Title: Fury

Rated for: Language,

Genre: Angst, Romance, Adventure

Fandom/Universe: Blade Trinity

Characters: HannibalKing, Abigail Whistler, Nightstalker OC's,

Pairings: King/OC

Spoilers/Warning: None that I can see yet.

Disclaimer: Blade and all related characters are copyright Marvel Comics and I'm guessing New Line Cinema. No infringement intended.

Status: Re-written

Chapter 1: From the Flame to Ashes

Here I stand, helpless and left for dead.

Close your eyes, so many days go by, easy to find what's wrong,

Harder to find what's right.

She is surrounded. They know she has no way out. They've locked her in with at least two dozen vampires- different, better than before and they think it's to their advantage but the vampires don't count on her anger burning as bright as it does.

'I hate them.'

It's all she can think of, the only thought she allows.

They stop, snarl at her like animals, fangs bared and hissing. They pushed her into a corner, can smell her- almost taste her blood in their mouths… the mob approaches; tentative at first, still testing her and she moves accordingly. One more step back, hands reaching to her sides and the Sai.

She smiles.


More than one comes at her at once. She moves in liquid grace, the flash of silver in her hands nothing more than a spark and there is ash all around. The hissing and screams… they don't stop the echoes of memory. Nothing ever does.

'They've taken it all.'

They've stolen the warmth and love most people take for granted, as their due. She had been like them- normal… once.

'There's nothing left.'

She can't feel it, feel anything anymore. There aren't any smiles, no innocent laughter….

'I'll destroy them. Every last one.'


They've run far enough. The vampires are everywhere but they knew that going in. The NightStalkers have taken on a nest, just another one in a long line of bloodsucking cesspools.

The crash of shattering glass offers Andie a brief distraction and she takes it, she takes any advantage the suckheads offer without thanks. The ashing body is kicked away and a second blade is flung in a smooth motion born of incessant practice to catch another vampire. She notices what has them cowering at the same time Chris does. He fires off two more stakes watching as two bodies fly out of the broken window dividing the rooms. The moment they hit the floor they break into pieces, still smoking and crunchy.

"Didn't know there was a room back there." He comments, head tilting as another body comes flying out still screeching a protests for its death.

Andie stands at his side, both stare as the shadowed figure approaches. Chris takes down a straggling vampire as it backs away from the obscured room.

Long black hair flows in waves around her; dark eyes survey the lobby area skimming over Andie and Chris with a slight pause at their presence.

"Whoa." Chris breathes much to Andie's annoyance but 'whoa' is correct. The woman is small, a slim build though she looks too delicate- not at all frightening.

She steps up onto the window ledge, black leather pants molding to her curves like a second skin and Chris is admiring the view. She hops down and saunters into the mayhem, boots crunching on broken glass. The vampires hiss and back away, one doesn't notice the NightStalker at his back and Andie takes the easy kill.

The dark beauty is armed for war and Chris takes inventory of her arsenal. She carries a pair of three pronged blades in her hands, flips them lazily as she walks. To her back is strapped an empty quiver, the black vest an actual harness and on her wrist a leather cuff with two silver stakes left in the loops. She stops in the center of the lobby, turning to survey the damage and Chris notices the belt; two square packs are strapped in back and the buckle is a fancy work of ornately woven metal threads.

"Dica loro."

Her voice is soft, the tone brooks no argument. The vampires look at each other, uncertain of their next move and that confuses the NightStalkers. Vampires afraid of a woman?

"Whoa, whoa! Hey!" Chris protests as they attack- completely ignoring him and Andie. "No fair!" he pumps the shotgun, fires and takes a suckhead down as Andie moves to his back. She throws a blade at a vampire turning tail to run and misses the second. It's all they can do as the woman moves between the vampires-too close for them to interfere without risk of hurting her.

From their left Abby finally appears. She bursts in, revolver in hand and skids to a halt, mouth forming a little 'o' as she takes in the strange sight.

"Who's that?" she asks with a slight frown.

"Dunno." The kids reply, Chris shrugging carelessly.

Andie is in awe; she moves like a graceful dancer, avoiding every punch, kick and fang, using the knives to ash them. She weaves between two vampires slipping a foot low then ducking forward and they clock each other hard. She slides her other leg back twisting her body in a turn and lightly stabbing with the knives before spinning low on her feet and coming up behind another vamp.

It's beautiful.

