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No Such Thing as Canned Pheromones!

Chapter 12:


The night was here and the twinkling little stars shimmered so subtly in the dark sky. The moon was full and the soft waves from the bay washed up so gently upon the shore of the island where the Tower lay. And quiet night without a doubt, and it goes without saying that it was most cliché and could appear straight out of a fictional romance story. Inside the tower though, no one was paying much attention to the giant rock orbiting the Earth or how it 'magically' made the tide rise. The teen vigilantes inside were dealing with matters that actually mattered. For example, Cyborg's effeminate shriek for mercy…

"Dang it Cyborg, you've got a supercomputer implanted in your skull, you should know better than to tick Raven off." Beast Boy said to himself as he casually jogged back up to the medical room where Raven was unleashing some unspeakable wrath upon her teammate. He wasn't in a big hurry to get there at any rate, after all Raven was pissed so it's not like he would be receive a welcome committee, probably just get caught up in the drama and get injured in some way.

Reaching the very hallway where the medical bay lies, a streak of anxiety rushed through Beast Boy's head. His best friend's girly cries where suddenly gone. Silence engulfed the entire building. He quietly tip-toed into the room where Raven should be resting to find…Raven resting quietly on her bed, Cyborg nowhere to be found.

"Raven? Uh, I know you're not in the best mood at the moment, but uh… where's uh…Cyborg?"

Raven, somewhat startled by Beast Boy's presence, which was startling within itself as she is usually aware of everything all the time, looked up to find Beast Boy's concerned face.

"He's hiding in his room…you'd be surprised how easily he gives up when threatened." Raven replied; avoid eye contact due to embarrassment.

"I think you can just be pretty threatening sometimes, so don't worry he's not a big scaredy cat. Almost everyone is afraid of you when you're mad." Somehow these words were supposed to comfort her, yet Raven's head just sunk a little lower and her eyes closed to hide tears.

"Gee thanks Beast Boy, I almost feel better than scum now…" Raven replied in her usual sarcastic, apathetic tone.

Upon realizing the meanings of his words, Beast Boy quickly apologized and tried to tell her what he was trying to really say.

"No Raven, I mean… don't worry about it, I'm sure he deserved it."

"sniff Yea… I guess you're right, he was pretty insensitive." Raven replied while motioning for Beast Boy to come over and sit down next to her on her bed.

Beast Boy obliged, knowing very well not to cross Raven when she wasn't in the best of moods.

"So Raven, why did you scare Cyborg into hiding into his room?"

Memories quickly become flooding back to Raven.

"You like him don't you?" Cyborg asked playfully knowing all too well what her answer would be.

"Yes…no, well… I'm not quite sure. It turns out that we can get along much better than I could have ever thought before. I can't express feelings though… I might kill him, and that wouldn't be good for anybody. It's just that…uh Cyborg?"

Soon the whole room became engulfed in darkness, the snickering coming from Cyborg's mouth quickly changed to cries for help. Black tendrils of demonic energy became to swarm out of… presumably nowhere, as they began to wrap around Cyborg and gag him into silence.

"Making fun of my emotions is a dangerous thing to do; I would recommend that you leave. Now."

"Well Beast Boy, I guess he was making fun of me, and I guess I sorta flipped out."

"Dude…Cyborg ticked you off? What did he say?"

Raven's heart skipped a beat or two as her voice tried to come up with something to say, because telling the truth was out of the question.

"He uh, made fun of how I looked in this ridiculous hospital gown…he said I looked ugly." Raven said in a rather convincing tone, considering she made it up off the top of her head.

"Now Raven… if Cyborg would say anything like that, it would be to a bad guy…or he would be joking around. You know that. Besides, you look nice in that gown, pale blue is a good color on you…anything that isn't dark really, because it really brings out your face more. Now if these were the particular gowns with polka dots, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say…"

Raven immediately blushed and looked away as Beast Boy continued rambling on, seemingly having no idea what he was talking about.

"He said I looked nice…" Raven thought a small innocent smile growing on her face.

"Aww! I knew it! He totally likes your Raven! See? Now you can go ahead and tell him you like him back, and it'll be just like one of those fairy tale endings! Whoopee!" Love said, somewhat ruining Raven's moment of revelation.

