When Worlds Collide 3: Double or Nothing

by Futuramakid

DISCLAIMER: (cue Colonel Clink voice) I own NOTHING!

Vlad looked at his latest clone, one that should be stable. He was very surprised he didn't think of it before. He filled in the DNA gaps with his own halfa DNA. This meant the clone not only had stability, but Danny's agility and his own cunning. He looked at the face, and felt déjà vu. It was blue, like his own skin, with pointy ears, Danny's trim figure, and flaming white hair. He knew not why, but he had a bad feeling about this.

"Why aren't you doing anything?" The Observants asked Clockwork. "He's essentially recreating Dan Phantom!" the first said. "Daniel handled him once, and he can do it again. Especially since this Dan isn't more experienced than him." Clockwork said. "No, he can't!" The second Observant said, "he's stuck on the satellite with the crazy robots." "But it could lead to THAT!" The first said, pointing to Clockwork's screen. Valerie lay motionless on the screen, amidst a destroyed Amity Park. "Or, Clockwork began, changing the screen to an image of Valerie unmasked and Danny in Fenton mode showing her his powers, "it could lead to THIS!"

Meanwhile, on the Sattelite of Love….

Danny and the bots walked out of the theater. "Wait a minute," Danny said, "couldn't you pull a ship out of hammertime?" "That's hammer SPACE!" Tom corrected, "and I see no reason we couldn't." Crow reached in and pulled out a jet black ship, with black controls that lit up black. "Looks good," Danny said. "One thing though," Sam said and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a decal of his emblem and stuck it on the hood. "NOW it looks good!" Ron raised an eyebrow. "This seems familiar," he said. The rest, including Crow and Tom Servo, ignored him and piled in. He shrugged and got in. They left through the airlock. "Now, how do we pilot this?" Sam said. Ron realized where he knew it from. "We don't," he began, "I know this ship from a book in my world. It autopilots itself into the SUN!"