Lust, Chapter 4

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"Bye." Sakura said, waving. She gracefully exited from the limo and gently closed the door. She didn't want the limo to drop her off straight off at the apartment complex, since she didn't want anyone to see her getting out of a limo, because she lived in a not-so rich neighborhood.

And so she started the long walk to her apartment complex.

Chapter 4

As soon as the limo went off the distance, Sakura quickly slid off her expensive mary-janes and pulled on a pair of black Rock and Republic jeans with the label missing which she had whipped out of her Prada bag, on top of her short plaid skirt that was part of her Konoha all-girl's private school.

She tugged on a pair of black converses and slipped a Guess? jean jacket with the label missing over her Konoha All-girl's private school blazer and quickly washed off the little mascara and eyeliner on her eyes with a make-up remover wipe.

And then finally, the last touch was a black wig made especially for her by Frédéric Fekkai, which she placed carefully unto of her head, to disguise her shockingly pink hair.

She smirked. Time to head back to back to the apartment, she thought as she headed forward towards the gigantic building up ahead.

Soon, she was climbing the stairs of the gigantic apartment complex to her apartment. It wasn't the best apartment ever but it wasn't the worst. A small 3-room apartment with one bathroom and heat was what you got in New York for thousand dollars a month in New York. At least there were no drug dealers around here and the apartment complex was located in an OK area with nice people. A few cracks ran through the brick walls and Sakura waved to the small children playing in the front yard of the apartment complex.

No one in the apartment knew that she was the rich "Haruno Sakura", the one that was always in People magazine or whatever. They thought she was a nice poor Japanese girl, named "Sakura Kurosaki." who's parents passed away early and went to the high school in the next town, who also sometimes babysat their kids. She had taken the last name from one of the main characters in one of her favorite mangas. It was quite hard to keep the paparazzi from knowing that she lived her here, so after every party or any formal event she usually went to Ino's penthouse and then later on take a cab back to the apartment disguised to throw the paparazzi off track. She even had all her mail delivered to Ino's house. She had numerous reasons to keep her address a secret and her identity a secret at the complex , one the neighbors would treat her quite differently and would probably loathe her, and the paparazzi would never leave her alone.

"Good afternoon, Sakura! How did your dad at school go?" called a cheerful woman with a small child. She waved to Sakura.

Sakura flashed her, a smile. "Good afternoon to you too, Mrs. Johnson. It went OK. I can't wait till I graduate tho." She said.

"Why? I loved high school? It was the best time of my life." Mrs. Johnson said quizzically.

"High school is OK. But I can't really wait for college and finally going into the real world." Sakura replied.

"You don't high school because all those cliques they have and those mean rich popular girls they have today, do you? Back in the day, High school was much simpler but there were always some mean rich popular girls mixed in. Ignore them; they're exceptionally useless once they graduate from high school. High school is a bittersweet experience and you learn a lot, but once it's over you'll be sad it ended. And the real world isn't that much fun either." Mrs. Johnson said sighing.

"Hm. Thanks for the advice!" Sakura said cheerfully, excluding the fact that she was indeed one of those rich popular girls at her school, which everyone wanted to be.

"Now, take care then! I'll bring you some of my banana bread you like tomorrow. OK?" Mrs. Johnson said.

"Yup. You take care too, Mrs. J!" Sakura said before continuing her trek towards her apartment.

As, she started to climb some more stairs, she pondered over what Mrs. Johnson had to say.

Even though, she was the currently "it" girl, she thought high school was OK. It was just too complicated especially since she was the girl everyone wanted to be, there were always difficult choices and decision she had too make and everyone formed opinions and rumors about her that weren't true. And there was always peer pressure.

But it wasn't like she disliked her "It girl" girl status, she liked having all the latest things and the attention, which she didn't have previously. The fun and going to the parties. And now, she had it all: good looks, intelligence, and money. And even if she did reject her status or do something that totally crossed the line in the world of the rich, she would be shunned a total outcast. She had seen it happen to the other it girls. The fall of an "It Girl" was quite unpleasant. And she didn't want to be an outcast. It wasn't a favorable position and was a miserable life.

High school is a complex time, always full of competition and cliques. And there was always so much pressure. Many people despised high school, since they were usually picked or were not pretty, popular, or did not have the latest gadgets and brand name clothes. Everyone always thought the most popular, prettiest, richest girls or "It girls" had it easy. And everyone yearned to be them. And this was precisely why Sakura didn't really like high school and why she preferred college.

But that wasn't true for all cases. Even if the "It Girl" had an easy time since she had everything, there was one downfall. High school didn't last forever. Fame fades. It doesn't last forever. You slowly become forgotten as everyone goes on in the road of life. The success of an "It Girl" didn't last long. She didn't just want a taste of success, Sakura wanted to savor it and accomplish something in her life.

And she didn't want to be one of those "It Girls" that after high school ended, went to some lowly college for a couple years then got married, becoming a trophy-wife to some big shot old executive CEO of a flourishing company and then popping out some kids, a trophy-house wife who spend her days doing nothing but shopping at Neiman Marcus for the latest Manolo Blahnik shoes hiring a nanny to take care of the kids 24/7, before filing a divorce and getting plastic surgery before repeating the process over with a different man, who looked at high school as the "good old days".

It was a pitiful life. Another reason why she liked college better than high school. College was a less complex life and there were almost no cliques there, in Sakura's opinion. Not as much peer pressure. You didn't have to worry about having the latest clothes or makeup. You became more mature and independent in college. But most importantly, College was the door to the real world to your future career and whole life ahead of you.

And Sakura wanted success in her life. She wanted to achieve something in her life. Do something. She wanted everyone to remember her name in history after she had died. She wanted to do something like find a cure of cancer. She didn't want a short term of fame. She wanted to help people. And she could do this in the real world. She wanted to shoot for the moon.

