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SUMMARY: READ IF YOU WANT TO COMPREHEND, PEOPLE. Lucrecia is looking at Vincent as they sleep. Yes, they're together. She comes out of her cave, and realizes how much she loves Vincent. Thats right people, SHE UNCRYSTALLIZES HERSELF FROM THE CAVE. Okay, I'll get on with the story now..

'You had his eyes.'

They were closed now. His beautiful, deep crimson eyes that were once like his father's. They were closed, and he was sleeping. His eyes were gentle, breathing was steady, and his face was serene. She had never seen him like this before. For once, her heart, body, soul, and mind were at peace looking at him. She wasn't anxious, she wasn't unsteady, she was calm. The calmest she had ever been. That was all she could ask for at that moment, laying next to Vincent in a bed in Shinra Manor.

It was two years after the defeating of Omega, and Lucrecia had finally realized her feelings, and uncrystallized herself from the cave. After that, she found Vincent, who was living in Shinra Manor, and she told him everything. Her love inside, her compassion for the man who had sacrificed his life to keep his love for her alive had grown, and she loved him deeply. And never in many years did Vincent think that Lucrecia would make that move. That was the last thing he thought she would do. But it turns out that his love for her never really faded. It was there all along. Of course, he welcomed her with open arms.

'When you love someone, but it goes to waste, could it be worse?'

Lucrecia sighed into her warm pillow, a smile creeping onto her face. The luscious white blankets enveloped her after a night she would never forget. Vincent was the second man she had been with, after Hojo. Of course, that was a move she had deeply regretted. But the night before that was magical. Feeling Vincent's loving and compassionate, yet reluctant touch made her heart flutter open after many years. She remembered hearing his voice whisper in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. His long black hair tickled her as he showered her with kisses. She smiled at the thought. Her eyes flickered back to the dark beauty, sound asleep beside her. She had never seen him so revealed; only seen him concealed behind his heavy armor. Now, he was as bare as he could ever be. The white sheets slipped up to his waist, his sleeping hand resting on his taut stomach, his gentle yet muscular chest gently rising and falling.

"Vincent..." she whispered, careful not to disturb his somber slumber, "Did you know...that your eyes are exactly like your father's?" He didn't answer, his eyes stayed quietly shut. His breathing was deep, at times he let out a low growl, and shuffled before becoming still once again. Lucrecia reached out, touching his pale cheek gently. Her touch was as light as a feather, light enough that it didn't even provoke a slight movement. His skin was smooth, cold, like stone. She replayed the thoughts of him in her mind, hearing him groan as she repaid him with kisses that should have been given a long time ago. The taste of his lips was extravagant, like nothing she had ever tasted before. She remembered hearing him say, "I love you," after their night of passion.

But...something was wrong. A feeling inside Lucrecia's heart, it was setting off an alarm in her mind. She couldn't explain it.

...It kind of felt like guilt.

Of course, she expected that guilt would be the last thing she felt, Vincent and her could turn over a new leaf! They could be together, love each other, make up for lost time, and be happy. Then again...

Would things ever be as pure as they once were? She didn't think so. And that hurt.

The smile on her face faded as she slid her hand away from his sleeping face. She knew that things could never be exactly the same ever again. How badly she wanted it to be back the way it was. But could it? Could there ever be that same amount of trust, friendliness, and purity as there had been when he was her bodyguard? She didn't think so. And like I said; that hurt.

Her heart knew what it wanted to do. She couldn't do this. The fear and doubt in her was too much to take.

She gently creeped out the bed, careful not to awake Vincent. He didn't move. For a while, she stared at his resting form, tears filling her eyes. Looking to the corner of the room, she slipped back into her long, white dress, the same dress she had been encased in mako crystals with. She gently twisted a lock of her hair in her fingers, looking at Vincent. This was it. Maybe this was the end. So long, goodbye, maybe forever. She walked to the side of Vincent on the bed, and gently leaned down for one last time.

Her lips gently pressed again his cheek, so lightly she didn't wake him. And as she did, her tears fell onto his face. Still he laid there, sleeping, undisturbed. It was amazing at how heavily he slept. She tried to muffle her sobs as she walked out the door. Before leaving, she turned back for one last time. The tears were uncontrollable at that point, and she let them fall.

"I'm so sorry..."

Lucrecia Crescent walked away from Vincent Valentine as he slept, this time; she didn't fight to keep him alive as she once did. She just let him sleep, but was left with the painful thought of him waking up alone as she once again crystallized herself inside the cave.

Now THAT brings new meaning to the term 'taking advantage of'.