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Summary: Sasuke moves to a new apartment, finds something that everyone has their eyes set on and soon he is fearing for his life. Hinata seems to be the only one left willing to help him; although, can he learn to trust her? Or will his greed keep him from trusting her and end in his doom?SasuHina

There will be humor...At least that is what I hope.

Avarice: The apartment complex

Chapter 2

The first day

Sasuke walked up to the front of the building. He stood there and looked up at the five floor apartment complex he was currently moving to. It was a beautiful old building and in a certain way, creepy.

He actually didn't want to move in this place since most of the annoying people on the village were living there. At first the Hokage had recommended the place but after he refused, she ordered him to move there; using the excuse that it was necessary to keep the rookie 9 together.

Sasuke frowned as soon as he heard two high pitched squeals. His eyes looked down and saw two females running towards him; pink hair, forehead girl and blonde, hyperactive and glomping girl. In the blink of an eye the girls were over him, making his day a living hell.

"Get the hell off me!" Sasuke hissed at the two girls, as he tried to pry them off him.

"Sasuke-kun! You decided to move over here because you wanted to be near me. Aww, how sweat Sasuke-kun!" Ino said in the sweetest voice ever, making Sasuke feel nauseous.

"In your dreams Ino-pig!" Sakura screeched, making her hold on Sasuke tighter, "He moved here because of me!" Then both girls seemed to start a tug game and Sakura seemed to be winning, since she used the shine of her forehead to temporarily blind Ino.

"Aggh!" Ino scremed as the blinding light hit her blue eyes, "No fair Sakura! That is cheating!"

"Anything is fair in love and war. CHA!" Said Sakura with a victory plastered on her face.

Sasuke was about to explode any second.

"Sakura you bitc-"

"GET OFF ME NOW!!!" Sasuke yelled at the girls, who immediately let go of him.

Sasuke shrug and started walking toward the building's entrance door but stopped the momment he felt his shirt was being tugged from behind and hands slightly grabbing his left ankle. Slowly he turned his scwoling face around, making sure he looked intimidating and as scary as possible.

Both girls gulped as they noticed his murdering look. Sakura was tugging his shirt with both hands, while Ino was covered in dirt, since she had slided towards Sasuke's ankle, and she tighten her loose hold on Sasuke's ankle.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Asked the very annoyed Uchiha. Both girls gulped but never let go of Sasuke.

"Uh...Sasuke-kun...ah..won't you stay...just a bit?" Ino chirp, and Sakura just nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah, Sasuke-kun! Stay for me, please? I know that you don't like Ino but please stay for my sake." Sakura begged as she tugged his shirt even more, trying to secure the hold on him, just in case he decided to run for it; which he did.

"Let go of me, let go!" Sasuke said through clenched teeth as he tried to move against the consent of the girls, "Sakura, Ino, let go!" Sadly, for every step he took, both girls tighten their hold on him.

'What the hell is wrong with them? They have never been this clingy before.' Sasuke tried to pry them off him but failed.

Exactly at that momment Hinata passed them with some grocery bags on hand. The girls had not even taken notice of this, since they were concentrated in keeping Sasuke there. Although, he did noticed her and immediately saw this as his chance to escape.

"Oi, there! You," Hinata turned to look at Sasuke and gaved him a weird look, was he talking to her? "those bags are too heavy for you to carry. Allow me to help you carry them to your apartment." He said as he continue trying to get free from the grasp of the evil beings.

"Ah...its o.k., I don't have long to go, but thanks anyways." She turned around and was about to leave but turned to look at Sasuke once more when he talked to her again.

"Wait! A girl your size can't possibly carry that much weight! Let me help you!" Sasuke's eyes were begging Hinata for help; Hinata frown a bit since Sasuke had just insulted her but yet it seem he was desperate for her to help him out.

"What are you talking about Sasuke-kun, she is doing just fine!" Sakura said while pulling Sasuke back a bit.

"Yeah, Sasuke. Besides, don't underestimate Hinata, she might seem weak but she isn't. She is a Hyuuga after all," Sasuke wince when he felt Ino's sharp nails sink into his skin as she talked, "plus, she has already carried all that weight all the way from town, so what makes you believe she can't carry all of that to the fifth floor?"

Sasuke was starting to get worried, these...things, just wouldn't let go of him and he couldn't get free of them. 'How can two weak females over power me? Sigh, why me?' He looked at Hinata and tried once more, "Fifth floor? Huh? Those are many stairs to go up to, that is just another reason to help you."

"Sasuke, don't worry about Hinata, there is an elevator on the complex." Sakura said tugging once more his shirt only to loose her grip on it. Sasuke immediately took this opportunity to shake his leg free of Ino and ran towards Hinata.

"Here, let me take those bags..." He took the bags out of Hinata's hold and tried to stay close to Hinata to avoid being jumped, "Isn't it much better now, Himate?"

"Hinata." She corrected his error immediately.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Lets go." He then ran off to the door, pushing it open with his right shoulder. "Come on Himanata!" Sasuke nodded his hear upwards, signaling her to hurry up.

She hurried to his side, "Hinata," she corrected his error once more, "my name is Hinata." Since Sasuke was holding the door open for her with his side, she passed by him, into the buiding.