She had decided most likely she was going to be a doctor or a medical scientist. She wanted to save lives, spare kids for losing their parents like she did.

And college was the door for that.

But only time could tell if she would be successful.

Sakura had finally reached her apartment, after unlocking the padlock, the door swung open, welcoming her inside.

Her apartment might have not been very quaint or classy but it was peaceful and quiet.

Sakura kicked off her converses. Phew. I'm so exhausted.

Immediately, she headed towards her bedroom and fell down on her bed, surrendering to a deep slumber full of dreams and hopes for the future.

Itachi shut his briefcase. He had stayed after school to grade all of girls in all of his classes with disappointing results. Almost all the girls had failed the tests. Only one or two had gotten a passing grade.

But what could he except? He was teaching stupid spoiled rotten daddy's girls of the A-list society who cared more about a broken nail then their education.

How pathetic, he thought for the trillionth time. He shook his head in disgust.

"You don't look too happy."

Itachi turned around.

The speaker was the only other human with an X and Y chromosome or other words male in the Konoha All-girl's private school, the janitor. He was slumped against with wall, arms crossed, with a broom in hand. He had unruly unusual silver-colored hair and had some kind of band that was tilted, covering his right eye and a black mask that covered most of his face, hiding his handsome features. And he was wearing formal blue slacks and a button-down white oxford shirt, even though he was a janitor.

"You think?" He asked him sarcastically.

"You did pretty well for your first day. Usually, it's much worst with these brats from hell." The man remarked.

"Hatake Kakashi." The man said, holding out a hand for Itachi to shake.

"Uchiha Itachi." Itachi shook his hand gingerly. The man had a strong grip.

"You're lucky you're not a teacher."

"But being a janitor is just as hard. You have to clean up after those brats."


"So, why are you an Uchiha of the prestigious Uchiha clan that's part of the A-list working in such a petty position?" Kakashi asked him casually.

"I have my reasons. . ."

"Oh, it is my business to know." He said grinning under his mask.

"But I could ask you the same thing. Why are you such a practical looking man, working the petty position of a janitor?" Itachi shot back. Two could play at the game.

"I have my reasons." Kakashi mocked him.


"Rumor has it though, that you've took up this job to piss off you're old man." Kakashi smirked. He knew he'd hit straight it off the bat.

"So, why are you looking so angry? School's over and you can go home now and rest."

This man is annoying, Itachi thought irritated.

"There's no harm in telling me. But I might as well guess. So are you breaking it off with your woman and don't know how to?"

"No." Itachi was beginning to wonder what is wrong with this man. Everyone in the A-list knew how much he hated women.

"So, you have another job after this?"


"Hm…that only leaves me with one possible option." The man rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "You have a dinner appointment with your family, whom you very much hate. Which restaurant?" Kakashi pestered him.

Itachi had underestimated this man. And he was too tired to argue with him for now.

" Some Japanese restaurant called "Spiral" near Time's Square."

The grin under Kakashi's mask got even bigger.

"You're in for a surprise tonight."

"What so called bewilderment will I endure tonight?" Even though there was a bored expression on his face there was a dangerous glint in his onyx eyes, daring Kakashi to not tell him. He knew something and Itachi would get it out of him. He was not in the mood for any games to night

"You'll have to wait for now." Kakashi replied smugly before exiting the room and headed towards the room adjacent to Itachi's classroom.

Itachi stared at Kakashi's retreating figure. Kakashi had won this round for now, but he wouldn't win again.

It was time to leave.

He grabbed his coat and his briefcase before leaving the classroom and headed towards the exit.

An extremely sweaty Sakura stumbled into her apartment and wiped off the sheen of perspiration of her forehead. She had just returned from the gym across the street. She had gone to the gym to work out for two hours after taking a nap for an hour. Unlike most of the young debutantes of the A-list society, she exercised and worked out daily instead of puking up everything she ate to be thin.

She threw off her Addias shoes and immediately went over to her freezer and removed a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream before plopping down on the couch, turning on the TV, flipping through the channels.

Sakura had cable. But she usually didn't have time to watch TV. It was rare to have times like these, sitting lazily on the couch, eating ice cream and watching TV.

Strangely, today there was nothing good on any the 120 channels she had access too. All advertisements and soap operas. She finally stopped on a channel where a handsome man and beautiful woman were kissing in the sunset.

The beautiful woman moaned as the handsome man laid kisses down her neck. "¡Te quiero, Manolo!"

"¡Te quiero también, Teresa! Seremos juntos para siempre, prometo." Manolo said looking lovingly in her eyes, before crushing her lips with a passionate kiss.

"¡Más, Manolo¡Por favor!" Teresa said breathlessly.

Manolo broke the kiss. "¿Está usted Teresa seguro?" he asked her worriedly.

"¡Sí, estoy seguro! Por favor, Manolo." Teresa whimpered.

He responded by fumbling with her bra clasp, letting her bra float to the ground before …

Sakura stared at the TV in disgust. It was one of those cheesy Spanish soap operas she hated. They were always the same or had a similar plot, a man and a woman would met and fall in love, promising each other that they would be together forever, while cheating on their spouses and when the scandal was let out, everyone would be against them and then somehow in the end they would run away together in the sunset and get married and have a happy ending.

Life wasn't like that. Love wasn't like that. In real life, there weren't always happy endings. People didn't forgive easily. People aren't always forever together. Well, that was what at least Sakura believed.

You're just jealous because of your own crappy experience of love. Inner Sakura said smugly.

Shut up. She told Inner Sakura. I really don't need to hear that right now.

