The Official Count


Summary: (Pre-Tower Drabble) ...Just how many times did Lloyd suffer "head trauma" as a child? Kratos might know...

Spoilers: YES, though they are very subtle.

A/N: A little spur of the moment drabble I got from making a pic (which can be found via a link in my bio).


"Let's see..." Lloyd mumbled to himself, scrutinizing over both paths with a wary eye. "I think we should take the path to the... right!"

The group, not too long after leaving Palmacosta for the next seal, encountered a rather troubling dilemma: a fork in the road. Lloyd, as the self proclaimed leader of their group, was left with the choice between the roads. Of course, he did not even think of consulting the handy-dandy Map o' Sylvarant given to him by Dirk. Plus, it's not as if they were lost—heaven's no!—they were just taking the scenic route.

Moving on, Genis looked down the aforementioned path with skepticism. "I don't know..." he said, "I don't think that's a good way to go..."

"Aw, c'mon, Genis!" Lloyd beamed, marching down the path. "You can trust me!"

The Professor sighed. "Indeed, he's right, Genis." Her next words drowned in sarcasm as she began to walk the path on the left. "After all, he's only been dropped on his head three times!"

"Hey!" Lloyd interjected.

Raine and Genis just shared a laugh at the boy's expense as they started down the opposite path. Colette followed, wearing a look of pure shock, her eyes wide and her mouth gaping like that of a fish. "P-Professor Raine! That's... mean!"

The half-elves laughed even harder.

Lloyd angrily brushed past Kratos, trailing the rest of the group; the mercenary did not move, his stoic barrier slightly muddled by a pretense of confusion. On the inside, however, he was a bit... offended at Raine's comment.

"Only twice, by my count..." he grumbled to himself, striding with a sullen undertone as they headed off, once again.