Sasuke then quickly went towards the stairs and started going up, "Hmn, Uchiha-san..." he turned to look at Hinata, whose hand was signaling towards the elevator.

"Oh, yeah." Sasuke had forgotten about the elevator in his frantic attempt to escape the two evils. He went down the stairs and headed towards the elevator.


As soon as Hinata opened the door to her apartment, Sasuke entered and set the bags down on the floor and quickly exit.

"Thank you Uchiha-san." Hinata said to the already retreating male, only to have him lift his left hand and say 'Yeah, whatever.'

'Weird.' Hinata shrugged and entered her apartment.


Sasuke started walking towards the stairs, since he lived in the fourth floor. Right under Hinata's apartment, how convenient. Perhaps he can use her everytime he needed an excuse to escape the two horrors living in the apartment complex.

As he started walking down the stairs he heard those annoying, yet familiar voices.

"Hurry up Ino-pig! Can't you run faster up the stairs? RUN! RUN! RUN YOU PIG!" Sakura screaming send chills down Sasuke's spine.

"Shut up! Can't we use the elevator instead?" Ino whined.

"Ah-du! Are you stupid or what!? The elevator is all the way in the fifth floor! Now hurry up! We are barely in the second floor."

"I hate running up the stairs." Ino whined once more.

Sasuke gaved a low growl. Those girls were probably getting closer to the fourth floor, he needed to hurry up. With this on mind, Sasuke sped down the stairs. He could hear their aguing getting louder, that only meant they were getting closer. Like hell would he face them again. His apartment was on the right side, so he quickly went towards it. His apartment was his only haven.

He reached the door knob and was about to open it when he heard forehead girl.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun, there you are!" Her voice sent goosebumps all over his body.

Huffing could be then heard. "Sas...-huff, huff-..." Ino had barely gotten to the fourth floor. She was sweating like a pig...oh, wait...pigs don't sweat.

Sakura ignored Ino and looked at Sasuke with dreamy eyes, "Sasuke, do you want to go and see my apart-"

Sasuke quickly turned the knob, swinged the door open and entered, slamming the door afterwards.

"-ment?" Sakura was left speechless and embarrased.

"Great job forehead-girl!" Ino screamed at Sakura, who in returned just glared at her. "You just let Sasuke go inside his apartment when there is a search group inside. If Kiba gets mad, I am blaming all of this on you!" Ino then stormed off down the stairs, only to go up once more. "Oh, and I am not walking down those stairs! I am getting the elevator!" Ino then walked to the elevator door, pushed the button and waited for the elevator.

Sakura scoff at Ino, "Hmph! That is why you are a fat pig!" She then stormed off down the stairs.


The elevator doors opened and Ino got in.

- - - -

As soon as Sasuke slam the door, he felt a certain tension rise in the atmosphere. He slowly turned around and what he saw pissed him off.

Kiba was on the floor on his all four, like a dog, his face plastered in the floor; his eyes being the only visible thing. Kiba was looking at him directly, with wide eyes, almost as if he had caught him doing something bad.

'What the hell? - Is he sniffing my floor?' Anger soon changed to disgust.

-POW, POW, CrACk!-

Sasuke turned toward the noise again. 'What is going on in here?' Sasuke completly lost interest in Kiba and walk pass him, into the bedroom. What he saw made his blood boil.


With a hammer in hand Narutard was hitting the walls. Sasuke's eye twitch. There were several huge holes around the bedroom and he was sure it was all Naruto's doing.

Naruto lifted the hammer once more, ready to hit the wall once more, only to stop mid air when he heard a cough. Naruto turned to where he had heard the noise and saw Sasuke. Sasuke had crossed his arms over his chest and was sending daggers through his eyes towards Naruto. Naruto looked at him for a while before hitting the wall one final time.


There was a huge crack on the wall. Naruto slightly put his left hand into his lips and gaved Sasuke an innocent look. "Oops."

Sasuke's eye twitched some more. Sasuke would not tolerate this at all. They were traspassing, they were destroying property that didn't belong to them. "OUT!!! GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!!! OUT! NOW!!!!"

Naruto immediatly dropped the hammer and scurry past Sasuke and out of the apartment. Kiba, seeing how Sasuke had snapped, decided to fallow Naruto's example; he ran out of the apartment, leaving the main door wide open.

Sasuke went to the entrance of his apartment and slammed the door shut. Oh, how much he hated Tsunade right about now.

- - -

Both Naruto and Kiba rested for a while on the third floor. They had fled Sasuke's apartment at lightning speed and had ran down the stairs. It was only after they heard the door slam, did they both stop to get a rest.

"Sigh...Damn." Kiba ran a hand through his sweaty brown hair, "Naruto, did you find anything?"


- - -

Sasuke was pissed, really pissed. 'I hate this place already. I knew I was going to hate it, I just knew it!'

Sasuke walked to the bedroom again. He looked at all the holes on the walls and frown. "Damn Narutard."

He went and sat on the huge bed and closed his eyes. Today had been a weird day. He had been in this apartment before, when Tsunade had taken him to view the 'great' apartment. She had told him he was getting a deal, since it had furniture and all. "Tch, yeah, right! A DEAL! I bet the person before me, left everything without a second thought, just to get away from all these people." He then laid down on the bed, 'I wonder who used to live before I moved in here?'


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