Even though she hated these kinds of shows, she still found herself watching while cramming ice cream in her mouth, very much intrigued to know what happened at the end.

Finally, the show ended. It was exactly how Sakura had predicted it to end, the couple eloped together in the sunset and lived happily ever after.

She shut off the TV and looked at the time. 4:30 PM. Two hours until then…

I better go take a shower and get ready, she thought heading towards the bathroom.

It was almost time.

Itachi ran his fingers through his long wet hair. He had just finished taking a shower, and was getting ready for the dinner appointment with his family at a restaurant. He had braced himself for the worst.

He stared in the bathroom mirror making sure his composure was as usual, emotionless. He wanted to see his family to see that he was doing perfectly fine with out them.

His handsome features were in a blank expression. The lines under his eyes made him tired and look older than he really was. But in a way, they added to his good looks.

It was his father who had set this in first place. Calling him at the last minute for "a family get together to see how everyone's doing." His father had claimed.

He doubted it. His father just wanted to see if he'd cracked yet living in the city and working in a position which the Uchiha clan considered petty or if he was close to cracking soon.

And he hated restaurants. There were always too many people and they were always crowded and his father knew that.

But Itachi wouldn't let him get the satisfaction. He was going to irritate his father and piss him off.

He was wearing a black three-piece Ben Sherman evening tuxedo. He would have preferred to wear a no-brand name shirt with no-brand name slacks but that would be considered a crime if he wore that to an A-list restaurant. It would have pissed his father off, but he doubted that they would even let him in the restaurant if he wore that.

There was a long crack in the mirror. Why does Kisame live in this measly dump when he buys five thousand dollar suits? He thought affronted. How does he live in his pitiful dump?

Itachi was currently living with an old acquaintance of his from college, Hoshigaki Kisame. Kisame was also part of the A-list, but no one knew exactly why. Kisame wasn't in the A-list for his good looks that was for sure. Kisame was ugly, with mottled features and strange lumpy blue skin; he looked very much like a fish. No one knew who his parents or where he came from. Maybe, it was the fact that he had an infinite amount of money that never seemed to disappear from an unknown source.

Kisame was his old roommate from college. He was quiet and was least respectful to Itachi if not to others. Many shady characters were always asking for Kisame but Itachi didn't mind. He minded his own business and didn't put his nose into Kisame's business, and Kisame did the same for him, which was probably why they usually got along.

Itachi knew things about Kisame that the A-list society did not. Kisame originated from an indigenous people tribe in Japan that was extremely old. He was guessing why Kisame had such odd looks had to do with some of the traditional tribe's practices.

The reason why he was living with Kisame was because he currently had no where else to live, he had moved out of his old apartment and the new apartment that he had leased wasn't quite ready. And moving back into the Uchiha clan villa wasn't an option even if it was only for a couple of days.

His only option was Kisame. Kisame didn't mind, but he didn't exactly welcome Itachi with open arms. His apartment was a mess, almost everything was broken and it was located in an extremely bad area of New York, where prostitutes and drug dealers swarmed the place. Kisame was almost never home and was always out.

Itachi left the small bathroom and headed towards the door of the cramped apartment. He suddenly stopped in the kitchen and removed the small black pistol that was in his pocket.

Kisame had come to see him earlier, leaving him with it to take with him if he was going out. "Since you never know whose watching you or following you here." Kisame had told him.

It was cold and clammy in his hands. He disliked guns. It was a pathetic way to kill a man. He wouldn't need it; no fool would ever attack him, who knew four different kinds of martial arts.

He left it on the kitchen island counter before leaving the cramped apartment and into the cold night.

It was time for hell to rise.

Sakura finished taking a quick shower. She loved how the warm water felt on her soft skin. It was almost time for her part time job. She didn't really need to take up a job since she had all the money she could possible need. But she liked working and a part-time job looked good on her resume. And besides, she didn't want to live off all her parent's fortune that she had inherited.

She worked as a waitress at a well-known A-list Japanese restaurant called "Spiral". Spiral was an extremely popular restaurant in New York, currently, bigger than Waverly Inn and many trendy stars such as Mischa Barton, Jay-z, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Orlando Bloom dined there all the time. It was almost impossible to get in with out booking a table first and usually no one that wasn't part of the A-list could get in. Spiral was run by two of her parent's old friends, Jiraiya, a popular smut writer and Hatake Kakashi, a skilled prominent business man who also owned many other restaurants and casinos around the country and was also strangely, the janitor of Konoha's All-girl school for unknown reasons. They had offered her a job when she was having a hard time looking for one. And she owed them for many favors.

Sakura loved working at Spiral. There were so many people and so much interaction. And of course, the pay was good. She didn't have to worry about her identity, the workers, Kakashi and Jiraiya knew who she was and treated her like a normal person instead of the celebrity treatment. And many of the A-list customers didn't care who or notice who was working. But it would be all over the tabloids, if it was discovered that she worked in Spiral.

Sakura carefully applied some Shiseido mascara and eyeliner to her eyes. She added a Nars eye shadow on her eyes and spread the slightest amount of Stila blush on the apples of her cheeks. Then she precisely swiped on a red matted colored Lancôme Paris lipstick on her lips. Her face was done.

It was time to put on the official Spiral uniform. Sakura carefully tugged on the brand name mini red floral kimono that Spiral's female workers were required to wear. It barely skimmed the upper part of her thighs, and was v necked, showing quite a bit of cleavage. She tied on the waist mini apron and pulled on the sheer flesh colored panty which she was not required to wore, but wore since she didn't want to give anyone, specially the old male sleaze ball customers of Spiral, any ideas. Next, she slipped a pair of red Jimmy Choo ankle wrap high heel sandals. Finally, she pinned the gold pin with her name "Sakura" engraved it, both in English and Japanese.

