Summary: The funeral of a warrior who has unless something happens in the next episodes has recently passed on.

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They were back in their home the treetops all of them were assembled and sad faces clouded every child's face.

All the little ones faces were covered with tears and were being comforted by the older ones whispering to them that everything was going to be all right that things will get better soon enough for they had lost one of their own.

A young girl stood at the end of the line where a cave was at and tombstone was placed. She did not wear her battle armor outfit and was clothed in regular clothing but she still wore her face paint and two tears trekked down her face as she saw the carriage carrying him.

She placed an arm around the boy known as The Duke who was sniffing but trying to be tough.

Pipsqueak was in the front carrying the frontal part of it and his face stricken with tears at his beloved leader but seeing the faces of all the other children made him dry them and he continued marching on with grim determination.

Longshot his hat down for this occasion carried the end of the carriage. He had not been seen crying but everyone knew that he shedded tears as well for the person who he considered a brother to him.

He and Smellerbee had managed to get his body out of Lake Laogai and manage to get their way back to their home, the forest and the treetops their home carefully preserving his body.

When they had arrived Sneers, The Duke, Pipsqueak, and the others had broken down in disbelief over what had happened. It took days but they were able to arrange this, no fire nation bastards were around as the town had relocated far away.

The person who was riding the carriage had his two hook swords laid over his chest. He laid there and you could see peace in his face as if he was no longer troubled by anything anymore. It seemed that he had achieved inner peace, a shame the same couldn't be said for the others.

When they finally arrived Pipsqueak and Longshot gently and slowly placed carriage carrying the body inside the cave and it was the most difficult move of their lives.

Smellerbee suddenly bursted out into a tragic song.

The words she sang were in the traditional Earth Kingdom language.

It told the tale of a noble fighter who has died in battle and was set free and could join his kin in heaven and no longer be troubled by evil as he had found peace.

After placing the carriage inside they exited the cave. Then Longshot, Pipsqueak, and Sneers placed a giant boulder sealing the cave so no one would disturb his eternal rest as Smellerbee finished her song.

The five freedom fighters then walked up to the tombstone and each left a different word on there.

In this cave resting in his eternal peace lies a

Comrade Sneers

Friend The Duke

Leader Pipsqueak

Brother Longshot

Hero Smellerbee

His name was Jet.

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