Phade begins a journey after recent events deciding to get some perspective on things leaving the gang behind. No one knows where she's gone or if she'll be back nor bother searching for her. See how much they care about her?

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I was leaving like some thief in the middle of the night. What I would take was packed in my bags and the weapons were already stashed in my car. Not too many just the smaller ones like the fork looking knives Angel said were Sai. I liked those, a lot. I took a small sword I spent a months pay to buy and some silver daggers I had made. Who would've guessed you could kill vampires with silver as well. I had a small bundle of stakes along with my spell casting case. It was full of vials and pouches containing small amounts of the herbs and powders in the large cabinet where I kept all the magical items.

Over the past month no one had mentioned anything about the lack of noise in the hotel. The laughing, shouts or the running feet or the sound of heavy thuds as he jumped down the stairs. Sebastían's noise.

I missed it, felt lit like some ache in side of me I couldn't seem to fill or ignore.

'This is what he feels. A lonely painful aching void.'

If I said it out loud you'd think I was exaggerating. At least I still got to see him even if it was a supervised visitation in some psychiatrist's office. I hated that it had to be recorded and we couldn't be alone. They behaved as if I were going to hurt him.

I went down to the lobby silently. That was another thing I had begun to notice, I could practically become a shadow or invisible when I wanted to get past something or someone without being seen. Even Angel had a hard time when I did it to him. We'd made it into a game of sorts to help me get better at it and for him to keep up his vampiric abilities.

"Too bad you're on your own now."

I stood on the lobby steps and looked around. It was dark, all the lights were off but it was as bright as day to me.

Night vision.

Another side effect which I was more than happy to receive, it made it so much easier to follow Angel in the dark and help the others along. Not something I liked doing very much. Helping them along.

I sighed, glanced up the stairs for the last time wishing I could turn back time and fix things but it wasn't possible so I turned to leave. I opened the door looking out, the moon barely shone down into the path leading to the street but I could see just fine. The fountain didn't have any water but it had a nice shade not to mention a comfy corner where we could sit and read away from the others. I sighed heading down the steps. I didn't know when or if I'd be back to the Hyperion but for the last year it had been home. A kind of weird, crazy home but it was home.

I would miss it.

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