Bright One Early Morning …

By Adrian Tullberg.


Scott Summers strode up the stairs, in that methodical fashion that stated that he was going to exercise his duly appointed authority as co-headmaster and woe to anyone who got in his way.

Using his master key, he unlocked and barged into Logan's apartment.

"Logan, you're half an hour ... GAHH!"

Scott's reaction was understandable – in real life, you don't expect to see three bodies crammed into the space of a single-size futon.

With significant effort, Wolverine opened a bleary eye. "There's a reason you knock before entering."

Scott looked at one of the occupants who was very familiar. Still looking very regal despite just woken up and wearing the top half of the Xena outfit.


"Good morning Scott."

He looked at the third person. Short cropped hair, Chinese … no, Japanese. He knew her…

"Ah ... Yukio, right ...?"

She raised a hand in affirmation. "Hi."

He was still trying to process. "What ... just what the hell were you all doing...?"

Yukio looked quizzically at Ororo, then they both directed their attention at Logan.

"Okay Slim. When a man, and a woman, and her close girlfriend ... have a few shots of tequila while watching an Angelina Jolie movie..."

"No, not that!"

Thank God. He wasn't looking forward to doing the finger puppet show.

"I mean ... Storm, you're married!"

Ororo pushed her hair back and straightened in a way that made Scott desperately do those focussing mental exercises that kept his telepathic girlfriend happy. "His Majesty ... did some very extensive soul searching of late. And decided he preferred the company of young ... men..."


"And he gave me a royal directive to seek out my pleasures where they lay."

Yukio picked up a half-empty beer bottle. "God Save the King."

Logan tapped her bottle with one of his own. "Amen sister."

"Ah ... um ... okay ... this is..."

The sound of some very expensive custom-made boots heading to the open door was growing increasingly distinct. "Scott? Where is that tardy little Canadian...?"

"And hello to you Em."

The figure in white entered, and stopped in mid-stride. "Wha ...?"

"Let's leave them Emma..."

The White Queen was doing that little facial twitch that gave you a split second warning before the inevitable explosion. "I can't believe this!"

Ororo was getting ready to launch a broadside of her own. "Don't you dare moralise Frost ..."

Then Emma turned to Cyclops and let it loose.

"Scott! I've been trying to get you into a threeway for months, and you let Wolverine beat you to the punch?"

"Wh… wha … this ... can we discuss..."

Yukio glanced at the time and groaned, getting up. She and Logan had to pick up Amiko from her sleepover to make the concert of the mutant musical band known as the Wiggles. "Logan, Ororo? I'm going to have a shower."

Scoot glanced at the movement, and soon saw more of Yukio's tattoo than he intended. "Can … can she put some clothes on?"

"Summers, say that to her ever again and it'll take you five days to die."

Emma had stomped out of the apartment while he'd been distracted by a naked Asian. "Look, I ... Emma?"

A deep throated chuckle made him look back at Logan, the grin on his face a preview of the hell Scott was going to get for the next few months. "Lemme get this straight; Frosty's been bagerin' you for some extra action?"

"Well, I don't..."

A possibility crossed Logan's mind. "Another guy?"

"Another woman, actually..."

Logan grabbed a takeaway menu from the floor and was scribbling something on it. "Here. You probably need this."

Scott took the paper. "What's this...?"

"King of Wakanda's phone number..."