Her Sai cut through anything in her path, send a shower of sparks all around until they can't see her clearly. All she is, all they see is a shadow moving from one end of the lobby to the other. It seems they've watched her for hours when in reality it's taken the woman two minutes to do what the NightStalkers had planned to accomplish in fifteen.

Abby picks up the sound of metal and aims at the shadow she can barely make out.

"Hold it!" she orders ignoring the curious looks from the kids. They've stood back and watched a stranger-a woman they know nothing about who's seemingly fought on their side. Abby doesn't know her motives; the reason behind the fury of her assault on the vampires and not knowing is likely to kill them, any of them.

Abby can't shoulder anymore of it.

"Get out." She's there, just in front of the ash; black hair flowing as though there were a breeze, skin almost glowing… Abby's eyes fall on the sword in her hand, the knives now sheathed at her sides. Abby doesn't have time to react as in one smooth motion the woman turns, the sword swiveling around her waist and cutting a vampire in half. She turns to her left and takes a second.

Abby never saw them.

The woman continues her turn; the sword spins around her waist then is raised above her head. She drops to her knee imbedding the tip of the sword in the marble floor.

The gentle tremor slowly builds up until the NightStalkers feel it.

"Get! Out!" It's their last warning; if they remain they are no longer her problem. They are not her responsibility, easily forgotten…

She will be fine.

It's not like she can die…

The air grows hot, stifling and flickers of fire dance along her bare arms as if testing the air. She closes her eyes, concentrates on where she wants them to go. The fire leaps, covers the floor, walls and ceiling in front of her- pushed away from the humans at her back.

Still protecting them…

"What the fuck!" Chris exclaims, he automatically draws Andie another step away from the woman, hand clamped on her forearm.

They don't see her eyes open, the copper and gold flashing and the fire surges forward. The flames burst through doors and more windows, go where she wills them, searching, consuming.

"What the fuck!" Chris yells again.

She hears him like an echo; her focus is ahead, where she can feel them, those nasty bloodsucking leeches… they crawl over each other, search for a way out.

'You're all going to pay.'

"King!" Abby cries turning to the kids. "Where's King?"

"He's not back yet." Andie answers, ice blue eyes wide. The trio turn as one, towards the fire as it rushes along the walls and rides the ceiling. The woman hasn't moved, still on her knee, head bent and her back to them.

Abby feels her breath stick, can't seem to draw in air and forces herself not to panic.

'Please, please not him too.'

"HEY!" Chris roars. He stomps towards her, to the woman about to flambé his step-Father and grabs at her shoulder before Andie or Abby thinks to stop him. "AHH!" he pulls back immediately.

"Chris!" Andie yells, frightened because she's never heard him sound in such pain before.

The woman doesn't make a sound, doesn't pay them any attention.

"Let me see!" Andie demands and yanks on Chris' arm. He's ten times stronger than her, raging testosterone and hunting takes the edge off. For a little while. She pries his fingers loose only because he allows it and finds blistering skin already watering and some of his hand looks- it's been…charred? Andie drags in a breath feeling just a little sick.

"What did you do to him?" Andie's voice starts as no more than a whisper. She screams her question at the kneeling woman surprising Chris as she draws her gun. It's a bulky thing, so out of place in the small hand though Andie's hand never wavers. She is stronger than she looks.

"Get out."

"We're not going without my Dad!" Chris states while the throbbing in his hand pulses like a second heartbeat, painful and insistent.

"Who the fuck are you?" Andie demands. She aims at the back of the bent head, ice blue eyes hard.

"Ashes…" that's all they will be and she nods unperceptively. She knows more than one has gotten away but the rest… there won't be anything but ashes left when she is done.

"Like hell!" Andie denies and shoves her gun at the woman. "Get the fuck up!"


That's all they are. Children playing at superhero's and all she wants is for them to leave. She can't worry about them, can't let herself feel concerned but she sense the girls anger and the boys pain-

'Pain I caused.'

There's a little guilt for her part, because she has little control over what she is, what she can do.

'No. No, please…'

It's happened before and she knows the signs. The fire is growing, raging…

She stands quickly, takes the gun from the girl easily and settles the point of her sword just under the boy's throat, point barely grazing the skin.

"I told you to leave." She states. Blood smears the top of her red lips. A second line slowly trickles from her nose…

Andie and Chris stare at her; at the swirling copper and gold sparks- they've never seen eyes like hers and are certain the woman can't be human.

