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Till Death Do Us Part?

Ch 1 Fangs

A clearly agitated young man paced the confines of a sparsely furnished living room, his hands periodically coming up to rake through bubble gum pink hair. Shuichi Shindou had matured physically over the last few years, losing some of his childlike appearance having become toned from the rigors of performing. At 21 years old he was still short, with an overabundance of energy and an innocence that he had not lost, despite the harsh lessons learned.

Tonight that energy was being channeled into worrying. Something was wrong, Shuichi was sure of it. Yuki had been acting strange for the past couple days, disappearing at night and not returning until the next day, looking pale. When Shuichi had asked where the novelist kept disappearing to, the older man simply grunted and told him to shut up.

This had been the third night that Yuki left as the sunset. They had argued and the novelist had left saying he needed to take a walk. The blonde writer seemed really annoyed when he left and Shuichi was sure that it was his fault. What if Yuki's gotten sick of me and is just waiting for the right moment to kick me out, again. Nah, that can't be it. What if he's been Yuki-napped and they're doing awful things to him!

Shuichi couldn't stand the thought of his beloved in the cruel hands of an unknown assailant. That's it Yuki's been gone too long! Something has definitely happened and I have to rescue him. Mind made up, the pink haired vocalist marched for the door.

The energetic youth reached for the door just as Yuki stumbled through it, after fighting with the damn lock. Everything was hazy, a blur, and it was all the novelist could do just to make it to the couch before he collapsed onto it, curling up into a tight ball as more pain seized him.

Such incredible agony that left Yuki moaning and unaware of his lover's presence as he writhed in agony and fought to remember what in the hell it was that he had been doing. Why did he hurt so much?

Shuichi found himself flattened against the wall, knocked silly from the impact. When the young man finally recovered his wits, he ran to where his lover lay on the couch.

"Yuki! Where have you been! I've been worried sick. I thought something terrible had happened to you!" Shuichi continued to rant for a good minute, before realizing that something was wrong with his lover. "Y-yuki? What's wrong? Answer me! Yuuukiiiii!" he cried, desperately shaking the blonde novelist.

"Nnnnngh..." came the moaned response as Yuki jerked away from Shuichi's touch. He heard the voice, but it was garbled, distant sounding, barely penetrating the fog that clouded his mind and he did not recognize it at first.

No, Yuki thought, it was whomever it was who had jumped him earlier coming back finish him off, and simply reacted, kicking and lashing out with fists to push them away.

One second Shuichi was leaning over his lover, the next the young performer was flat on his back with blood running from his nose where Yuki's fist had hit him.

"Oouuch! Yuki, you're so mean!" Climbing painfully to his feet, Shuichi tried to stop the flow of blood. "I was just worried! You didn't have to hit me."

Shuichi approached his lover with more caution this time, there was definitely something wrong with the novelist. Carefully, the young man reached out and started gently brushing hair from his lovers face. "Yuki, what's wrong? You're scaring me. Yuki?"

Yuki blinked, trying to clear his vision, but it didn't help. All he could see was a blur of pink, red and purple. All the older man could feel was pain, excruciating pain that made the novelist whimper and whine and moan as he struggled to gather his wits about him.

Yuki needed to get away from here, he needed... blood shot golden eyes suddenly came into sharp focus as they zeroed in on the pulsing vein in Shuichi's neck. The blonde ceased struggling as it mesmerized him became all he could sense. Unconsciously Yuki licked his lips and sat up, leaning in closer to the younger man to nuzzle his nose against Shuichi's throat.

"Ah, Yuki? Are you feeling better?" Shuichi shuddered with pleasure as his lover's warm breath blew across his skin. Bringing his arms up, he draped them over the novelist shoulders, snuggling closer. "I'm glad you're all right. I was so worried."

Inhaling the strange new scent that called out to the very center of being, Yuki wasn't listening to Shuichi. Everything narrowed down to the purplish blue vein pulsating beneath his tongue as he licked at soft skin.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Yuki suddenly knew that all he had to do was bite down and the pain in his gut would vanish. So, grabbing Shuichi's arms, Yuki shoved him backward onto the couch and pinned the young man beneath him as he did what his instincts demanded he do.

Purple eyes widened as Shuichi found himself pinned to the couch. More than willing to accommodate his lover the singer wrapped his legs around the novelist, with a soft moan of encouragement.

One hand burying itself into pink hair, Yuki yanked Shuichi's head back as he laid flat out over top of him, trapping the smaller man beneath him, effectively stopping any struggling Shuichi might try.

Then, nuzzling his way up from the collarbone to midway towards the youth's ear, Yuki growled and sank newly grown fangs awkwardly into Shuichi's flesh, tasting him like the novelist never had before.

"Mmmm, AhOwie! Yuki that hurts!" Shuichi moan of pleasure turned to a shriek as sharp pain lanced through his neck. The singer's entire body bucked trying to dislodge the novelist. Finding himself trapped Shuichi began to whimper tears running down his cheeks.

With Shuichi's shrill cry reverberating through his head, Yuki moaned pitifully and shrank back away from the pink-haired boy, clasping his hands over his ears. The man knew he should know that voice... but Yuki just couldn't think through the pounding in his head and the... hunger?... burning in his gut. "Make it stop..." the writer groaned, doubling over, unaware of the blood dripping from his lips.

Partially freed Shuichi brought a hand up to the twin punctures in his neck, tears continuing to streak his cheeks. Yuki was often rough, but had never drawn blood before. Shuichi was very scared now, this wasn't his Yuki. "Let me go, Yuki. You...You're scaring me."

