Mating Games: Teaser

By Kimberly T. email: kimbertow at yahoo dot com

Author's note: Yes, it's another 100-word drabble. The next post for my "Life Goes On" series will be a regular full-length story, I promise! In the meantime, I invite everyone to reread "Passing Glances" and then figure out who I'm referring to in this one:


It's a lovely night in the bayou, but not everyone in the New Orleans and Manhattan clans appreciates its beauty.

A gargoyle sits at the swamp's edge, alone for the moment, ignoring the streaming moonlight and singing tree frogs; deeply immersed in unhappy thoughts.

It has to be admitted when it happens, at least to one's own heart. It's no longer a casual friendship; there's a real attraction growing. And more than just physical attraction…

But choices, promises have been made already. And no decent gargoyle would even think of—

No. Better for everyone if the heart's whispers are denied.