The final touch to her outfit was to add the black wig made especially for her by Frédéric Fekkai, which she wore earlier over her unusual pink-colored hair. She didn't want customers getting a gist of who she was

She took an appreciative look in the mirror and liked what she saw. Her eyes were smoky and sexy and she had a sheer natural blush on her face that added to her looks. Her lips were formed in a cute pout and were looking soft and seductive. Her wig was arranged in an elaborate bun near the end of her nape, with complicated twists and turns set with lacquered chopsticks. Beautiful Cartier earrings that were 24K hung from her ears. She looked gorgeous, voluptuous, and professional at the same time.

Sakura was set to go. She grabbed her Louis Vuitton wristlet full of essentials she would need for the rest of the night, which she stuffed in a large no brand name black hobo bag to prevent any one from stealing it. She took a quick glance at the clock in the kitchen, before she was out the door. It was 7:08. Shit, I'm going to be late.

She ran down the stars of the apartment complex, which was miraculous considering the fact that she was in high heels. But it was one of the very many things she had learned while living in the world of the rich and the glamorous, how to run in high-heels, no matter how high they are and look graceful.

Finally, she had left the apartment complex building behind her and she was out on the sidewalk. Cars blurred past her. She impatiently signaled for a taxicab and almost immediately one came. She opened the taxi door and got in.

"Where to?" The driver asked her lazily.

"The Japanese restaurant called "Spiral" near Times Square. Make it quick, I need to get there immediately." She said, pressing a crisp twenty dollar bill in his hands. "Keep the change."

The taxi driver grinned in glee. "You got it." He stepped on the accelerator, speeding into the dark night.

Itachi was currently in the lounge of Spiral, waiting for his family to arrive. He was seated on a large comfy chair, smoking a cigarette. It was the sixth cigarette he smoked so far, ever since he had arrived at Spiral. He watched the smoke curl in the air, before taking another puff. He did not want to see his family and was hoping that some unexpected miracle had happened and his family would not show up. But there was no way in Hell that would happen. His father would be coming no matter what happened. Itachi lit out the cigarette, stabbing the stub into the ashtray.

Screw hoping or praying. All he could do for now is wait.

Sakura had entered Spiral. She ran as fast as her slim legs could take her, past all the waiters and waitress and into the kitchen, the kitchen doors swinging behind her.

The kitchen was hot, crowded and steamy full of dishes being cooked. The savory smell of food wafted into Sakura's nose, making her hungry.

"Look who's finally decided to come."

She spun around.

It was Kakashi, one of the two business partners that owned Spiral. He had changed outfits, looking smart in a Valentino pinstriped navy suit. But he still was wearing the black band that was tilted, covering his right eye and a black mask.

"I'm sorry, I'm so late! I didn't notice the time." Sakura squeaked.

"You're lucky, that waitress before you're shift decided to stay a little longer." Kakashi replied.

"Looking good, Sakura." Jiraiya said looking leeringly at Sakura, the later out of the two partners that owned Spiral. He was a big man in his 50s with a crazy mane of white hair and hestill had his good looks from when he was young. Jiraiya was an extreme pervert, seen almost always at spas, onsens, and hot springs spying on woman, which he claimed was for "his research", and was apparently finding inspiration for the famous smutty literature. He was wearing the exact same suit Kakashi was wearing, except in a bigger size. One thing he had in common with Kakashi, were that the both of them were extreme perverts.

"She isn't too happy about it. Ayumi wanted to go out with her boyfriend. You better treat her out sometime, returning the favor." Kakashi remarked.

"I'll remember to do that. But I really didn't need you to tell me that." Sakura said irritated. She secretly thanked Ayumi big time, for keeping Kakashi from kicking her ass, since she late.

"Well isn't someone touchy today!" Kakashi said playfully.

"Well, at least I'm not a pervert!"

"Hey, who are you calling a pervert?"

"Don't deny it Kakashi! I've seen you look like a hungry animal when you stare at the assets of some of our female customers." Sakura shot back, good-naturedly.

"You got me there." Kakashi said sheepishly.

Jiraiya chuckled.

"Don't laugh. You're a pervert too! Kakashi, reading that perverted stuff Jiriya writes and Jiraiya; I can't believe you actually writing that stuff."

Both men shrugged. "What did you expect?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, we are men, we have instincts and hormones, you know." Jiraiya added

"Don't you have any shame? The both of you are old grown men." Sakura huffed.

"Hey, who are you calling old?" Kakashi and Jiraiya asked, pretending to be severely offended.

"No one" Sakura said sweetly. "Don't worry. The both of you are still young at heart."

This caused Sakura into pearls of laughter and Jiraiya and Kakashi to shake anger.

"I didn't mean." Sakura said, still laughing, put a one hand on Kakashi and another on Jiraiya.

"The both of you are still very young, at least to me." She added on.

"Aw. How sweet. But don't worry; you are still our little brat too." Kakashi said.


"I mean, you'll always be our little cherry blossom no matter what. I still remember when you were a cute little kid, jumping around screaming "Kakashi-sempai!" every ten seconds."

"The good old days." Jiriya sighed.

"If you didn't have that wig on, I would have ruffled you're hair like old times. I still remember how cranky you would get when I did that." Kakashi said fondly.

Sakura's face reddened. It was one of those mushy moments. She wouldn't admit it, but she really cared for these guys. She cleared her throat. "Anyways, what areas will I working in tonight?" She asked.

