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Summary: ItaSaku AU and some OCness. Haruno Sakura goes to an All-Girl Private school. Even, living in the upbeat, glamorous and accelerated, life of the rich, in Upper East New York, Sakura still isn't satisfied. She thirsts for something more. And along comes the new young, sexy, badass, rich yet cold English teacher… What ever could happen?

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Chapter 1

It was a warm, sunny, October morning in Upstate, New York. While a certain pink-haired girl leaned against the wall of a building, with her arms crossed. The building was a school. The most expensive private school in Upstate New York. Konoha private all-girl school. Where only two things mattered there: linage and money. The tuition charged every year was enough to feed the entire population of a small nation. It was almost impossible to get a scholarship.

The girl was pretty. She had a good figure, innocent green eyes, pale creamy ivory skin, and pink locks of hair framed her face. She wore the Konoha's private all-girl school uniform: a crisp white collared shirt, a blue tie, a gray v-neck half sweater, a knee-length plaid-gray-and-blue skirt, gray argyle socks, and black Mary Janes.

The girls who went to Konoha private all-girl school hated the uniform. The gray v-necked half sweater was itchy, the white collared shirt was annoying, and who wears plaid skirts today? The uniform was hideous and way too old-fashioned. It made the most of the girls who went Konoha private all-girl school look fat, or it just didn't suite them.

But on this girl the uniform looked perfect on her. It hugged her curves, and made her perfect breasts look even fuller. The girl was perfect herself, so any thing she wore looked perfect. But she wore the uniform a little different: The white collared shirt she wore was unbuttoned and crinkled looking like it needed to be ironed, the blue tie was not tied, and hung loosely around her neck, and she had rolled the knee-length plaid gray-and-blue skirt to a sexier length.

She was Sakura Haruno, one of the richest girls in New York.

Sakura sighed and looked impatiently at her Rolex watch. 6:40 am. Her friends were to suppose to meet her here at 6:30 am. They suppose to head to Starbucks, get a coffee, head back to school, chat about what recently going on each of their of lives, and then school started straight at 7:00 am.

She frowned. It wasn't like them to be late. She took out her Motorola RAZR V3 phone out of her Prada bag. It was a special edition gold RAZR v3, studded with diamonds. Motorola had teamed up Dolce and Gabbana to make it. She was about to speed dial and call all her friends, but then she saw a Japanese girl with long black hair, with strange white eyes coming into the distance. Wearing the Konoha private all-girl school uniform, but like Sakura she had rolled the skirt to a sexier length, her collar was unbuttoned, and her tie was not tied. She was carrying a Gucci bag.

Sakura leaps up and starts waving "Hinata! Over here." Hinata came over where Sakura was. Sakura could see that she was out breath, panting. " S-s-s-orry I was late. " she stuttered.

She was Hinata Hyuuga. Like Sakura, she was one of the richest girls in NY. Her Father was the head of the famous company, Hyuuga Electronics. Hyuuga Hinata was one of Sakura's closest friends.

"So, why where you late?" Sakura asked her. "Well, Father gave me the lecture of being careful around N-N-Naruto. He still doesn't approve of our relationship." Hinata said blushing.

"Well, screw him. Nothing matters, as long two are happy." Sakura said fiercely.

Hinata was currently dating Uzumaki Naruto, one of the most popular rappers in the world. He was known for putting his heart and soul in his raps. But Uzumaki Naruto had a rough childhood, which Hinata Hyuuga's father was worried about. He was an orphan and a troubled child, who had one time lived on the streets in New York. He started rapping from a young age. He dropped out of High School from age 16 to get a job. And when he was 19 he met Jiriya, head of one of the biggest record companies. Jiriya saw potential in him; both had a contract, making albums together. And so that's how he made his fortune.

But despite his rough past, Uzumaki was really a cheerful and happy person if you got to know him. He really cared about Hinata, and was good friends with Sakura and her friends. The most interesting thing was that Sakura and Naruto had gone to the same public school and had been friends, before Sakura parents became rich, and moved to the nicer part of New York and Naruto dropped out of school. They still were friends and kept in contact with each other. Shy Hinata had always bought his albums. She loved his music, basically she loved him. So, Sakura played matchmaker, and invited both of them for a party at her penthouse apartment. It was love at first sight. Both of them had a good relationship, and were very happy with each other. Naruto was Hinata's first boyfriend. Sakura was very happy for her friend.

Sakura casually hung an arm around Hinata and sniffed the air, it smelled of a flowery aroma. "Hinata, since when did you start wearing perfume? Trying to impress Naruto? What perfume is it?" Hinata blushed 7 shades of red, well; she blushed every time Naruto's name or their relationship was mentioned. "Yeah. It's Chanel No.5; I don't want Naruto thinking I'm just some shy girl. I want to look more striking. Naruto probably likes girls more beautiful, fashionable, and more of bad girl than me." She whispers gloomily.

