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Doctor Nikidik uncorked a smoky bottle and made a jerky movement with his hand. A small puff of the powder rose in the air. To make the air currents move upwards he rowed his hands a few times. The puff rose. All the students were watching. Suddenly a door opened on the far side of the room. Elphaba, who had been watching the puff intently, jerked her head to see who had walked in.

A student looked into the room, obviously confused. The student was new and oddly dressed (not to mention he was late…poor kid). He was dressed in suede leggings and a white cotton shirt. There was a pattern of blue diamonds tattooed on his dark skin. Crope turned to Tibbett and said, "Look, a Winkie!" He was from the Vinkus.

The new kid sat down where he was, with his back against the door, hoping not to be noticed.

During all of this the puff had risen up and settled over a rack of antlers. The antlers started to jerk upon the wall. The students looked up in time to see them break free from the wall with a loud crack. The students were watching intently. The antlers turned to attack the new boy. The class let out a scream. One ring of the rack had pinned the student around the neck, while the other reared back to stab him.

A few students jumped out of their seats to try and grab the antlers. Among them were Crope and Tibbett.

"Elphaba look", shouted Boq. She was already staring intently at the action.

Crope, Tibbett and a few others had managed to break pieces off the antlers. They stopped moving.

"That was terrifying", said Glinda to Elphaba.

"Yeah", replied Elphie, still staring at the strange new Vinkus student.

"Class dismissed", said Nikidik, while walking out of the room. The majority of the class left instantly, but Crope, Tibbett, Boq, Glinda and Elphaba stayed behind.

Boq walked over to the terrified new student. "You okay?" He held out his hand.

"Uh huh", replied the boy, taking Boq's hand. He was staring at something…but what?

"Wanna come to lunch with us", asked Tibbett.

"Sure." He sounded scared.

"You guys have fun…I don't feel like eating right now", stated Elphie. She left the room as quick as humanly possible.

"What was that about", asked the Vinkus boy, as they walked toward the dining hall.

"Elphaba? Oh she's always like that", replied Glinda.


"Don't worry though. She can be nice", chimed in Crope. When they arrived at the dining hall, they chose a table by a window. They ate lunch and chatted for a while. The conversation was nothing special. They just chatted about the university and what there was to do in town.

"I didn't catch your names", said the Vinkus boy to the group.

"I'm Boq."

"Glinda…and this is Crope and Tibbett." She motioned to the boys sitting on either side of her. "We didn't get your name."

"Fiyero", replied the Vinkus boy.

"That's a nice name", commented Glinda. She thought she saw someone familiar walk by. "I'll be right back." She got up and ran in the direction the person went. She was back a moment later with her friend. "Fiyero, this is Elphaba…Elphaba, this is Fiyero", she said, introducing them.

Fiyero took Elphie's hand in his. "It's nice to meet you Elphaba." He shook her hand. Elphaba pulled her hand back. She was blushing (if turning darker green is considered blushing).

"Same here", she managed to say. She took a seat across from Fiyero and soon realized that it was a bad idea. She found herself staring at the blue diamonds on his skin.

"Elphie." There was no response. "Elphie are you listening to me?"

She tore her eyes from Fiyero. "What", she asked, clearly confused.

"I wanted to know if you would like to come with us to show Master Fiyero around Shiz?"

"I don't know." She was very hesitant.

"Come on please…it would be fun", said Boq.

She sighed. "Fine."

"Oh and that's the bank", said Glinda, pointing to yet another building.

"Amazing" was the response Fiyero gave. But he wasn't looking at the building. He was staring at Elphie.

"Oooo a café", cried Glinda, "let's get something to drink!"

"No thanks", replied Fiyero.

"I'm not thirsty", said Elphie. The rest of the group went in and left Fiyero and Elphie alone. He was staring again.

"What", snapped Elphaba.

"Nothing", he replied quietly.

"Then stop looking at me!"

"Sorry", he paused, "I just can't help it."

"Why…because I'm green?"


"Then why in Oz can't you help staring at me!?"

"Because you seem interesting", he admitted quietly.

"Are you guys ready", called Glinda from the doorway of the café.

"Yeah", sighed Fiyero.

"Yes", said Elphie. I can't believe he thinks I'm interesting, thought Elphie.

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