There were five dining areas in Spiral. There was the lounge, where a customer or guest could wait for his/her date, the main dining area, where only the highest of the A-list would dine, the surrounding dining areas where the rest of the A-list would dine, a dining area in the far east side of the restaurant for the lowly B-listers or nobodies would dine, and the private dining area, reserved for private dates and meetings. It was impossible to reserve the private dining area, it was almost always booked and you had to be the cream of the crop to reserve it. There were entertainment centers and bars in each dining center.

"The private dining area." Kakashi replied.

"Oh." Sakura didn't particularly like working the private dining area. Since there were not many people she could interact with and people generally didn't want her around.

"Tonight, an extremely prestigious family of the A-list booked the private dining area, and we want them to have a good experience here and feel welcome, and also to come back again. " Kakashi said, with his visible left eye twinkling.

"And nobody does it better than to you, to make customers feel welcome. You are our best waitress and we want to make a good impression on them. So, that's why we selected you. You're extremely good for business, Sakura. Everyone loves you." Jiriya added, winking at her.

Sakura blushed fire truck red. "Thanks. I owe so much to the both of you, for hiring me here and for also taking care me after…" She trailed off.

Jiriya and Kakashi were the ones who took care of her for a couple of months after she was released from Ino's dad and the asylum. The both of them had tended to her unstable stable self and all her demands. Jiraiya and Kakashi also took care of her parent's funeral and the bills during the time and her transition to the apartment she now lived in.

A sad expression crossed over Jiriya's and Kakashi's faces. "That was nothing." They both said dismissively. "Now, go out there and make us proud!"

"Yup." Sakura gave them a salute, before running out of the kitchen in her high heels, dodging cooks and steaming dishes, but in the process nearly knocked over a platter of sushi.

"Sorry!" She cried, while disappearing behind the kitchen's swaying doors.

Kakashi and Jiriya exchanged looks before shaking their heads in disbelief.

Phew. Sakura was exhausted. She was on her hands knees making sure the private dining area was respectful to the family, arranging the mahogany lacquered table and chairs set, Kakashi had bought from Japan. The prestigious family of the A-list that had requested the private dining area, preferred western dining tables and chairs over the traditional Japanese dining tables. She neatly laid out a set of chopsticks for each dining placement.

Sakura got up and took a look to see if the area was acceptable. Everything was perfect, the tables and chairs were arrayed nicely, a beautiful flower centerpiece was in the middle of the table, the bar held every possible drink anyone could have wanted, behind the heavy velvet curtains that were tied back was a beautiful view of New York, traditional Japanese music was softly playing in the background, the floor was spotless and the 60-inch Plasma TV, Wii, PS3, and surround sound system was looking fine.

She had done her job. All she could for now was wait. And that's what she did.

"You look terrible." Fugaku Uchiha told his son, Itachi. Fugaku and the rest of his family besides Itachi had just arrived at the restaurant. They arrived late because of the traffic. He looked at his son with a mixture of glee and complete disgust. It wasn't hard to see where Itachi had gotten his good looks. Fugaku was an older sterner version of Itachi with shorter hair. He was wearing a three piece black Ralph Lauren Purple label suit with silk lapels.

Itachi immediately got up from the couch he was sitting on and went to greet his family.

He ignored his father's comment. "You don't look too good yourself, Otou-san." He said smoothly, while warily shaking his father's hand.

"Hello, Ita-kun." His mother, Mikoto said, behind his father. She was a beautiful woman with long black silky hair and almond shaped eyes. She was wearing a purple Oscar De La Renta evening gown that complimented her slim figure. "Okaa-san." Itachi gingerly hugged his mother.

Behind her, a snort could be heard from a young man who was a spitting image of Itachi with the same ivory sculptured features and handsome looks except his soft silky black hair was shorter and was set in spikes. He was wearing the exact same suit of his father. He was Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi's younger brother. They had a bittersweet relationship, Itachi preferred his brother when he was younger and had less of attitude and was cuter. But it was needlessly to say, he still loved making his brother's life a living hell. After Itachi had left, Sasuke had become the favorite of the family, becoming his father's tool. Sasuke hated his brother for many reasons.

"Sasuke." Itachi acknowledged him. The smug look was wiped of Sasuke's face and he scoffed. Itachi resisted smirking and ruffled his little brother's hair. "Foolish as usual, little brother?" he bent down and whispered in his ear. A dark scowl appeared on Sasuke's face.

Mikoto smiled. "It's nice to see you two getting along."

Fugaku was busy talking with a waiter. "Let's go and sit down first." He told his family.

They followed the waiter to the dining area Fugaku had reserved earlier. The waiter left and a waitress bedecked them to sit down. Itachi took a quick glance around, the area was quite quaint made to look Japanese, with traditional tatami walling and wooden flooring, soft Japanese music playing and a centerpiece of cherry blossoms in the middle of the table. Candles were lit and Itachi smelled the air; it smelled faintly of vanilla. He was seated adjacently to his parents, and Sasuke was seated next to him. "Welcome to Spiral! May I take you're order?" Waitress said smiling pleasantly to his mother and father. She whipped out her notepad. "Uh-huh. What appetizers would you like?" she said scribbling in her notepad.

Soon, she came over to Sasuke asking him, what appetizers he wanted. There was a lecherous look on Sasuke's face.

"What would like to order, sir?" She asked him with a cute smile on her face. For a moment, a puzzled expression was on her face and then it disappeared. Itachi quirked an eye brow. "Is there something wrong?" He asked her.

"N-nothing. Now, what would you like to order, sir?" She replied flustered.

"Chawanmushi." He told her. Then she was gone in a jiffy and back again with the appetizers, Tempura, spring rolls, Chawanmushi, and Okonomiyaki arranged on one tray.

There was something about that waitress. But he couldn't exactly put a finger on what it was. He poured some red wine, from the wine bottle that had on the table, in a crystal flute and took a sip. It was going to be a long night.