Sakura tells, " Hinata, there's no need do that. Naruto just likes you the way you are. You are already beautiful, fashionable, and a bad girl enough." her shy friend, while hugging her.

"I hate to break the moment, but I have been waiting for you guys to finish it for about five minute. School is going to start soon." says a new voice.

"Ino! Heeeey!" Sakura yelled and broke the hug with Hinata, and went over to give Ino a big-bear hug. " Heeeey is for Horses." she replied laughing.

She was sultry beauty and had blond hair, pale skin, baby-blue eyes, and a curvy figure. She also was wearing Konoha private all-girl school uniform, but she was wearing differently like Hinata and Sakura: The skirt rolled up to a sexier length, her collar was unbuttoned, and tie was untied. She was carrying a Coco Chanel bag.

She was Ino Yamanaka. Like Sakura, and Hinata, she was one of the richest girls in New York. Her father was a well-know psychologist, most of the A-list went to him or sent their children to him. Her mother was a famous supermodel, and like her mother, Ino had started modeling and was looking to being a supermodel when she got older.

"Where's Tenten?" Sakura asked her. "Right here." replied a girl behind Ino. She had beautiful, soft brown eyes, tan skin, and brown hair in 2 Chinese buns. Her figure was curvy but at the same time muscular. She wore the Konoha private all-girl school, but the way Ino, Hinata, and Sakura wore it: The skirt rolled up to a sexier length, her collar was unbuttoned, and tie was untied. She was carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

Tenten like Sakura, Hinata, and Ino was one of the richest girls in New York. Her father was a big loan shark in Japan. Her mother was a successful CEO of an electronic company in New York. But her parents were divorced and Tenten lived with her mother in New York.

"Ok. Everyone's here! Let's head over to Starbucks!" Sakura shouted with enthusiasm. The girls headed over to Starbucks.

Not wanting to get harassed by the press, Tenten called her limo driver over to take them to Starbucks drive through. And through, the tinted windows Sakura ordered a Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème, Hinata ordered Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème, Ino ordered a Vanilla Bean and White Chocolate Frappuccino Blended Crème, and Tenten ordered a Tazo Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Crème with Melon Syrup. Since it was a hot day, they all ordered all Frappucicinos.

All of them longed to go inside in Starbucks and order. But they didn't want to get harassed by press.

Sakura sipped her Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème. "This is so good. I won't die if there was no Starbucks." She said dreamily while in Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino heaven. All the other girls' murmured in agreement. "There two things you can't live without, Sakura. Starbucks and a person you can annoy." Tenten said laughing. "Shut up, Tenten." Sakura said pretending to be annoyed and then playfully punched her.

"Enough with Frappucicinos. So, what's going on you guys so far?" Ino said seriously.

Hinata went first informing her good friends about her 1st date with Naruto on Saturday, and how he ate like a pig. "How typical of Naruto." Sakura said rolling her eyes. Ino informed everyone about how she modeled Prada's new line of fall clothes and how she is interested in her mother's client's son, Shikamaru, who seems to be very cute. Tenten informed everyone about her date with Neji where he took to some high up-scale expensive romantic restaurant somewhere in New York. Sakura... er... well didn't have much inform the girls about. She didn't have a boy friend nor was her life very interesting.

Sakura Haruno might have been one of the richest girls in NY. But she had a bit of a tragic past. Her parents had owned a biggest, most, expensive, clinics in NY and were one of the most successful plastic surgeon in New York. But not all of her life they have owned it. There was a time where Sakura's parents were not rich, and had lived in a small 2-room smelly bedroom apartment in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York. They barely had enough money to pay the rent. Before owning one of the one of the biggest, most expensive clinics in New York, Sakura's parents worked in a small unclean clinic with very small pay. Despite being very poor, they were happy. They lived life simply. No designer wear was seen in her life then. That was before; Sakura's parents scrapped enough money to go to medical college and became plastic surgeons. Before, they became the best plastic surgeons in the country.

She met Naruto in first grade. Naruto back then had been the school outcasts; everyone hated him and shunned everyone but Sakura. Sakura understood Naruto and they became good friends.

In fourth grade, they met Gaara Sabaku, who had been in juvie quite a few times. His rep sheet was pretty bad. But if you got to know him, he really wasn't that bad of a kid. He just had a bad childhood.

He had lived in a trailer park. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father was an alcohol addict who would beat him and his siblings. Soon, Gaara learned how to fight back very quickly.

At age 8, he socked his father and broke his nose. His father passed away when he was 9 because of liver failure, he and his siblings were split up and send to different foster homes. Incidents happened, and Gaara would go to another foster home within 2 weeks. No one wanted him.

