the Princess' 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…"


Shippo: What's a spinning wheel? Is that like my top?!

Kagome smiles.

Kagome: No. A spinning wheel is used to spin cotton and wool into yarn or thread for knitting or sewing. It is usually made out of wood, and has one big wheel. The finished yarn is collected on the spindle, and before you ask the spindle is round with a sharp point at the top.

Shippo: Ok. I think I got it.


"…She will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and die!"

The Kings and Queens and all the people gasped in horror. The good King ordered his men to capture the Black Miko, but as they closed in around her she disappeared in a flash of flame and evil laughter.


Kagome yawns deeply.

Kagome: I think that's enough for tonight.

Shippo: Please don't stop! I want to hear the rest!

Kagome: You can barely stay awake though dear.

Inuyasha: Go to sleep runt!

Kagome rolls her eyes and smiles.

Kagome: The master has spoken kiddo.

Inuyasha shoots a glare at her.

Kagome: Time for bed. I'll tell you more tomorrow ok?

Kagome cuddles Shippo closer to her. Shippo tickles her with his tail.

Shippo: All right. Good night.

Shippo snuggles closer to Kagome and everyone falls asleep.


Name Origins:

Yume - Japanese - Dream

Yueh - Chinese - Moon

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