"Welcome to Spiral! May I take your order?"

Once those words came out of her mouth and she got a good look of the prestigious A-list family that had requested the room for the night, Sakura realized who the hell they were.

Oh Shit. It was the Uchiha family. Which, her new sexy English teacher was part of.

The Uchiha family were said to be ruthless. But up close, they looked nothing like that. They were a beautiful family. Her English teacher's mother was gorgeous, Sakura felt ugly compared to her, his father was handsome and his brother was identical to him with the same god-like looks.

She couldn't afford to screw this up. If she screwed up, the Uchiha family would tear her to pieces with some lawsuit about bullshit in which she would end up a lot poorer and humiliated at the end.

Don't lose your cool, she told herself.

No matter what.

There was something about the younger Uchiha boy. He kept on giving her secretive suggestive looks. And there was something familiar about him. Sakura hoped that it wouldn't go where she thought he wanted to go. She would play with him, but then she would stop at one point, if this was a normal situation. But this wasn't a normal situation. These customers were the Uchiha family and she couldn't afford to screw up. It was a piety, since the younger Uchiha was quite good looking.

As she was pouring sake into Sasuke's crystal flute, he smirked. When no one was looking, he trailed his hand up the short mini kimono she wore. He stopped at her thigh and ran his finger seductively in small circles.

This wasn't supposed to go like this, Sakura told her self. She tried to ignore him. When she left only then did he remove his hand.

She didn't know how long she could last.

"So Itachi, how are things going in the city, eh?" He asked his son, while digging into his tempura.

"Things are going thoroughly well." Itachi said sipping some of his Chawanmushi. He had to admit it was quite good.

"Ita-kun, do you have sports you play in the city, any friends you hang out with?" Mikoto inquired.

"You know my old colleagues, Deidara, Sasori, Tobi, and everyone else. I play badminton, tennis, lacrosse, and chess. I go to the gym, I play chess, and as usual I do martial arts."

"With girls?" Sasuke asked, snickering.

Itachi regarded him with a bored expression. "Well, at least I'm not gay or confused about my sexual orientation, little brother. And just be informed, that I will also start coaching badminton, tennis, and lacrosse at your school with the girls very soon." His eyes were glittering with malice.

Sasuke immediately began to sulk.

Mikoto almost chocked on her food. "Sasu-chan, is that true? And Itachi, aren't you just the English teacher?"

"That is a separate assignment." Itachi said simply.

"NO." Sasuke yelled. His face was red and his fists were clenched.

Mikoto was taken aback. "It's fine, Sasu-chan. You didn't have to yell. I would support you all the way, even if you…" She trailed off.

"Mikoto, no son of mine is not my child if he is gay. He isn't a Uchiha if he's gay." Fugaku said firmly.

Itachi smirked and propped his elbows against the table. "So, how are things going at home?" He asked casually.

Mikoto immediately brightened up. "Things are going well. Your cousin, Akane is pregnant, your auntie Uruchi and Uncle Teyaki got a new car, and your cousins Tekka and Inabi got accepted into Ivy League schools. Um, let's see what else; Chieko got a new fabulous diamond tennis bracelet…" She went on and on. Itachi's face darkened at the mention of Chieko.

"Masa got –"

"How is Shisui doing?"

"Shisui's fine. He's somewhere in the Himalayas, practicing martial arts and meditation in a monastery." Fugaku said, with a sour look on his face.

Clearly, he didn't approve of Shisui. Nor did the rest of the Uchiha clan care much for Shisui. He was also another black sheep of the Uchiha clan. Shisui was one of the rare people, Itachi actually admired. He was a brother/friend figure to him.

He'd have to remember to give Shisui a call sometime.

Suddenly, the waitress popped back in the room. The bored expression on Sasuke's face was gone. Itachi was betting that Sasuke was just waiting to fuck her after the dinner, but he was making a big deal of it, and he suspected that he was doing that to show him that he wasn't gay.

But he still wasn't convinced. Ever since, he found that picture of Sasuke and some unknown man kissing lying in Sasuke's room, he was pretty sure he was gay or at least confused about his sexual orientation. He had so much fun blackmailing Sasuke with that picture.

"What would you like for the main course, sir?" She asked him, sounding a bit nervous. "Just An-dango." He said, wondering what the waitress was freaking out about.

"How is Sasuke doing in school?" Itachi asked idly.

"Sasu-chan's doing quite well. He's had a straight 4.0 GPA ever since he's entered high school. And he has some wonderful friends such as Neji Hyuuga, is popular at his school and is in honors." Mikoto said proudly.

Sasuke smirked at the mention of his name.

"And after he graduates from college, he plans to join our family firm. But he isn't as exceptional as you were." Fugaku added, glaring at Itachi.

Itachi ignored his father's glare and popped another piece of dango in his mouth with a fork.

"Do you like the city, Ita-kun? I really don't understand how you can live there with all the pollution, terrible driving, and all those other vulgar problems." Mikoto said, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

"It's not bad, Okaa-san. I like it." Itachi replied, stabbing a spring roll.

"Really, so how much are you making a year?" Fugaku challenged him.

"Fugaku, that isn't appropriate to talk about! Itachi will tell us when he wants to." Mikoto scolded her husband, while picking randomly at the spring rolls she was eating.

The waitress appeared again, bringing them the dishes they had selected for the main course and took orders for what they wanted for dessert. And this time to Itachi's amusement, stayed afar from Sasuke when she took his order.

"Mikoto, it is completely appropriate to know if my son can actually support him." Fugaku sternly told his wife, with out taking his eyes off of Itachi, and while ordering some Anmitsu, and Ube cake.

