Vampire Rob 2
Chapter 1: Ichoria
By: Jo Ann

This is the OTHER Vampire Rob fic. While there are some simularities to the first one, there are differences. Enough to make it a seperate fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mighty Orbots or Vampire: The Masqurade. I am not making any money off of this fic.

"Rob," Rondu said to his young friend, "a new planet has been discovered in the Dark Star Cluster. Archeologists and others sent there to investigate have turned up missing. When I sent a unit of GP officers to investigate, they, too, went missing."

"Oh, no!" cried little Oh-No, a small, child-like robot. She stood next to Rob, who was in his Orbots' Commander uniform.

"And now, you want Mighty Orbots to check it out?" Rob asked.

"I haven't much of a choice. This has become a mystery that only Mighty Orbots can solve, if anyone. Just be careful, and come back safely."

"I will," Rob promised. He and Oh-No left the office.

Rondu leaned forward, setting his elbows on his desk. He set his chin on his fists, lost in thought. He has not wanted to send the Orbots Team into such danger. He had a terrible feeling that going to the planet would change Rob and the Orbots forever.


"There's the Dark Star Cluster, Rob," Oh-No said.

"Yes," he replied as the two of them piloted Mighty Orbots toward their destination. "It sun burned out long ago, but on some planets, vegetation and animals still survive. No one is sure how or why."

"I wonder what could have happened on that new planet." Oh-No wondered aloud.

"We'll find out when we get there," Rob answered. He was determined to solve this mystery, and --he hoped-- to bring back the missing people.


"What happened here, Rob?!?" Boo exclaimed as she surveyed the scene.

They were at what was left of the archeologist camp. Tents were ripped to shreds, vehicles overturned, and debris everywhere.

"An animal attack?" Tor guessed.

"!?" Bort stuttered.

"Maybe..." Rob mused aloud. He walked among the ruined camp, examining everything with the trained eye of a scientist.

But there was nothing to indicate the perpetrators. Whatever --or whoever-- had attacked the scientists, there would be no tracking them from clues left behind.

"Spread out," Rob commanded. "Maybe there are some clues in the surround area. Oh-No, you come with me."

"Right!" the Orbots acknowledged. They fanned out, the twins going one way, Bort and Crunch another, and Tor on his own in another direction.

"One hour," Rob called after them. "Then meet us back here."

"Okay," they called back.

"Come on, Oh-No," Rob said. "This way looks promising." He and the child-Orbot started into a nearby forest.


"Look, Rob!" Oh-No cried, pointing to a structure just outside the edge of the forest.

"A building!?! That means people have either lived here, or are still living here on this planet. Let's go check it out."

Oh-No had misgivings about the structure ahead. It was dark and dreary-looking, almost in ruins. Surely, no one could be living in there!

When they came close enough to the building to really see it in more detail, Rob and Oh-No could see that it was a castle, one that looked, --well, Gothic, like something out of a vampire novel.

As soon as they reached the edge of the moat, the drawbridge lowered, and the portcaus raised. As soon as the large iron gate was clear, Rob and Oh-No was able to see an elegant, young woman beckoning for them to enter.

Rob felt an unfightable urge to follow the woman. He was curious about her and the castle. Plus, she was very, very beautiful. Slowly, he walked across the drawbridge. Little Oh-No followed behind, wonder what was going on.

"Hello," Rob greeted her as they got near. He could see that she had ebony-black hair, frost-white skin, and bright-red lips.

Snow White, he thought idly.

"Greetings, traveler!" she answered. "Welcome to my home! I am Empress Vampia, ruler of the planet of Ichoria. Come in and stay for dinner."

"Thank you," Rob smiled. He followed her as she turned and led the way into the castle.

"But what about the Orbots, Rob?" Oh-No asked, concerned about her creator's change of mind. It did not seem like him. "We told them that we would meet them back at the camp in one hour," she continued. "The hour is almost up."

"Your metal companions have been sent for," Vampia told them. "A storm is coming. You will need shelter. I offer you my hospitality."

"Thank you, your Majesty," Rob said, somewhat woodenly.

Oh-No looked worried at Rob as the two of them entered the castle behind the Empress. The ominous closing of the drawbridge did little to ease the child-bot's fears.


"Where's Rob?" Boo asked worriedly. "He and Oh-No should have been back here by now."

"Yeah," Bo put in. "The hour was up thirty minutes ago."

"W...w...we gotta f...f...find them!" Bort stuttered nervously.

"No need," a voice from behind them said. The Orbots turned quickly to face the intruder.

