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Vincent awoke from his sleep, and was instantly flooded with the memories of the passionate night before. He remembered Lucrecia, remembered finally being able to touch her again, to feel her soft lips pressed against his. It was the first morning that he had been happy. For once in his life he had awoke to something that wasn't guilt, or regret, or pining for someone he couldn't have. It was the first time he awoke to something other that his insatiability. It felt good to him, and it made him feel whole again. It made him feel like he was a person who actually counted in the world.

But next to him, it felt cold. He felt no warmth of the person who was supposed to be beside him. The warmth that another human being's body gives off, the warmth of another living corpse wasn't there. The sheets felt like winter on his skin, and that wasn't how he hoped it would feel. He looked over to the other side of the bed with tired eyes, and his heart instantly stopped.

Lucrecia Crescent wasn't there.

He sat up almost too fast, and ended up getting dizzy. "Lucrecia...?" he said, looking around the room. There was no one. Not one other living, breathing, beautiful human around him. He was the only lively thing there. He was the only one breathing, and no one else was breathing in the same air, or living in the same space. He felt alone. His body instantly felt cold as goosebumps slithered over his skin. There was a knot in his stomach; a knot that he was afraid was permanent.

"The sheets feel like winter, are you with someone else tonight? Is your body his, to mine?"

"Lucrecia? Hello?" he asked again. Silence. Nothing but silence. The creaking of the Shinra Manor floorboards wasn't at all comforting to him, not at all. Even the swaying winds outside couldn't tame his frantic heart. Nothing could. He slipped out his bed, throwing the sheets over to the other side of the bed. He felt cold in his boxers. Vincent's heart dropped. Where could she have gone? What could he have done to drive her away like this? He gave her everything, released every part of him to her that he had kept locked away for over 30 years. That was the first time he was actually able to do things that he was afraid to do. What could he have done wrong? Was she still sad?

...Had she just used him?

Vincent's heart cracked at the thought. He slowly walked into the bathroom. 'Maybe she's in there...'

No one was in the bathroom. He could feel hot tears coming into his eyes. He turned again, looking around the bedroom. Her dress, which had rested on a chair by the window was gone. Her shoes were gone, too. There was no sign of her. Vincent came to the realization of what Lucrecia had done. He sank to his knees, burying his head in his hands. His heart ached more than it ever had. He was only left with the memories of the night before, and woke up alone. How could she do this? What was she feeling? Had he not pleased her enough? Those thought soon shattered as he softly cried for the first time in his life. All his pain, all the grief and disbelief washed into the very tears that he cried. His heart was slowly sinking, his body felt too weak.

He felt disgusted.

"Lucrecia...used me..." he said, looking down at himself through his hot tears. He felt mortified, embarrassed, and stupid. She had used him for one night. One night of pleasure, one night of love was just thrown away. He thought she really loved him. But why would she go through all the hassle to uncrystallize herself from the cave that, as far as he was concerned, was the cave she would spend eternity in? He had tattooed the fact that she was never going to wake up onto his heart, and he would spend all that time visiting her. She wasn't supposed to come back. She was supposed to stay in that cave, untouched, until the very world ended. At first, when she had come to him, he thought it was a dream; just a figment of his imagination acting up again. The things she said, the words she used to describe how she felt, was it all real? Was it all an act just to get his body for one night? That thought was killing him. As much as he didn't want to believe it, it probably was true. I mean, if he was the one encased in mako crystals, wouldn't he want to come out to finally get that one night of passion?

He wiped his tears away. He had never felt so weak. "Why would she...leave?" he said to himself. Thats what he wanted to know. Did she leave because she just wanted to use him? Or was there something deep in her heart that lead to her flee?

He looked up, and spotted something on the table that was next to the chair. He got up from his knees. It was a piece of paper. Thoughts scattered through his head. That paper wasn't there the night before. He picked it up, and opened it. After reading the words, he began to cry again.

"...Because I love you.


Vincent Valentine walked through the labs in Shinra Manor, trying to ignore the memories that pryed their way into his mind. It was such a sinful place for him, but he decided to begin atoning the only way he thought possible. It was a way that he had done before, and was planning to spend another good 30 years doing it the same way. He was through. It's not that he was returning to this over anger about Lucrecia, but because he felt that he was nothing more than a pawn. Maybe all of Lucrecia's words were true, but that couldn't change the fact that he felt worthless. Maybe it was true that she loved him, but that couldn't change the fact that Vincent was still in pain. He wanted to sleep it away. Just like he had for 30 years.

He approached the room which had been a part of his nightmares. The room he had spent three decades in, the room his old, and now new bed was in. He slowly approached the coffin that was in the middle of the room. It was beginning to rust, and there were two red intersecting lines on it. It was covered by a thick layer of dust. Vincent blew the dust off reluctantly; he was still afraid of doing this. But no matter how much his fear controlled him, nothing could stop him.

Nothing could stop him from living out Lucrecia's fate: Sleep for all of eternity.

He opened the coffin slowly, and was awakened by the deep purple cotton that lines the inside of it. There was an indentation of where his body had laid. Reluctantly, he lifted his leg into the coffin, and slid himself inside. He pushed the lid wide open for one last time, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the note that Lucrecia had left him the morning before. He read her neat script over and over again, trying to pierce her words into his mind one last time. Hot tears filled his eyes again as he pressed the note agaist his chest. He reached up for the lid of the coffin. Vincent Valentine shut the coffin once again, sincere to fill out his plan of sleeping forever for one last time.