"It's alright, Okaa-san. I make a hundred thousand to a hundred fifty thousand a year not including bonuses." Itachi said with out skipping a heart beat before popping a piece of dango in his mouth.

Mikoto gasped, Fugaku snorted, and Sasuke was too busy ogling at the waitress.

"How do you live off of that?" Mikoto asked Itachi in awe as she ordered green tea ice cream and some Monaka. Her eyes dropped down to Itachi's suit and gawked. "Is that not brand-name?" She asked him. "No wonder with that salary, you can't buy brand name suits."

"Let me assure you, Okaa-san that this is an original Ben Sherman suit and not a knock-off. And with my salary, I still can buy brand-name suits." He said smoothly as he ordered some Oshiruko.

"But you won't be to buy as many." Mikoto pointed out.

Itachi sighed. "Brand name clothes don't really matter in life. Even, though high-quality essentials are nice."

Mikoto looked at Itachi, if he was crazy. "Maybe to people that aren't as well of as us, but to people like us, brand-name clothes is everything." She said stubbornly. This was one of the reasons, why Itachi disliked her mother. She only cared for brand-name high class items and clothes and she didn't understand him or try to understand him.

"High-class clothes are important to people like us. They show power and wealth. You could buy many more suits if you worked in the Uchiha law firm. This petty teacher job you picked up has terrible pay. You would be getting trice as much if you worked for the family firm and plus bonus from our dealings in Japan with the police. " Fugaku remarked.

"Please, Ita-kun. Come home. Everyone misses you! I really miss you too. Especially Chieko." Mikoto pleaded Itachi.

There was a dark expression in Itachi's eyes hidden in his emotionless composure. "How many times do I have to tell you I do not want to join the firm or the police force in Japan? As I've said so many times over and over again since I was thirteen. It's always about the clan. Why the clan? All of you measure your capabilities but you have no idea of mine… At this rate, the Uchiha clan will have no future. You make you're decisions about me and make light of me. Attachment to the family firm…Attachment to the clan… Why attach at all? That's merely the detestable action of restricting yourself and limiting your ability. Now I see it for sometime now. People fear and hate those they don't understand. How foolish." Itachi said, slamming his fist on the table.

Fugaku was angry. "Such arrogance. That's enough! Look, Itachi we may have some different views. You might not see it, but you are blessed in this life with almost everything. A million young men would love to be in your position. Why do you push away such an offer to work for the clan? And why do you hate the clan so much? I will not have you belittle the clan. You've been acting strange these days and by doing that you been disgracing the clan." He yelled.

Mikoto was crying and there was a lost broken puppy dog expression on Sasuke's face. He had heard his argument many times since he was a young child.

Suddenly, then waitress appeared carrying the desserts on a tray. The tension in the room disappeared and the entire Uchiha family put on their happy family façade.

But it wouldn't last for long. Not even until the waitress left. And Itachi knew that.

It had been going well so far for Sakura; she hadn't screwed up so far. The Uchiha family did not know, but she had been behind the door of the private dining area listening to every word they uttered. It scared her that even though he was so formal, her English teacher would be extremely scary. Even to his family. She was shaken by their words. They were very far from a very happy family. The happy family part was just a façade of a family or clan that was crumbling apart. Looks were certaintly decieving.

She was currently in the private dining area serving the dessert the family had ordered. She gave Mikoto a big smile as she handed her the Monaka she had ordered. Her English teacher and his father were ignoring her currently staring at both of them. And Mikoto was staring at her food. Finally, it was time to serve the younger Uchiha boy.

Suddenly, as she was placing the Tonkatsu he had order on the table; a crystal flute full of sake fell from the table and quietly broke near her. She sighed, bending down on her knees to pick up the pieces. As she was picking the pieces up, she felt a presence near her. It was the younger Uchiha on the floor.

"Hn. Be careful. You could easily cut yourself." He purred.

She felt a shiver go up her spine. "Thank you. I'll be going now to get a mop." She said, as she stood up to leave and started to walk away.

He caught her slim wrist in his grasp and easily pulled her towards. He was back sitting in the chair. He cupped her butt and squeezed. Sakura blushed. Then suddenly she remembered and it all came back to her…

"Wait up, Sasuke-kun!"

"Oi, Naruto leave Sasuke alone!"

He was her childhood best friend, going to the same preschool and elementary school as she and Naruto did. He had been one of her best friends back then. He was always determined to surpass his brother. But he had been so sad and lonely at the same time; his father had never paid any attention to him. He had been cold to her and Naruto at first, but then he had warmed up to them, learning what friendship was really about. She had a small crush on him back then. Then he transferred to a private school when they were in third grade and she didn't see him again until she had transferred to the same private school when her parents had become rich and discovered he went there too.

In the mist of the snotty girls who mercilessly teased her and the cruel boys, Sasuke had been her only hope. The small crush she had on him in childhood grew even bigger once she had seen him again. She had fantasized about being his girlfriend but she was too afraid to talk to him. Afraid that he had forgotten about her. And she had changed after entering private school; she had become shy, nerdy, and overweight at the same time. And there were much prettier girls than her, in her opinion that wanted Sasuke too.

But she would never forget what he did to her or forgive. What he did to her was cruel.


A 12-year old overweight Sakura with big bifocals rushed her way through the corridors of the private school she went to, to find him. It was currently was the only break time she had in between classes. She sighed, thinking about him and continued to purse him in the busy corridors. There he was! She spotted him, standing languidly against his locker looking bored, all by himself.

Finally, he was all by himself! She could tell him. She ran up to him, pushing her way through the crowds.

"Sasuke-kun, do you remember me? She asked him breathlessly.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Who the hell are you?" He drawled.

"Sakura Haruno. Remember? The girl who hung out with you and Uzumaki Naruto at your old school." She said excitedly.

