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"Come on, bat-boy, play a game with us! It's called batball!"


Beast Boy couldn't help it -- he sobbed. For years, he had kept that memory locked away, until those kids had ripped it back to the surface. Now, he was crying, in front of Raven, of all people. He couldn't bear to look at her -- he knew she must look disgusted at his weakness. But he couldn't stop talking, he had to let this out.

Flashback -- Detroit, Michigan

Todd and his pals grabbed the trembling 9-year-old and stuffed him into an empty potato sack. Garfield was small for his age, and to a group of 15-year-olds, he was tiny. Deep down, they were all afraid of him -- though none of them would ever admit it, of course -- and they had all heard the stories of what had happened to Adonis...

"Chris, your team is kicking first. PLAY BALL!" Laughed Todd.

The teenagers split into two groups, with Todd's team taking up field positions. The first boy up to kick was known only as 'Mammoth,' his huge size being the obvious reason. Todd raised the sack holding Garfield up to his mouth and whispered, "Time to die, freak!" Then, he pitched.

FWAP! Home Run...

The game went on and on, Garfield having lost consciousness with the first kick. The boys only stopped when they noticed the blood leaking through the bag. They ran off, leaving the 'freak' to die.

And that is exactly what would have happened, if a little girl with pink eyes hadn't asked her mommy why "that bag over there" smelled so bad...

End flashback

"I woke up in a hospital. When the medics finally got to me, I had lost so much blood that they had to call in a helicopter to bring me to the UM ICU. The ER Tech told me that I had been asleep for four days and did I know my name? I was confused and afraid; I turned into a mouse and hid under my pillow. She laughed and said, 'How about Beast Boy?' I had calmed down a little more by then and de-morphed back into my normal form. I told her that 'Beast Boy' sounded good to me, but my real name was Garfield."

Flashback -- University Hospital, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Alright, Garfield, can you tell me who your parents are, and how we can contact them?" asked the ER Tech, named Susan, I found out later.

"I... I don't have any..." I managed to get out before breaking down. I still didn't know why she hadn't screamed yet, or tried to stab me with a syringe. Everyone else who had seen me change had reacted that way... maybe she was still in shock?

She looked horrified. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, I didn't know -- hang on a minute." So saying, she hurried from the room, returning a minute later with two stuffed animals, a bear and some bird I didn't recognize. "Which one do you want, don't worry, we have plenty." She was so kind, I didn't understand.

I had never liked the color caramel, the color of the bear. "What kind of bird is that?" I asked, pointing to the jet-black plushy.

"It's called a raven. According to legend, the raven sometimes represented wisdom, other times cleverness. The tragic life of the first raven supposedly blessed its protector's offspring with good luck."

"I like the bird better, the bear's color makes me feel weird." I mutter the last bit.

Susan smiles, surprised. "Well young man, you are the first child I have ever had the pleasure of working with to want one. Here, keep it." She handed the toy to me, which I promptly hugged as hard as I could, trying to forget how my parents had... died.

Susan just sat there smiling, waiting for me to calm down. When I finally did, she softly asked, "So who are you staying with now, Garfield?"

"My foster family abandoned me." I tell her, my voice flat.

"What? Why would anyone do such a thing to such a sweet child?" asks Susan, after a moment of stunned silence.

"Because I'm a freak, of course. You don't have to keep pretending to like me, I'm used to it." I whisper.

Susan's face became angry. I knew it, here it comes...

"Don't EVER say that again! If anyone is a freak, it is your foster parents, not you!" I am stunned; this is not what is supposed to happen...

"So your skin is green, so what? In fact, I like that color, it reminds me of my mother's garden..." Susan's eyes glaze over in memory.

"But I change shape! I turn into spiders and rats! How can I not be a freak? Stop mocking me!" I'm screaming now, this is just too much for me.

Susan's eyes snap back into focus, her glare stopping my tirade in an instant. "If I hear that again, Gaia help me, I will wash your mouth out with disinfectant (the ICU lacked conventional soap) and I will make you recite, 'I am not a freak,' a thousand times." She sounded serious, and I was too frightened to disagree.

"Good, now that we have all of that cleared up, let's check your temperature, shall we?"

End flashback

"The hospital called Child Services when I was ready to leave the hospital, but nobody was willing to take a green kid. Susan was furious. She stormed over to the hospital attorney's office, and brought back a bunch of forms. She wanted to adopt me. I was so happy, I cried." Beast Boy felt an arm around his shoulder as he sniffled. To his shock, he saw Raven staring at him, a tear in her eye.

"Raven? Are you -- are you crying?" he asked. He had never seen her cry; he didn't think it was possible.

"Don't change the subject. Finish the story." She demanded.

"This is DEFINITELY a dream," I muttered, before continuing:

Flashback -- Susan's house

"Happy Birthday, Garfield!"

It was my 11th birthday, and Susan was celebrating by taking the day off and spending the whole day with me. She had just finished her last year of nursing school last week, and we were also celebrating her new status in the hospital, 'ER Nurse'.

She placed a cake in front of me, an icing-coated (green, of course) monster that said, '11th Year of the Beast' in black icing on top, with a fierce-looking candy-elephant below. I laughed in glee, hugging my 'Aunt Susan' for all I was worth.

"Close your eyes, Auntie!" I giggled; I had a surprise for her, too.

She smiled and covered her face.

I pulled out the cupcake I had made for her (I had wanted to make a cake, but I didn't use enough dough. Hey, I was only 11, give me a break!). I had crammed the words, 'For My Favorite Super-Nurse' in blue icing, and taped a picture I had drawn of her in a superman costume, except it said N instead of S on the front.

"Aww, thanks sweetie!" She cried.

"HEY! You weren't supposed to look yet!" I squealed in mock indignation.

"Oops, sorry dear." She giggled.

Before I could reply, there was a CRASH from the front hall. Something had broken one of the windows.

"Surrender and nobody dies!" someone shouted.

"Garfield, quickly, hide!" Susan hissed. She looked frightened.

I held onto her instead. "What's going on?" I whimpered.

"I don't know, just hide!"

I obeyed.

From my place under the table, I saw three people charge into the room. Two of them looked like Stormtroopers from Star Wars, except that their armor was dark brown. The third intruder wore a caramel-colored Armani suit and wore a sneer on his pig-like face.

"Where is the green one?" Caramel-Man demanded of Susan.

"Get out of my house, the police will be here in 3 minutes." I didn't know if she was bluffing or not, I only knew that this was bad.

"This is your last chance, bitch. Hand over Beast Boy or I'll kill you and take my prize my own way!" Caramel-Man had pulled a HUGE pistol out of his coat and was leveling it at Susan.

"You will never get him!" Susan hissed.

The man shrugged, "I warned you."

He fired.

I watched as Susan's body was torn open by the shot -- it had been some kind of shotgun, I learned later. I cried out, remembering too late to stay quiet.

"Found you-oof!" he yelped when the stuffed raven Susan gave me when we met connected with his head.

"Grab the brat! If he resists, club him!" Caramel-Man was roaring.

The stormtroopers seized my arms and twisted, hard.

But all I saw was Susan, dying on the floor... dying trying to protect me... I couldn't let her sacrifice be for nothing.

I changed.

Caramel-Man laughed, "Fool, I know your tricks, your snake bite can't pierce my soldier's steel armor!"

I hate ignorant people. Who said I had turned into a snake?


THUD! The stormtroopers were reduced to dust, their armor still sparking.

"What the hell?" the idiot still didn't understand.

I turned into a black widow. Maybe he would know what I was this time...

End flashback