To Gaara, living with his abusive father was better than the foster homes. As soon, as Gaara's eldest sibling, Temari turned 18; she rescued Gaara and their other sibling from the foster home hell. And that's the story of Gaara. But like Naruto, Gaara liked rapping, but did not start rapping as young as Naruto, but started at 11, when he first heard it on the radio. Rappers like Dr. Dre inspired him.

Gaara was a bit of freak, back then. He didn't trust many people because of his rough past, and being in those decisive foster homes. So, everyone shunned him like they shunned Naruto. But Naruto and Sakura welcomed him. He was wary of them at first, but slowly warmed up with them. And all of three of them became them became and stayed good friends until Naruto and Gaara dropped out of school when they were 11, and Sakura's parent's became rich and moved to a better part of New York.

When her parent's became rich, that's when her world crashed. Sakura's parents sent to her to an elite private school before going she went to Konoha private all-girl school. She didn't fit in; she wasn't like the rest of the rich kids. She was friendless, and all alone. Her parents were too busy with work to spend time with her.

She needed glasses, and started wearing thick-rimmed designer wear large glasses. She started to change from the loud, skinny, tomboy girl who didn't give damn. The girl she was before moving was changing into someone else. She started gaining weight; all she did was read books. She was suddenly very shy and self-conscious and tried to make herself as invisible as she could.

Sakura also started caring about her school-work. She was smart, but she before she moved she didn't care about tests, schoolwork wasn't a big deal. But after she moved, she put all her effort in schoolwork. Soon, she was top in her class.

But most the rich girls were not interested in school work. They started caring only about how cute boys were, how they looked and started wearing skimpy clothes, Skirts that were pretty much belts, 5 inches of makeup pancaked on their face, and large amount of mascara clumped on their eyelashes.

Guys only cared about how cute or hot the girls were and how big their breasts were. It was hard to find a decent guy.

Soon, both genders partied all-night, drinking beer and partying like crazy animals at age 14. With one word on their minds, S-E-X!

That did not help Sakura anymore people. I mean, she was a flat-chested nerd.

But everything changed, again.

When, Sakura's parents died in a car crash. They were on their way home from a party and a truck driver hit them.

She saw the demolished car and their bloody, mangled bodies.

She was scarred for life. Her life changed once again.

They had left her a large amount of money. But that didn't matter at all.

She was all alone. No more mother or father.

She didn't talk and eat for days.

She was sent to an expensive medical asylum.

Her green eyes blank. She just sat there for months. Sometimes, she broke into a fit and cried for her parents.

Then Ino's father met her. He was so kind and nice to her. He didn't force her to eat. He asked her what happened on the night her parents died. She told him everything, how she saw the demolished car and their bloody, mangled, bodies. The ugly gruesome site. She told him everything, how she was unpopular at school, how she missed Naruto and Gaara, how she hated her new life.

He listened, he was kind. In a way, he reminded her of her father. She slowly began to recover from the scarring in her life. She began to eat, she began to laugh. Life was starting to return her.

After a year, she was free to go. She decided to start fresh. First, she changed schools and joined Konoha's All-Girl Private School. Then she sold her the mansion she had lived in with her parents, before they died. She disliked living in such a big lonely house by herself. Instead, she rented a small apartment in an apartment complex in Upstate Newyork nearby Konoha's All-Girl Private School.

Sakura also made friends with Ino. She fixed Sakura up, updating her wardrobe and looks and introduced people to her. Once, again Sakura changed. This time into a sultry & stubborn, pink-haired beauty. But now, Sakura was no softy. She was cold, calculating and crafty. She learned now, that she had to be to survive in the world of the rich.

Of course, with her friends or at school, she wasn't cold, craft, and calculating. She was a very different person. Caring & warm, was more like it. But she was careful, since anyone could double-cross her.

She made friends and soon she made into the top and was pretty much the queen bee of Konoha's All-Girl Private School: known for her upbeat personality, and for her great fashion sense. She was kind to the unpopular girls, since she was once one of them. But she also let them know what they were doing wrong, because to her, you always learn from your mistakes.

But Sakura was known very well for the other side of her playful, mischievous & devilish side of her, which she fondly called "Inner Sakura." Inner Sakura was known to drive teachers to the brink of insanity. New teachers at the first week of the job would run out screaming and quit the job.

She was also known as a heartbreaker too. She was known to flirt with boys and then leave them. To tell you, the truth, she was scared of an actual relationship. Or she would feel that the boy wasn't the right one for her. It was rare for her to her in a "real" relationship with a guy. That's why she had "boy toys", she played with their feelings and then left them at the next minute. Mostly, because she was afraid, one day he would be there, and another he would leave her all alone, like her parents did.

Sakura liked the fast, upbeat and glamorous life of the rich. But she preferred her, old life when she was poor. But at the same time, she lusted for something more. She wanted something else. Something she didn't know.

And that's the tragic past of one of the richest girls of New York. But little did she know that her life again was going change, as she was laughing with her friends and drinking her Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème.

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