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By Crimson Skies

"Oh come on!"


"Think of it as a…disguise…in order to blend in! Yeah!"



"You just want an excuse to wear that ridiculous costume."

Sasuke glared death at the offending garment being waved in front of his nose. He wasn't aware, of course, that this had caused him to go cross-eyed. Naruto's view of Sasuke's face was blocked by the cloth hanging from his hand. Sakura had no such difficulty. Despite her best effort, her laughter escaped the hand clamped over her mouth. Thankfully, Sasuke was too absorbed in fending off Naruto to notice.

"Please Sasuke? You know it's the best way to move unnoticed through the city. It's our best chance of avoiding an encounter," Sakura said. Her attempt to hide her amusement failed, as the statement was interrupted by the odd giggle. He pointedly turned his back to her. She imagined Uchiha's expression turned sourer, if that was even possible.

"Oh come on, it's not that bad. It's not like we're asking you to be happy or anything. You can keep acting like your usual angsty self. You'll just look more…undead than usual." Naruto was snickering outright now, not caring at all about Sasuke's pride.

"It's not going to happen."

The Uchiha cast a critical eye toward his teammates. The blond was decked out in the most ridiculous outfit he'd ever seen. He had red plastic horns attached to his head and was dressed in a garish shade of red. Having shed his usual orange he'd opted for the next best thing. Sakura at least, was a bit better. It would have been better yet if she wasn't wearing those awful stockings with wide stripes of black and neon green.

Currently it seemed that Sakura was quickly moving past amusement and on to frustration. She brandished the broom in her hand like a weapon. Of his two teammates, she was the one he was more afraid of. Naruto was always strange, but when Sakura got in a mood she was just scary. It seemed he was not going to maneuver his way out of the situation this time. Now he just knew he was right in thinking there was an amused glint in the Godaime's eyes when she assigned them this mission.

It was simple for a B-class mission, and it would have been a C-class if not for the secrecy involved. They had to deliver a scroll to an ally in a near by country. In this country, there was apparently a festival of sorts that would offer them the perfect cover. When Naruto had heard costumes and a great deal of candy was involved he'd been ecstatic.

Sasuke had not been amused. He still wasn't. In fact, he'd been more displeased when presented with his 'disguise'. Scowling, he snatched the costume from Naruto's hand and stomped out of the room to change. At least it wasn't orange.

Sakura and Naruto exchanged an amused look after he'd gone.

A moment later, Sasuke emerged from the room, black cape trailing limply behind him. His teammates circled him like vultures. It was hard not to fidget under their careful scrutiny. His mouth worked silently, still adjusting to the fake fangs on his canines. They extended out of his mouth, pressing into his lower lip uncomfortably. Done pacing, Sakura straightened the stiff collar of the cloak before stepping back. She smiled sweetly at him, while Naruto smirked unrepentantly.

"Look at the bright side. We don't have to put any make-up on you. You're pale enough to be a vampire already, sunless freak that you are," the blond deadpanned.

Sasuke's fist connected with his cheek the same moment a broom handle crashed down on the top of his head.