The sound of her voice carries to Abby who stands just behind the kids the woman now holds captive. She can't believe how fast the woman is and thinks of Blade. He's the only one she's ever seen move like that other than a vamp… Now this woman, a perfect stranger has both of Hannibal's kids.

"PUT IT DOWN! NOW!" Abby orders, hands clenched around her revolver. She blinks the sting of sweat from her eyes trying to keep her gun steady. From the corner of her eye she catches sight of King as he bursts out of a door. It's the expression on his face as he takes in the situation…

'Always the hero.'


King pulls his way past the door and skids to a halt. He glances back at the hallway, waits tense for the fight only the vamps on his ass aren't there anymore.

"Pussy's." he mutters and the frown is replaced with a satisfied smirk. It falls away as his mind processes the scene he finds in the lobby. His heart hits the bottom of his stomach and he sees them again, re-lives that day in the few seconds just before he runs full speed towards them. He doesn't think of failing, doesn't let the doubt slow him down because he can't fail his kids.

'My kids.'

Andie is as much his as Christian can ever be without actually having blood ties.

King grabs the woman around her waist, both arms enveloping her as they tumble away from the kids.

She cries out painfully, drops the gun and sword as they roll over. The building shakes- trembles like there's an earthquake and the fire is forced down into the parking garage where it washes over the fleeing vampires. The others, Abby and the kids don't see that, they don't know she's protected them.

'Why?' is her only thought before the world goes dark.

King rolls on top of the woman and pins her. She isn't moving but he doesn't loosen her wrists and sits up breathing hard. For some reason he thinks of the last time he's done this; when Danika had been taking shots at Abby before she managed to shoot him with the DayStar arrow…

He shakes his head to clear it and focuses on the very still woman lying beneath him. Her chest rises with each shallow breath and King takes both her wrists in one of his hands; figures a little thing like her isn't going anywhere if she is faking. King is big, not stupid, a little careless sometimes but not stupid, never that. With his free hand, King flicks a few strand of black hair out of her face…

Her eyes are closed, the long lashes brushing against her skin which has a healthy flush. The pinkish-red tint splashing across her cheeks doesn't hide the freckles peppered across her nose. King's barely there smile is quickly wiped off, clears his throat avoiding the urge to look over his shoulder just to make sure no one saw him and sees the blood, an inky strand leaving a streak of red across her cheek. He grabs her chin roughly and turns her face thinking she's fed, that she is one of the suckheads.

'Right up my alley.'

He sighs, relieved to find a pulse and cause for the blood.

"Just a nose bleed." He mutters under his breath.

"DAD! Dad! We have to go!" Chris yells from the empty frame of the lobby's front doors. King can hear the sirens in the background and hangs his head. They've made a much bigger mess of this hunt than he had planned or gave themselves credit for. No one had factored in the woman passed out in the ruined lobby.

"King." Abby's boots crunch on the clumps of melted glass and debris. "Let's go!" she orders, turns away as though he'd follow on her heels.

'Like I'm some fucking mutt. Well fuck you.'

But he doesn't say it, grits his teeth and it's all he can do to keep his mouth shut instead of telling her exactly how he feels right then. How fucking 'grateful' he is she was there to watch out for his kids. How much he 'owes' her since the day she set foot on his door and got his family killed. How 'happy' he is to be hunting down suckheads and cleaning up the mess since DayStar went screwy.

King stands and pulls the woman up with him easily setting her over his shoulder.

'Huh, can't be over a buck twenty.' He notes absently as he starts towards their exit.

"What are you doing?" Abby demands pulling on his arm to make him stop. He stares at her hand, where she still touches him and waits until she lets go. His eyes are cold when they look at her and Abby flinches inwardly.

'He's never going to forgive me.'

Neither one of them can ever forget.

With what she's done… no one could.

"Something wrong with your eyes, Whistler?" he really doesn't want to hear the answer, doesn't care to hear anything Abigail has to say but he keeps it civil enough. He starts for the exit again and notices how the smoke billows around him, parting with each step he takes.

"Now that's some fucking trick."


an: I've re-written this entire fic with the exception of a few chapters, just because I liked the way they were and a couple of bits in others. There's also going to be some added filler chapters for this fic because in reading it I've come to see there are somethings that need some explaining and there were others I just got too lazy to write up.

I hope this version is still as enjoyable as the first draft. let me know how this works.


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