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Till Death Do Us Part?

Ch 10 Plans

Falling back against the bed, Shuichi smiled in deep satisfaction lost in the euphoric after effects of his intense orgasm. He felt so close to Yuki it was almost like, if he tried, he would be able to hear what his lover was thinking and feeling.

"I can hear you," Yuki murmured through the warm haze of afterglow. Somehow he had managed to not collapse on Shuichi, but instead found himself sprawled out next to him, an arm and leg still draped possessively over the younger man.

"Shhh, I'm trying to hear you," Shuichi shushed the other, brows knit in concentration.

Tohma cleared his throat pointedly.

"Shhh, he's trying to hear me," Yuki growled at Tohma, irritated that the older man had dared interrupt them. He grabbed for the comforter to pull over them, but his fingers only encountered air. That is when he remembered it lay in a heap on the study floor. Yuki sighed in annoyance and buried his face against Shuichi's neck. "You always have to spoil everything."

Shuichi giggled at Yuki's first comment and had to give up on trying to hear Yuki's thoughts. The feeling of closeness was rapidly slipping away. The singer thought he might have felt the shift in his lover's mood but he probably only imagined it. "Yuki, what are we going to do about Tohma?" Shuichi asked with a sigh, speaking as though the blonde president wasn't in the room.

"He can stay there and die of blue balls for all I care," Yuki huffed, not really wanting to deal with him at the moment. He just wanted to lie there, pressed against his lover, listening to the steady beating of his heart. "Maybe the other vampire will come back and will accept Tohma as an offering in my stead."

For once Shuichi decided to shut up and just enjoy being with Yuki. Turning onto his side facing his lover's Shuichi wriggled himself as close as he could get. His head tucked under Yuki's chin, cheek pressed to the novelist's chest. The singer took full advantage of Yuki's loving mood.

Ignoring the needy, painful look Tohma shot their way; Yuki closed his eyes and contented himself with running his fingers through Shuichi's soft hair. //Shuichi?// he ventured mentally, trying to recapture that fleeting moment where he knew his lover had almost connected with him on a telepathic level.

Purple eyes fluttered shut as strong fingers stroked Shuichi's pink hair. "Hmm?" he murmured against Yuki's skin.

//You can hear me.// Yuki's mental voice was full of surprise and wonder. He usually had to practically shout to get Shuichi to listen to him, and even then there were no guarantees that his lover actually listened to him. Shuichi normally did all the talking. At about a hundred miles an hour which made his head spin.

Yuki decided to test his lover, to see if were truly paying attention to him.

//Tohma's staring at your ass.//

Shuichi had been about to say, 'of course I can hear you.' when Yuki continued to point out that Seguchi was looking at the singer. Sitting bolt upright Shuichi shot a very unfriendly glare at the bound man. "Seguchi-san, stop looking at me. It's just… wrong," Shuichi said with a shudder.

"I wasn't looking at you," Tohma hissed, struggling with the belt that bound his hands. No, he had been trying to see through the singer, to see his Yuki, in all his naked and sated glory. Tohma's heart and body both ached with betrayal. Oh yes, he had gotten the message loud and clear. Crystal clear. Tohma would never ever possess the writer in the way that Shindou Shuichi did.

"Untie me now," Tohma demanded, mustering every inch of inch of dignity he had left to him in order to not show Shuichi how badly he wanted to curl up somewhere and cry. Die even, of heartbreak.

"Not until you promise me that you will do nothing to destroy Shuichi's career," Yuki drawled lazily, sitting up to wrap his arms possessively about the younger man. He rested his chin on one sweaty shoulder and gave Tohma a look that promised eternal torment if the president of NG Records hurt Shuichi ever again. "If you even think one hurtful word about him, I will tell my sister about your indiscretions involving Sakuma-san and Sakano-san."

That brought a strangled sound of disbelief from Shuichi. He used to admire this man, wanted to be like him but now he knew the true Tohma Seguchi and there was nothing about the man worthy of admiration. Not anymore. Shuichi didn't want to think about what the blonde president did to or with his idol Ryuichi. It was just to disturbing to even consider.

Leaning back into Yuki, Shuichi managed to choke out, "Just make him go away Yuki. I can't stand him being here anymore."

Tohma could only stare incredulously at the pair on the bed. Somehow Yuki knew his darkest secrets. Blue eyes lowered to the floor in shame, tears beginning to flow freely. "All I ever wanted for you was to be happy..."

"Happy..." Yuki said softly, stroking Shuichi's hair to calm him. "I am happy in my own way. I'm sorry you can't deal with that. Look here," sliding his hand down Shuichi's arm he lifted it drawing Tohma's attention to the tiny gold ring resting on the young man's finger, "I'm sure you know what this means. Now... are you going to make me that promise?"

"Yes..." Tohma replied softly, wanting to be anywhere but right there, right then. It hurt so much seeing them together like they were. "I promise to never do anything to destroy Shindou-san's career or to ever say anything that would hurt him.. or you."

