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Summary: Sasuke moves to a new apartment, finds something that everyone has their eyes set on and soon he is fearing for his life. Hinata seems to be the only one left willing to help him; although, can he learn to trust her? Or will his greed keep him from trusting her and end in his doom?SasuHina

Avarice: The apartment complex

Chapter one

Sasuke knew it was not a good idea to go and live in the apartment complex Tsunade recommended. Not just because two of his loyal fan-girls lived there but for what was to come.



Sasuke sat on the black couch that was facing the door of his apartment, he was clutching as if to dear life to a brown medium size suitcase. His breathing pattern had quicken, he could hear them murmuring behind the door. He got up, leaving the suitcase on the couch and walked toward the door of his apartment. The door was completely blocked by a two seat sofa, drawers, chairs and even a lamp that was on the seat of the chair. He got closed to the door and leaned a bit to see if he could hear anything.

"OH! Sasuke-Kuuuun!!!, please open the dooOr." Sakura's voiced in a singing tune, trying to sound sweet and trying to hide her annoyance at the same time.

Sasuke was startled by the sudden noice that his body jumped a bit back away from the door. 'Like hell I will.' Sasuke Uchiha was scared to death. Yes, for once in his life Sasuke was scared to death, scared of this people, scared for his own safety for his own life. There was no way on earth he would let those people in. There was a reason why he barricaded his door; he knew perfectly well that those people would do anything to get through and then who knows what they would do to him.

Sasuke stayed quiet, hoping they would go away. On the other side of the door he could hear them talking among them, so he listened carefully.

(What Sasuke is hearing)

"Is he there? Are we sure he is still there?" A voice that could not be non other than Naruto asked everyone.

"Of course he is there!" Hissed Sakura. A loud thud was heard and then a whine from Naruto.

"You think we are dumb Naruto? We are not like you! We have everything well planned. Ino and Chouji are outside just incase Sasuke decides to scape through the window. We have been keeping a close eye on him, so we know he is inside. We won't allow him to leave with the booty. Besides...I have a great sense of smell, so I know he is in his room because I can smell him." Kiba said to Naruto.

"Oh, I see! So I guess if Sasuke hides the booty, then you can also find it with your nose. Right?"

There was a long silence before Kiba spoke once more, "Naruto, go and bring Hinata over here."

"Right!" Running could be heard, first loudly, then it started fading.

"What is wrong Kiba? Why did you ask for Hinata?" Sakura asked.

"Because Naruto just made a point. I can't smell the suitecase at all, its like it has a barrier that doesn't give out any specific scent. So, I can't locate it."

"Are you serious? Then what if Sasuke decides to hide the suitecase and then runoff, to later come for it? We won't be able to find it. --- Damn that old geezer!"

"Calm down Sakura. I am pretty sure that the geezer did this on purpose. He noticed my interest on what was inside the suitcase, once he opened it in front of me. Of course, as a good and loyal friend, afterwards I told all of you what was in that suitcase. By then I guess he realized he had done a great mistake because for some reason, he suffer constant break-ins to his apartment."

"Oh, yeah. I think I broke into his house twice but found nothing." Sakura said in a playful voice, as if it had been something funny and normal.

Kiba continued, "I am pretty sure that he distrusted us and in a way feared for his life."

"Do you think that is the reason why he locked himself all of the sudden before he died?" Sakura asked.

"Not just that, but he ellaborated a plan just in case something happened to him...or perhaps he was planning on hidding the suitcase, planning to scape and make us believe he took the suitcase and then come back for it. I think that these were his plans." Kiba said in a serious tone.


"Of couse! How come the first time I saw the suitcase, I could smell its scent but then I couldn't?"

"Maybe he hid it somewhere outside the apartment complex? Maybe we are-"

"If he hid the suitecase outside the apartment complex, then why did Sasuke found it!?" Asked an irritated Kiba. "Besides, I kept a close eye on him after seeing the content of the suitcase and I can assure you that the suitcase never left this building."

"So how are we going to find it if Sasuke hides it?"

"Hmph, I am pretty sure Jiraiya trusted that Hinata wouldn't be after his suitcase, so I am possitive that he didn't protect it from the Byakugan. So..."

"Aaahhh, I see. So you want Hinata to keep an eye on the suitcase huh? --- But...Hinata doesn't want anything to do with this. How will we convince her?"

"Sigh. Look Sakura, she has been my teammate for a while now and I know her pretty well. Yeah, she is a really nice person and all, but...she is a pushover."