"Fairy tale ending? I think not… in case you've forgotten, every time I feel a surge of emotion; I end up destroying something, why do I even have to remind you? Do you remember the last time I felt…love? I black out! I could've died." Raven replied back a little distraught about the situation.

"Yes, that's true, but you didn't. You've got a safety system in your head here Raven, you'll pass out before you do any more harm…"

"Any more eh? I'll probably have killed half a city block of people before then…"

"… Well as I was saying, you'll prevent yourself from doing worse. And besides…you enjoyed the feeling of love don't you? True love? It was wonderful wasn't it? Like you were weightless, and so heavy you couldn't move all at the same time. You felt warm and safe. You want to feel that more… I can tell, and if you let me have full control over your emotional control and by extension the accidental discharge of energy… you can feel love all you want forever and ever." Love stated with a little told-ya-so kind of voice that would usually irritate Raven. This time around though, Love's words were moving.

Could she feel love? What would happen if she released the mental restraints on the emotion and let it run rampant through her mind? Would she lose her personality? Everything that is and was Raven could be as stake. No. It won't happen. If Love does what she says then any emotion that she feels from Love will remain her own, yet the dangerous side effect of feeling said emotion will not be present. As far as Raven could tell, this was a win-win situation.

"Alright fine, I'm trusting you…this is a very delicate head you're going to be messing with." Raven thought as she closed her eyes and relaxed the emotional restraints on Love.

"Wow, letting me free already? You've never been one to act so hastily. You must be eager to spend some 'quality' time with Beast Boy hehehe."

"If you must put it that way, yes. Yes I do. I want to spend time with Beast Boy. Out of everyone I know he cares for me the most, he protects me the most, he tries to make me happy the most and dammit I wanna be in love with him!"

It was done.

Raven unscrewed a brace that held one of the most powerful emotions ever. Love was free, and Raven could now reap the joys of that emotion without consequence. She wiped a stray tear from her eye, as the little tantrum from but a moment ago made her a little on-edge. Raven looked up to find Beast Boy now pacing about the cold tile floor of the medical bay.

"…And for those six and a half reasons, that's why polyester is my favorite fabric."

"Beast Boy… what the hell are you talking about…don't bother answering that question for it was rhetorical… and for the fact I don't want to know, and you don't have much of a clue either." Raven said, starting to smile at Beast Boy's goofy, dumbfounded expression.

It was happening again. Her heart started beating faster. She started breathing in harder… she was beginning to heat up. Raven stood up and embraced Beast Boy long and hard, as she embraced this miraculous feeling that overwhelmed her.

"R-Raven? What's going on?" Beast Boy trembled softly.

"Shhh, I've never felt anything like this before… it feels… it feels wonderful." Raven softly replied as she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder, which considering Beast Boy's height (or lack thereof…) must have been reasonably uncomfortable. It didn't faze her though; the rush of emotion kept her from experiences the negative feeling of a soon to be stiff neck.

"Raven, since when can you feel… uh…anything? Don't you make things go kablooie?"

"I've changed recently, and it's the best thing ever to happen to me."

"What are saying? What can you feel Raven?"

"Beast Boy you silly brats…love. I can feel love and it feels wonderful. Like everything's going to come crashing down inside of me, yet feeling as though everything will turn out perfectly. It's incredible Beast Boy. I love you. I think I really love you."

Beast Boy's perplexed expression grew even more disfigured. He couldn't come up with anything to say. Beast Boy wasn't 100 sure about this, but had to go with his gut on this one. Fess up. She didn't really love him did she? It was just that stupid Taxe… yet it does enhance feelings towards the user doesn't it? Though if that's the case, Raven's feelings would only be exaggerated wouldn't they?


Beast Boy's reply was cut short, as Raven broke his words with her lips. As much as his brain's logic told him it shouldn't feel right, it did. The kiss was wonderful, moist and warm, not too forceful, yet passionate, like Raven was putting all of her life's worth of love into that kiss, as if to make up for lost time. Beast Boy broke it off after a moment or two, but the impression was burned into his mind as long and memorable.

