Despite Foreman's suggestion, Chase hadn't been relaxing. He had refused to, instantly burrowing his head into the first medical textbook that he had come across. It wouldn't hurt to enhance his knowledge further and it was doing a good job of making him forget about his previous outburst and how he was no the favourite gossiping topic in the entire hospital.

"Didn't expect to find you studying."

He didn't look up to meet Cameron's gaze, he just wanted to be left alone, "why? What did you expect me to do? Twiddle my cane?"

She laughed as though she thought he was being stupid. "You don't have a cane."

"Well I will do soon. Haven't you heard the news? I'm turning into House."

"You're not turning into House."

"Yeah? Why'd you say that?"

"Because there's only one House. And House is House, he's… unique."

Chase shrugged, lifting his head, "how are the patients from Hell?"

"They're fine. I don't see why you had a problem with them."

He almost choked on his own spittle at the comment, "haven't you heard what they've said yet?"


"But everyone is talking about it."

"No, everyone is talking about how one of Houses' protégés has started to lose it. Nobody's talking about the family," he raised a disbelieving eyebrow at her, "one account is saying that you insulted them because they were Jewish, another is saying that it is because they're black, in some you make sexual come-ons towards the wife, some the husband. I've heard it was the teenage boy a couple of times."

"Well none of it's true. I didn't do anything to them but tell them that their son had been taking drugs."

"I said that and they didn't attack me. Maybe you just told them in the wrong way. I was nice and calming and I didn't shout or patronize them."

"Yeah, we know, you're the best damn doctor on the planet. Everyone loves having Cameron as a doctor because she is so lovely to them and they can see through her top."

"Hey!" She looked down at her top before folding her arms across her chest, "you don't have a right to say that." She began to leave, a scowl plastered on her lips, "and I may just buy you a cane for your birthday."