"...hurts... "Yuki mumbled, unable to move, half lying over Shuichi still. The man closed his eyes to block out the terrified look on his lover's face. He was slowly remembering the evening's events in disjointed flashes that came and went leaving the writer confused. "...Shu... ichi?"

"Yuki, what's happening? Y..You bit me." Shuichi whined and sniffled. He didn't know what to think of this Yuki. The young man knew how to deal with angry Yuki and the more unpredictable loving Yuki. What was wrong with his novelist?

"..hurtssssss..." Yuki hissed around a spasm of pain as he clutched himself about the middle tightly. "I was... walking, then... dunno..."

Yuki's hurt! I have to help Yuki. Panic threatened to overwhelm the young singer; he wasn't good in crisis situations. K or Yuki or even Hiro always took care of him when things went wrong. But Yuki was hurt and the others weren't here, it was up Shuichi to take care of his lover.

Confidence restored, the energetic young man sat up and tried to calm the upset novelist. "It's okay, Yuki. Lie down and tell me what hurts. You can tell me what happened when you're feeling better."

"I don't... remember... just pain..." Yuki frowned; frustrated that he couldn't recall anything before stumbling back into this room clearly. He did know that the boy sitting before him was his lover, but other than that, nothing maid any sense to him.

"It hurts..." Yuki paused, not even knowing how to explain the pain. Like he would die if didn't eat, but eat what? Golden eyes flickered back to the puncture wounds on Shuichi's neck. The novelist's hand went to his own neck in response and... "Is there..." he asked, unable to finish the sentence and not entirely certain he even wanted to know.

Yuki wasn't making any sense, but the gesture to the taller man's neck was pretty clear. Coming to his knees, Shuichi leaned into the blonde gently removing his hand and revealing a pair of puncture marks. Swallowing hard, Shuichi looked into amber eyes.

"Something bit you. Stay here, I'll get something to clean and bandage the wound," the singer said and began to crawl from the bed.

"NO!" Yuki cried out, eyes wide as he grasped Shuichi's arm causing the youth to freeze and look remarkably like a deer caught in the lights of a truck. . The writer's gaze then darted towards the door. "Is it locked?"

Yuki couldn't remember if he had locked it behind him. The novelist didn't know what caused the sudden panic, but he sure as hell didn't want whatever he'd encountered out there in here.

"We've got to leave... no we can't... it's... they... whatever... fuck!" Yuki once more curled into a tight ball as pain seized his gut.

Shuichi tried to make sense of his lover's words, but it was all so confused. The only things clear were that Yuki was scared and in pain. Shaking off the paralysis, he moved close to the novelist once more, determined to find out what happened.

"Yuki, please try to calm down. I don't understand what's happening and I don't know what do. Please Yuki I need you! What happened? What should I do?"

Closing his eyes tightly and covering his ears, Yuki tried to block out the nearly overwhelming loud beat of Shuichi's heart, the flow of the blood in the young man's veins. The novelist couldn't though. He could smell it, Shuichi's blood, could smell the fear in him. Fear of him, of Yuki.

Stumbling off the couch with a speed that surprised him, Yuki backed up into a corner and slid down the wall to huddle into a miserable lump. He had realized with sudden intuitive horror what it was he needed to do. Only Yuki couldn't do that to Shuichi. The man didn't know how to do it and he would surely kill his lover if tried.

Shuichi had stepped back as Yuki sprang from the couch, surprise making the younger man clumsy and he tripped. Arms flailing the young vocalist tried to catch himself, succeeding only in straining the wounds on his neck.

Fresh blood tickled as it ran down Shuichi's throat. Shock and pain combined to destroy the young man's hard won calm. Bawling he threw himself at Yuki, wanting the older man to hold him and tell him everything was all right. Clinging desperately to his lover, Shuichi was oblivious to everything else.

"Shuichi..." Yuki groaned voice rough and cracking with emotion. His entire body shook from the strain of holding whatever was in him in check. Slowly the writer was losing ground, the urge to bite Shuichi growing stronger with the boy's closeness.

Yuki grasped Shuichi by the arms with the intention of shoving him away, but instead his grip tightened, bruising delicate arms as his vision clouded over and the hunger gained the upper hand. One hand grasped the back of Shuichi's head as he surged upward, fangs sinking into the bleeding puncture wounds. All Yuki knew or cared about was that when he tasted his lover's blood the pain eased.

Fresh pain assaulted Shuichi's senses, only then did he realize his mistake. The young man tried to pull away from his lover, but found the older man's grip was like iron.

The pink haired singer whimpered in fear and struggled until the pain from his neck eased into pleasure. Hands that had been pushing at Yuki suddenly gripped the other man's clothes, as the youth moaned. Shuichi pressed his body to Yuki's, melting into the embrace.

As if from a distance, Yuki sensed the shift in Shuichi's emotions. Already heady from the inflow of blood, Yuki's grip loosened from merely a means to keep Shuichi from escaping into that of a true lover's embrace. Finger's threaded into pink hair lovingly instead of pulling on it. Yuki ran his other hand down Shuichi's back, cupping a buttock as he ground their hips together, the hunger and pain forgotten in the flow of passion.

Pleasure shuddered through the singer's body. This was his Yuki, holding and touching him in just the right way to make the young man moan. Pain and fear were lost under a wave of lust, "Aaah, Yuukii. Kiss me, please."

Sated enough for the time being, Yuki drew back and lapped up the blood that dripped down Shuichi's shoulder before the romance novelist kissed him, hard, insistent, with a clashing of teeth that left a small gash in Shuichi's lip. Pulling back, Shuichi's purple eyes became huge as he stared at his lover's mouth.

"Y-Y-Yuki, Y-You have f-fangs!"

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