"Good," Yuki nodded, kissing Shuichi on the top of his head before he pulled away from his lover so he could untie Tohma. "You will go back home and tell no one about what happened here."

Shuichi stared, stunned, as the unflappable Tohma Seguchi began to cry. It was all just too much for the young vocalist. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, when he finally felt like he was back on solid ground, it all fell apart again.

Every ideal he held sacred had been crushed over the last couple days. The man he loved was no longer human. The man he had admired was human after all. The man he idolized, who inspired him, would forever be tainted in Shuichi's mind by the knowledge that Seguchi had been with him.

Shuichi could feel his grip on reality unraveling. How had everything gone so wrong? As Yuki left his side the singer curled into a tight ball and tried to shut out the world. He just wanted it all to go away.

Sensing his lover on the verge of a breakdown, Yuki quickly undid the belt binding Tohma to the chair. "Get out," he hissed at the older man, turning his back, finished with him, and crawled onto the bed. Sadly he gathered Shuichi into his arms, doing his best to wrap him in love and caring, but the writer knew he fell painfully short when it came to knowing how to comfort the singer.

"I'm sorry Shuichi," Yuki whispered, not know what else to say. All he could do was hold his lover and offer him his love and support.

Shuichi lay almost lifeless in Yuki's embrace, he wasn't crying, was barely breathing. His mind was one big mess of loss and confusion. One clear thought rose to surface, he wanted to get away from it all.

"Yuki, let's find that vampire. If we apologize or something we can get him to teach you how to make me a vampire. Then we can disappear together. No more Seguchi, Aizawa, Kitazawa. Just Yuki and Shuichi. We can finally be happy together," Shuichi pleaded.

At the mention of Kitazawa's name, Yuki shuddered and closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to deal with those painful memories again. Not right then, not on top of everything they were forced to deal with because of his being turned into a vampire.

"What about Hiro? Or your parents and your sister? Can you leave them behind?"

With a groan of frustrated confusion Shuichi clung tight to Yuki. He loved his family and Hiro had always been there for him. But each of them at one point or another had spoken against his being with Yuki. Shuichi was so tired of defending their relationship.

"I'll miss them… but I don't think they'll understand. I just can't listen to another lecture on how you might not be the best person for me."

Hearing the door slam behind them, Yuki glanced up briefly, gave a deep sigh of relief that Tohma had actually obeyed him and left, then hugged Shuichi tightly. He ran a finger down Shuichi's arm until he reached his hand, then brushed his fingers over the ring he had given Shuichi earlier. "I understand how you feel. I'm tired of being told I'm not good enough for you, but... if... we married... they would have to just suck it up and deal with it."

Inside, Yuki was a complete wreck himself and couldn't believe he had actually said that.

The ring blurred in Shuichi's vision as hot tears rolled down his cheeks. "Can we marry now? It's a holy ceremony conducted by a priest, usually in a church." The singer raised his tear streaked face to look at Yuki, hoping the other would have an answer for this latest problem.

"A church isn't the only place where you can get married," Yuki replied, ruffling Shuichi's hair. He felt marginally better being back in the realm of dealing with his lover's amusing naivety. "We just need to file a notification of marriage at a municipal office. Why don't you go and shower while I look up the nearest office?" he asked waiting for the boy's usual enthusiasm to make a reappearance and frowning as he remained subdued. "What's wrong now?"

"That doesn't sound very romantic," Shuichi pouted fiddling with the ring. No it sounded downright dull for such a momentous occasion, falling terribly short of the daydreams the singer had cherished.

"The legal portion isn't supposed to be romantic. We'll have our own private ceremony after the paperwork. In fact you can plan it," Yuki explained knowing the last would satisfy Shuichi.

"Yay! I love you Yuki!" Shuichi chirped planting a kiss on the novelist's cheek before bouncing from the bed. "I'll go shower now." He wandered into the bathroom, humming happily to himself. He was going to marry Yuki and got to plan their wedding. How could life get any better?

After waiting a few minutes to make certain Shuichi had gotten into the shower, Yuki flopped backward on the bed with a sigh and rubbed his forehead. Tohma... what a fucking mess things turned out to be with him. He had suspected that there were things going on between the blond president and Shuichi's idol... but Yuki had not expected it to be confirmed the way it had. Not by picking up a stray thought from Tohma while he and Shuichi had been fucking each other in front of the older man.

He wished he could get the image out of his head, one where Tohma had replaced Shuichi in his mind, as he watched the lovers taunt him with himself, so that in his mind, Tohma was the one being fucked by Yuki. It made him feel sick. Never had he ever had any romantic feelings toward Tohma, only looked up to the man as a father figure.

"Fuck," Yuki muttered angrily, scrubbing his hand over his face as he sat up, desperately trying to catch a glimmer of Shuichi's thoughts to clear his mind. It took him a while, but he was eventually able to pick up on Shuichi's absolute bliss. Yuki grinned wryly and relaxed, relieved to be free of Tohma's thoughts.