"Raven… I… wow…" Beast Boy muttered as a blush crept on his face. "I had no idea. Listen, I don't think that you really love me…you see, I know you've felt different these past couple days and I think I know why. I found this one can of deodorant crud and well, kinda took it and…"

"You shoplifted? Beast Boy, you know you shouldn't do that, we're role mod-"

"I know, I know… sorry, but I put this stuff on and well, you started acting all funny. So I guess really, you'll find out later that you won't really be in love with me Raven…I'm sorry."

Raven was confused to say the least. Was all this emotion fake? Was it all just derived by her hormonal instincts? No, couldn't be. No way, no how.

"Beast Boy…" Raven began grabbing his hand as he turned to leave. "You showed me, and you proved to me that I can love you without any… well, whatever you have… You showed me that you truly do care about me, and you only want what's best for me. Out of everyone I know, out of everyone I knew, and out of everyone I will ever meet, no one tries to make me happy as much as you do. I realize now that you're best for me Beast Boy. Everyone needs someone to help complete their life, and I think, even as young as I am that I can tell that you complete me."

Raven let go of his hand, as he turned around to face her. A goofy smile grew on his face as it normally would.

"You complete me? That has got to be…no that is the most overused phrase I've heard! Good grief, are you sure those big ole 'spell books' you got stashed up in your room aren't romance novels?"

Raven didn't deny nor affirm his acclimation, but merely shifted her eyes, avoiding direct contact with Beast Boy's.

"Don't worry about it Raven," he cooed, gently holding her hand, "I've got a feeling that things will work out fine in the end, c'mon; you can go make us some tea!" He said with some enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Raven just rolled her eyes, but obliged as they went downstairs to spend some quality time with each other's company.

Everything seemed by going smoothly throughout the tower. The days have passed and everyone seemed to be getting along just fine. The incidents taking place at the restaurant were happily etched in both lover's memories and the not so happy ones (like how the police came and gave them 10 hours of jail time for indecent exposure [how it got to that point I'm not quite certain) were long gone, as the blissfulness of rained love and peace between them. Starfire never had thought her birthday would bring her such happiness, and she was ever so grateful that she received it as such. Robin soon threw out that junk, Taxe, it causing a little too much trouble that challenged even this high-class team of teen crime fighters could handle.

Raven and Beast Boy seemed to get along the 'best' if you know what I mean. A new relationship was on the rise and both of them seemed to step up and change for the better. As a matter of fact, Beast Boy matured significantly…you couldn't tell though, he still tells lame jokes, which would only cause Raven to roll her eyes, say "Stop it, you look too cute" and gracefully twirl his hair as she planted a kiss on his cheek. I suppose it would be more accurate to just say that Beast Boy was getting smarter.

Raven has grown tremendously through their relationship as well. Every day is a new experience for her. She can wake up smiling brightly. As the feeling of love has never been more exhilarating than to one who has never felt in all 15 or so years of her life. She often finds trouble keeping her other emotions in line though. Raven is still trying to be able to feel love, without having jealousy, sadness, or any other fear causing an accidental outburst of her powers to accidentally hurt someone. She doesn't mind constantly meditating though. She's done it all her life, and she has seen the rewards that it can bring after many years of patience.

Yes, life has been going rather smoothly for the titans. Some petty crooks popping up here or there, more of Dr. Light's escapades to do…whatever the hell he does…business as usual for our favorite, beloved titans.

They would no longer spend all their time as a team and break off separately any more… no. They would spend all their time together, then break off into couples, where EVERYONE had someone to be private with, spend their time and to express their love with…everyone.

Cyborg, yes our friendly neighborhood Cyborg. He had found someone…or rather, something to spend his time with. Technology. He had always bonded with computers and electronics…it's in his circuits… so he would love to just spend hours on end tinkering around… fixing stuff…or just laying back and enjoying High-Definition TV (he'd upgraded the television to a point where it's in better resolution than the real world itself).

Everyone could call this a fairytale ending I suppose. All three couples expressing pure love toward each other, saying sweet words to their partner:

"I love you…plain and simple sweetie, I do embrace"

"Without you…I couldn't feel this way, thank you kiss"

"Meh… I've seen this before, let's see what else in on click"

…Well…two out of three ain't bad.

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