A man stood in front of them, his eyes wide and staring, but sunken. His clothes were elegant, but looked old, perhaps even a little dirty.

"If you will follow me, you will be taken to your companions. They await you at the castle of the Empress Vampia." Without waiting for an answer, the man turned around and walked into the forest.

Not knowing what else to do, the Orbots followed. Tor lifted the Beam Car and carried it with them.


The Orbots sat at the long, ornate ebony-wood table, plates of minerals and energy-filled crystals before them. Though these "robot foods" were delicious, the Orbots were too concerned for their leader to enjoy their meal very much.

Rob sat near the Empress, eating a meal of roast turkey, vegetables, bread, and fruit juice. He seemed to eat automatically, as if he, himself, was a robot. Just eating. No emotion, no sign that he was enjoying the meal --nothing! It worried the Orbots.

Empress Vampia sat at the head of the table, eating nothing, but drinking from a gold and jeweled goblet that was filled by a servant holding a crystal decanter. The liquid in the decanter was a bright red.

"The storm will go on into the night," Vampia was saying. "It is best if you remain here for the night and continue your search in the morning."

"Yes," Rob replied, so woodenly that it frightened the Orbots. "We will stay here tonight."

After awhile, they rose from their places at the table and followed their hostess up the long stairs. She stopped at a door.

"There is a place for you to rest," she told the Orbots. "Your leader will be in the room next door."

The Orbots looked at Rob, who nodded at them, but said nothing. His eyes seemed glazed, as if he was not really seeing them. Programmed to obey Rob, and not knowing what else to do, the Orbots entered the room. They were vaguely aware that they were looked in.

Likewise, Rob was locked in his own room. Once inside, and behind the locked door, Rob awoke from his trance.

"Where am I?" he asked the empty air. "And how did I get here? Where are the Orbots?"

As he looked around the room, he eyes alit upon the ornate canopy bed. As if the sight of the bed triggered something, Rob felt very tired. He went over to the bed and laid down on it, not even bothering to undress or get beneath the covers. In seconds, he was asleep.


Late that night, Rob sat up in bed, aware that someone had entered the room. He looked around, waiting for his eyes to adjust to any changes in lighting.

"Who's there?" he challenged.

"It's just I," came the voice of Vampia. She touched the wall, and a soft light came on. Rob could not detect any switch or other control for the light.

"You poor dear!" she exclaimed. "You were sleeping in your clothes!" She came over and removed his helmet. Blond hair pulled free of the confining headgear.

"How handsome you look! Like a prince!"

Rob blushed at the praise. Looking up, he saw the servant girl enter, carrying a tray with the decanter and two goblets.

"I don't drink..." he began to say, turning his attention back to Vampia. She was removing his gloves.

"You will," she smiled.

The same hypnotic trance came over Rob, though he tried to fight it. He drifted into a state of mindlessness, totally unaware of his surroundings.

As soon as the Orbots' Commander was in the trance, Vampia bit his wrist and drank him completely dry of blood. Then, she cut her own wrist and fed him blood from the wound. The youth then fell back onto the bed.

"Now," Vampia said to him, although he could not hear her, "we will wait for the change to take place. And when you awaken, you will be as I am. My son."


"Where's our leader?" Tor asked the empress the next day. The Orbots were getting ready to continue their search for the missing people.

"He is very tired. Let him sleep. Do not fear: I will care for him. Go and search for your fellow travelers. He will be refreshed by tonight."

The Orbots were not so sure about leaving Rob behind. At least, not without someone to stay with him. Still, they needed to finish the mission.

"I'll stay," Oh-No said. "In case he needs anything."

"That won't be necessary," Vampia said. "His needs will be attended to."

"I won't be in the way," Oh-No insisted. "I'll stay in here, so that I can go to him if he calls. If you leave the door unlocked."

"The locked door was for your safety. Strange creatures prowl at night."

"We would have been safe," Tor said. "Nothin' coulda got past us!"

"I'm sure," Vampia smiled. To Oh-No, she said, "Very well: You may stay. But to ensure your safety, you must stay in this room until your leader calls for you."

"Alright," Oh-No agreed, reluctantly. Not the arrangement that would have been the best, but it would have to do.

The other Orbots left to continue the search, reluctantly leaving Oh-No and Rob behind in the castle. They had a feeling that they should try to finish their mission and get back to the castle before night arrived.

Next: Chapter 2: Rob the Vampire. Now that Rob is a vampire, what will happen to him, the Orbots, and the galaxy?

I'll add more when I get the next part written.