What an incurable hopeless romantic Shuichi was.

Yuki shook his head and stood, walking to his study, surprised to realize that he hadn't had the urge to have a cigarette after sex like he usually did. That would please Shuichi greatly.

"Shuichi!" Yuki called out loudly as he booted up the laptop. "You had better not use up all the hot water!!"

In the middle of washing his body Shuichi paused and grinned at Yuki's words. He did turn down the hot water and sped up his actions so there would be plenty of hot water left for his lover. The singer was on cloud nine with happiness and determined to stay there for awhile. He stubbornly ignored all thoughts of Tohma and anyone connected to him, instead focusing his thought on planning his and Yuki's private wedding. Once he was clean the shower got turned off and Shuichi wrapped a towel around himself before exiting the bathroom. "How's the search going?"

"Nearly done," Yuki answered, fingers typing away. All he had really needed to do was pull up the bookmarks he'd made and write the information down. "I had..." the writer paused, turning his head to look at his lover, the ring he had given Shuichi catching his eye. "I know you think that I'm a bastard most of the time, but.. I really am trying not to be. I've been planning to ask you to marry me for a while now. I had wanted to take my time and do it right, but Tohma forced my hand. You're not... disappointed are you?"

"Disappointed?" Shuichi asked sounding pretty confused by the idea. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around his lover. "This is the sweetest, most romantic thing you've ever done for me. I couldn't be happier. Yeah I kinda wish we didn't have the whole vampire thing to deal with and I coulda done without knowing that about Tohma and we fight because I annoy or expect things your not ready to give. But none of that really matters when compared to this ring on my finger. I could die happy right now knowing you really, truly love me." That happiness radiated from the pink haired man as he pressed close to Yuki.

"I'm amazed you got all that out in one breath," Yuki blinked, embarrassed by most of Shuichi's words and partly annoyed with Tohma once more. Absently, he ran his fingers through soft hair. "I was just as shocked as you were to find out about Tohma and Sakuma-san. Shuichi... I saw the thoughts in his head..." Yuki shuddered, mentally pushing them away again. "I don't know how, but... they were just suddenly there. And... For a moment I wanted to kill Tohma for his arrogance."

"So not only can you sense emotions but you can actually read minds? That's soo cool... and a little creepy," Shuichi responded a little excited at learning more about the powers that Yuki was gaining. He decided not to comment on Tohma. The whole thing bothered him and he just wasn't ready to deal with it yet.

"Yeah, no shit," Yuki sighed, shutting the laptop and coaxing Shuichi onto his lap. "Very creepy." He was happy to let the matter of Tohma drop for the moment and simply held his lover in a pleasurable moment that should have been theirs right after their earlier love making. Why did it seem like it was too much to ask to spend some quality, uncomplicated time alone with Shuichi?

"Next time we need put Tohma in his place let's pick a different method," Shuichi said frowning lightly. The sex had been hot but knowing Tohma was watching had made the singer nervous. It wasn't an experience he was interested in repeating.

Yuki chuckled softly, ruffling Shuichi's hair. "Maybe not with Tohma watching, but I bet you wouldn't mind if it were Sakuma-san. Or Tat-kun."

Flushing beat red, Shuichi tried to find the breath to deny any interest in either man. Unfortunately his mind was all to willing to pull up any number of fantasies the pink haired man had had that included Sakuma or Tatsuha. Unable to speak the vocalist shook his head vigorously in an attempt to dislodge the images and deny Yuki's suggestion.

"Oh god, you didn't... see what I was thinking, just now? Did you?" The last was asked in a very small voice as the color drained completely from the singer's face.

How many times in a day did he look at Yuki and picture the man naked or have some other fantasy? If Yuki could see or hear every thought that Shuichi had about that it could be disastrous. Let's face it when it came to Yuki the singer simply couldn't keep his mind clean. Hell who could? The man had the body of a god or a porn star.

"I did, and it's not like I can help it right now, Shuichi," Yuki pointed out, thinking his lover was being overly dramatic again. Besides, it's not like Yuki didn't have the same thoughts concerning the singer. But the inclusion of Ryuichi and his own brother were very amusing to say the least. "Your thoughts are as forceful as your personality. Maybe there's a way I can learn to.. shield them or something. To read them when I choose too."

"I'm sorry. I'll try to think more quietly. And...," Shuichi blushed again, "I'm sorry for thinking of Sakuma-san and Tatsuha-kun like that. I would never actually do any of that." The singer felt like he had cheated on some level by having those fantasies and knowing that Yuki had been subjected to them made him feel ten times worse about it.

"So long as those fantasies include me, I don't really care what you think Shuichi," Yuki murmured, grasping his lover's hand so he could place a kiss on his palm. "I know your heart belongs to me."