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Chapter 1- Not the Kraken!

"Will," said Elizabeth. "Steady...". "Will,"she said again, a bit more impatiently this time. "Steady.."Will said again. "WILL!", "FIRE!!!" He yelled. Just as the Kraken's tentacles were rising over the side of the Pearl, eight cannon shots rang out, one injuring a tentacle of the gigantic squid in the process.

But just as the Kraken withdrew his tentacle, another was slung around the mast, and yet another splitting the pearl in half. But luckily they had, had time to release the jolly-boat. Just as Will was getting ready to help Elizabeth in, yet another of the Kraken's tentacle grabbed her and swung her against the mainsail, knocking her unconscious.

On Jolly-boat

"ELIZABETH!"Will yelled, and prepared to go back and get her. 'No. No, no, no, no, no. This can't be happening!' He thought.

"No, Will! We can't go back. It's too dangerous! I'm sorry." Jack finished in a solemn tone.

In Will's anger he had reached over and grabbed jack by the collar. "I AM NOT LEAVING HER THERE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!"

But Jack had then tossed Will off of him and onto the floor of there medium-sized boat. "NO! We are not going back there and that is final! Do you understand me?"

"NO I DON'T! How can you be so selfish Jack?! For one thing, she's done nothing but help us, and for another, I'm NOT going to leave the love of my life back there!"

"I know she's been doing nothing but help us! That's why we are going to help her now! We'll get her back Whelp, I promise. I know how much she means to you, hell, everybody who's ever come within 3 ft. of you knows."

"I don't understand,"said Will, "How can leaving her there be helping her?"

"God, sometimes it's like I'm talking to a brick wall with you! If we went back and got Elizabeth, ol' Bag-of-bones Jones would obviously know that I'm not there and send the Kraken after us, killing Lizzie, too. But if we don't go back, then Davy would decide to look for any new slaves on the way. And If memory serves me right, there will be someone on board who will look after your lass for ye, for the time being of course..."



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