He looked at her in distaste. His eyes were black chunks of ice. "I don't remember any girl named that." He said frowning.

Her face fell. "You do. You just gotta look back. It was a long time a go. It's just that, I wanted to tell you, I love you, Sasuke-kun." She said softly.

He began to laugh hard. Cruel laughter. "Are you serious?"

Sakura nodded her head.

"And you want to go out with me, right?" He asked her.

She nodded eagerly again.

"Why would I accept your love? What would that do for me? Absolutely nothing. There is nothing your love or you could do for me. You are a useless, pathetic, fat, ugly loser that no man would ever want. Even, I wanted a girl friend; she would be beautiful, unlike you." He told her harshly.

All heads in the corridor turned towards her. Everyone was staring at her. Then suddenly, the entire corridor filled with laughter and howls and jabs at her.

"Oh man, look at that ugly fat whore!"

"Who would anyone ever want her?"

"As if Sasuke would actually like or love her!"




Insults and whispered swirled around her. Sakura felt her eyes fill with tears; she looked into Sasuke's eyes. They were black pools that showed nothing. No remorse. Nothing.

She ran away as fast as she could from him, tears flowing from her eyes.

end of flashback

That's why he seemed so familiar.

"Sasuke." She said quietly.

His eyes widened. "Do you know me?"

"Of course you do. Who doesn't know me?" He smirked. "Anyways, after this stupid dinner you and I can head to the ritziest plaza there is around here and get to know each other. $1000 bucks an hour. Deal?" He whispered huskily against the shell of her ear.

She doesn't remember how it happened, but suddenly everything in the room got blurry. The Tonkatsu is her hand and suddenly it smashes into Sasuke's face. The expression on his face is priceless as Worcestershire sauce is all over his face and Karashi mixed with rice is dripping off his chin. A piece of fried pork cutlet falls off of his face as he blinks in confusion.

"I'll never ever forget what you did to me! You rejected me in front of everyone called me pathetic and fat, four years ago and now you grope me and want fuck me! You broke my heart. Fat chance I'll let you now, asshole!" she suddenly screams. She takes a step towards him to jab a finger in his chest, when it happens: She steps into the fallen sake and slips.

Suddenly, she's on the ground, arms and legs sprawled on the floor. Her legs opened wide, giving the entire Uchiha family a good look at her sheer pantyhose and underwear. Her uniform is wet with sake. Her wig has fallen askew, showing her true shockingly pink hair.

And the entire Uchiha family is staring at her with a mixture of astonishment, disgust, and confusion.

End of Chapter 4

(All definitions were retrieved from either Wikipedia or Free Translation)


"¡Te quiero, Manolo!" – I love you Manolo!

"¡Te quiero también, Teresa! Seremos juntos para siempre, prometo." - I want you also, Teresa! We will be together for always, I promise.

"¡Más, Manolo¡Por favor!" - More, Manolo! Please!

"¿Está usted Teresa seguro?" - Are you Teresa sure?

"¡Sí, estoy seguro! Por favor, Manolo."- Yes, I am sure! Please, Manolo.

Chawanmushi - is an egg custard dish found in Japan that uses the seeds of ginkgo. Unlike many other custards, it is usually eaten as an appetizer. The custard consists of an egg mixture flavored with soy sauce, dashi, and mirin, with numerous ingredients such as shitake mushroom, kamaboko, and boiled shrimp placed into a tea-cup-like container.

Okonomiyaki - (お好み焼き, Okonomiyaki) is a pan-fried Japanese dish cooked with various ingredients such as kimchi, octopus, squid, mochi, cheese, etc. In Japan, okonomiyaki is usually associated with the Kansai or Hiroshima areas. Toppings and batters tend to vary according to region.

Tempura – (てんぷら or 天麩羅,) Is a classic Japanese batter-dipped seafood and vegetables dish.

Dango – (団子, Dango) is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour).

Anmitsu – (あんみつ) is a Japanese dessert that has been popular for many decades. It is made of small cubes of agar, a white translucent jelly made from seaweed, served in a bowl with sweet azuki bean paste, boiled peas, often gyūhi, which is sweet glutinous rice and a variety of fruits such as peach slices, mikan, a Chinese citrus fruit, pieces of pineapples and cherries. The Anmitsu usually comes with a small pot of sweet black syrup, which one pours onto the jelly before eating.

Ube - is the Filipino word for purple yam. Ube is now used in a variety of desserts, as well as a flavor for ice cream, milk, Swiss rolls, tarts, cookies, cakes, and other pastries all over the world especially in Asia.

Monaka – (最中) is a Japanese sweet made of azuki bean filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi. The wafers may be shaped like cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and so on.

Oshiruko - (hiragana: お汁粉), or shiruko (kanji: 汁粉; Chinese: 紅豆湯; pinyin: hóng dòu tāng) is a traditional Japanese dessert. It is an azuki bean soup with mochi, which is a Japanese rice cake, served in a bowl. There are different patterns to oshiruko, such as oshiruko with chestnuts, or with shiratamas instead of mochi. It is loved by many Japanese, especially during cold weather. The half-melted sticky rice cake and the sweet, warm red bean soup are thought by many to be an absolute delight.

Tonkatsu - (豚カツ, とんかつ, or トンカツ) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced to bite sized pieces, generally served with shredded cabbage.

Karashi - Karashi (芥子 or 辛子) is a type of mustard used as a condiment or as a seasoning in Japanese cuisine. Karashi is made from the crushed seeds of Brassica juncea, frequently mixed with wasabi or horseradish to add zest. Karashi is not usually sweetened nor thinned with a liquid. Karashi is served with many Japanese dishes such as Tempura and Udon.

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