"Hm. ------- Well, let me try again." Sakura said before knocking once more.

"Sasuke, its me Sakura, open up! I know you are in there."

Sasuke by now started sweating out of control, his nerves were at his peak. He couldn't take this any longer. Oh, the mess he had gotten himself into.

"Sauke I know you are in there, so open up!" Sakura's voice was evident to her lack of patience.

"Move." Kiba hissed (obviously at Sakura).


The loud banging on his door made Sasuke jump once more. At this momment, Sasuke was in no state for loud noises, since he was scared to death.

"DAMN IT SASUKE OPEN UP! OPEN UP, OR WE WILL FORCE OURSELVES IN! WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE SO OPEN UP THIS DOOR!" Kiba screamed as he continued banging on the door and then trying to open the door by turning the doorknob.

"Move aside Kiba, I am going to break down that door open with a punch!" Sakura screeched.

"Like hell you will Sakura! If you do that, then people will become suspicious." Kiba screeched back.

"Suspicious of what?" Sakura asked in a fearful tone of voice.


Sakura repeated her question. "Suspicious of what?"


"Kiba, you are not planning on killing Sasuke-kun are you?" Fear was heard on Sakura's voice.

"Kiba...are you?"



"-grunts- That only depends...if Sasuke still doesn't want to give us the suitcase..."

"No! Don't kill him!" Sakura protested.

"Well, that won't happen if he decides to hand us the suitcase. If he hands us the suitcase, then he can also have a share of the booty. But...who knows. Maybe the same thing that happened to Jiraiya might happen to him and if it does...we might be accused if there is evidence that we tried to harm him. It is better if there is no evidence of us doing anything to endanger his life. Once a dead body is found, an investigation will procede and considering that we are talking about Sasuke, it is best if everyone thinks that the Uchiha went crazy and then died of a heart attack. So, don't do anything stupid that might incriminate us on the future. We always have to take precautions."

"Hn...I am not liking this plan that much." Sakura mumbled.

"Think about how much money we will have if we get our hands on that suitecase. Think about it Sakura. We will devide it among us, yet it will be plenty. Think." Kiba said in an alluring way.

Bang Bang Bang Bang "Sasuke open this damn door this instant! We just want to talk with you, we won't harm you. We need you to cooperate with us and hand us the suitecase. Don't be selfish Sasuke, share it with us! Sasuke open the door! SASUKE!!!" Sakura screamed


AN: Well, this is the end of chapter one.

Yay, you guys haven't heard of me for a while have you:D Yeah. I was really busy so I decided to be on a break of writting fics. I think it lasted a month. Did it? Oh, well. Sigh. I wrote this on my notebook, while I was on the hospital. Its based on a movie I saw during the summer with my brother. I've been trying to figure out the name of the movie but I can't remember it. It was a movie from Spain. I think its called the apartment complex, but I am not sure. If any of you know the name of the movie please let me know so that I can put disclaimor.

Although, I won't make this fic exactly as the movie. First because I slept throught most of the movie and only remember glimpses from it; Second because this fic has to deal with Ninjas.

Also, some information that you need to know about this fic to understand it better: In this apartment complex lives Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke (Even though he is part of team 7, he is new to the complex.). Sasuke moved in recently to his new apartment, not knowing that Jiraiya died in that apartment, leaving behind something valuable. Now everyone except Shino, Shikamaru and Hinata want their hands on what is in that apartment. The problem arose when Sasuke found what they wanted and they all figured this out. Sasuke becomes greedy as well and tried to hide the fact that he has found the valuables in a suitcase, but the others want a share of it; too bad Sasuke doesn't want to share. This is were things start turning into hell for Sasuke. He becomes trap in his own apartment, in fear of leaving. He could leave without the suitcase and be fine but he just won't. He wants to escape the apartment with the suitcase but everyone is keeping a close eye on him. The problem has reached to the point that Sasuke fears for his life. At first he counts with Shino but then something happens that he will have to learn to trust on the shy Hyuuga girl. Althought, trusting seems to hard for him now, since he now believes everyone to be a greedy person, willing to do anything.

In this fic we will see how greed changes people.

Now, In the next chapter:

The story is started where, Sasuke moves in to the new apartment and finds the people from the apartment complex acting weird...suspicious. From Kiba roaming his apartment, sniffing, to Naruto breaking walls with a hammer.


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